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Welcome to the final blog on how to get your ego out of your marketing.

We’ve talked about listening more than you talk; trusting data, not your opinion, on what works; doing what you’ve always done will get you what you’ve always gotten; and providing quality content that potential patients want.

Finally, after working so hard to take your ego out of your marketing, I want to give your ego a boost.

I want you to know that potential patients want to hear from you. They are actively searching the Internet looking for information that you have. You are knowledgeable and helpful. You have an obligation to let those people who are having dental trouble know that you can ease their pain.

So tell them. Get the word out in as many channels as possible.

Make videos that provide information on giving people a better smile; chewing without pain; or sleeping through their dental appointment. Write blogs about the benefits of implants over dentures, or oral appliances over CPAP machines. Make sure that any scholarly articles you write are available on your website.

Whatever you do, make sure it is out there on the web. This way potential patients know that you are the expert in your area. This is the point of content marketing.

By giving up your ego, you have reasons for your ego to grow.

On an unrelated note ... today is the Sweet 16th birthday of Zoe Tungate, daughter of our lead marketing writer, Matt Tungate. Matt is a senior member of my staff and a good friend, and I know he is extremely proud of his little girl, who aspires to be a doctor one day. Maybe we can convince her that dentistry is the way to go instead! Happy birthday from all of us at SmartBox.



Written by rcarroll