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In the last blog post I talked about attracting the patients you want. But there are two parts to that, aren’t there? There’s hitting the bull’s-eye of the patients you want, and then there is the attraction part. So you can identify the patients you want through:

  • Financial demographics
  • Age demographics
  • Location
  • Problems that you can solve

But what about the part where those ideal patients want to come to YOU?

Pick a city and you'll be able to find at least a dozen dentists using one of the six Big We's:

  • "We're the best cosmetic dentist."
  • "We practice pain free dentistry."
  • "We offer free x-rays to all new patients!"
  • "We can take care of your whole family."
  • "We're your hometown dentist."
  • "We can do all your dental work in our office."

You Have to Set Yourself Apart

The problem for many dentists is they expect their patients to "know" they are the best choice while not differentiating themselves as the obvious choice.

  • They camouflage themselves among their competition with “me too” messaging.
  • When patients are trying to decide, all these dentists look the same.
  • So patients keep looking for something that stands out.

If you want to attract the cases and patients that YOU want, your patients must see you as different.

But how do you stand out?

By being the expert in the field! There are numerous ways to do that, some of which I have covered on the podcast and blog before. You can also hit us up on our website and see plenty of information on how to do that.

You’ve got to tout what makes you different, and the biggest difference is you can solve their problems.

Until next time, keep moving forward.


Written by rcarroll

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