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Many dental marketing companies are leading their dentist-clients to invest their marketing dollars in the hype of Facebook and the glory of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, making the cost of a connection very high and leaving them [the "dental marketers"] as the only one with cash in their pocket when the music stops...

There are ways to reach the prospects YOU want that need treatment in the niches that YOU provide.

Hint: It's not Facebook or PPC... and here's why:

Facebook is revolutionary, but in order to "Friend" someone, you have to know them first. Even on your Facebook Business Page, for them to "Like" you, they have to know you. Would you "Friend" or "Like" a complete stranger? Of course, you wouldn't. That's why Facebook is a FOLLOW-UP medium, a way to keep in touch with patients and prospects that you already know.

Let's talk about AdWords (Google's PPC program). AdWords allows you to get your dental practice to the top of the search results by just bidding more than your competitor.

Sounds great, right?

The problem here is two-fold:

1) By bidding more, your cost of acquiring a new patient just went through the roof by paying $5, $10, $20 or more just for a single click into your website (do not make the mistake of confusing a "click" with actually getting a "prospect"!!).With the average "conversion rate" from clicks to prospects being only 3% to 8% ( which was great a few years ago when you only paid $0.50 for a click... read #2 to see why), you could be easily paying (and not realizing) $300-$800 PER PROSPECT just to generate leads.

2) PPC was, for years, one of the best-kept secrets for lead generation. 5 years.. even 1 to 2 years ago the number of dentists advertising in Google AdWords was, in many local markets, a fraction of what it is now. Since AdWords is a bidding war, more bidders = higher bids = diluted results because more people want "a piece of the pie."

There are ways to attract qualified patients in the niches that you want to specialize in.

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Written by rcarroll

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