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Did you know that no one really cares about what you (or your staff) has to say?

...unless you give them some piece of information that they feel truly applies to helping them solve their question or concern.

Effective marketing has less to do with what you as a dentist wants to say and more to do with conveying the proper message that directly applies to the problem your patient is looking for the answer to.

People don't care about your practice, credentials, or history, they want to see how they can solve a concern they are dealing with. If you position yourself as the solution, they will see you as a dentist that truly provides value to them.

In the past four years we have seen the single largest growth of information availability in the documented history of our world.

No longer is just putting an advert up enough. Patients don't want to just "find a dentist" - they want to find "the best dentist for them." Your patients now have the ability to get to know you, get tons of information, read what other patients think about you, get a first impression of your staff and office -- all in their underwear and without ever leaving their home.

Wikipedia, WebMD, Facebook... all these information-superhighways allow your patients to find any and all the information they want. We all have developed D-ADHD (Digital Attention Deficit Disorder)... we all want the answers to our questions RIGHT NOW.

If your website just talks about YOU and about YOUR services, YOU'RE losing new patients.

Your patients are searching for the answers to their problems. Your website should address THEIR problems and solve THEIR needs. It should educate them on what is available because educated prospects are better consumers of the dentistry you offer.

And I don't mean clinically educate... those clinical videos and pamphlets will only scare them away! (When you go to the mechanic do you want to know how they fix your brakes, or do you just want to know that your car will stop safely?)

When you answer their questions, you will win them over.

So how do you answer their questions? Simple.

  • If you design your website from the perspective of what your patients want...
  • If you produce good quality educational videos that show your human side and teach your patients the benefits of the treatment (not the process of the treatment)...
  • If you let your patients see how happy your past patients are through video reverse testimonials...
  • If you let them meet and greet your staff before ever setting foot in your office...
  • If you offer free reports and drip marketing to constantly send them informational materials that educate them...
  • ...Then you will become their hero.

    And that's our marketing philosophy.

  • Absolutely dominate the first page of Google.
  • Leverage technology to automate your marketing to send emails, txt's, postcards, and letters to stay in touch with your patients.
  • Scrupulously track every piece of marketing so you know exactly the calls, consults, cases, and cash it generated.
  • Record every call because even the best marketing is wasted if the phone call doesn't close.
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    Written by rcarroll