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If you're working to ensure that your videos are well search engine optimized, you may be staring at these words in dread.

Why? Because there is just SO MUCH advice about the right and wrong ways to do SEO and other marketing tactics!

We understand that you may feel a bit “full” on the information side, so we're going to make this short and sweet for you...

Google's Polygamous Marriages

Google is much more than just a search engine now, offering everything from advertising services to a full suite of website administration tools. The interesting thing about Google is that all of its “products” seem to have one end goal in mind – your website's success.

Let's look at a few of the products and tools that Google has practically married to it's [core] Search service:

YouTube: There are hundreds of millions of users on YouTube now. Google is now putting YouTube video results at the top of the 1st page of search results, meaning you can take a top position by having well-optimized videos in your YouTube channel.

Google Analytics: Google users have access to an awesome tool called Google Analytics. This allows you to look at your website's traffic in order to see such things as the number of visitors, how they behaved on your website, and what they did when they exited your site. What this means to you is: You can use Google Analytics to analyze incoming traffic from your YouTube videos and learn more about your prospects.

Google Webmaster Tools: Google users can manage their website's status, get diagnostic information, submit sitemaps, and much more critical to maintaining a top ranking on Google.

Google Website Optimizer: This has been around for years, and we don't see enough people taking advantage of it! GWO allows you to test your website and improve the "conversion rate" - in other words, GWO will tell you exactly how to structure your website to perform at it's best. More optins = more prospects = more phone calls and new patients. It's as simple as that.


The most important thing to remember about your videos is that they will only get watched if they are visually appealing, have a bit of humor, include a call to action, and look professional!

You're simply not going to get results if you don't understand the basics of creating KILLER video: lighting, sound, background, and content. Think of video as you would your physical dental office - would you expect your patients to "buy into you" if you showed up in a t-shirt and jeans? Your web videos are no different!!

Here's a few professional spokesmodel videos we've recently produced for a few very savvy dentists [we're also running a killer special rate (expires tomorrow the 14th) on 7 professional spokesmodel videos for $997].

Mini-Dental Implants Spokesmodel Video Demo ReelPlay Now   Dental Implants Spokesmodel Video Demo ReelPlay Now   Dentures Spokesmodel Video Demo ReelPlay Now
Orthodontics Spokesmodel Video Demo ReelPlay Now    Spokesmodel Video Demo ReelPlay Now   Dental Fear & Sedation Spokesmodel Video Demo ReelPlay Now

Would you rather be "the face" of your dental practice?

Checkout a few video's we've produced in our green screen studio with our dentist clients around the US.

Dr. MurrayPlay Now   Dr. SchmidtPlay Now   Dr. SchmidtPlay Now
Dr. MurrayPlay Now   Dr. SurberPlay Now   Dr. SurberPlay Now

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