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A few weeks ago I wrote about the keywords from two clients, one here in New Albany and one in New Jersey. The keywords that actually generated phone calls.

Here's a follow-up from the past 7 days of tracking to further illustrate why you want to be going after long-tail keywords.

Search Demand CurvePhone Calls From Keywords
Total 83 Calls
Reporting period 3/11 thru 3/17
Client in New Albany, Indiana

new albany implants 10
newalbanyimplants.com 6
www.newalbanyimplants.com 6
"teeth in your pocket" site:newalbanyimplants.com 3
dentures 3
ronald receveur dds 3
dental implants in new albany indiana dr rivera 2
dont die with your teeth in a glass 2
dr ronald receveur new albany indiana 2
+can a mini implant get tight again 1
affordable dentures dental implants 1
affordable implant dentures 1
all on four dental implants louisville 1
cost of four miniimplant partials 1
dental implants 1
dental implants louisville ky cost 1
dental implants new albany indiana 1
dentist new albany indiana 1
dentists who do dentures in new albany, indiana 1
denture implants 1
dentures in southern indiana 1
dentures you don t take out 1
denturesnewalbanyms 1
doctor offices near new albany indiana 1
does sleeping without dentures affect sleep apnea 1
dr ron receveur 1
how long is the watrsnty on mini dental 1
how much does all on four cost 1
how much does an all on four dental plate cost 1
how much would implants for upper and bottom teeth cost the surgery and whatever else 1
http:newalbanyimplants.com 1
i have bad teeth where can i get chep dental mplants in indiana 1
i need bone reconstruction in lower mouth for inplants 4 of them what is this procedure and how much 1
implant dentures 1
inexpensive implants 4 n one ny 1
mary gettelfinger 1
mini implant 1
new albany implant center 1
perment dentures ky 1
physicians 47150 1
positive affirmation dentist 1
www newalbany implants.com 1
www.newalbantinmplants.com 1


Written by rcarroll