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One of the important things about your website is that it MUST have unique copy to get maximum search engine optimization, or SEO, value. And not only unique, but relevant and useful to readers.

A few weeks ago, one of our copywriters was very embarrassed. He had gotten some info about a client’s practice from the client’s old website. When he wrote the report for the client, the client told him he didn’t do half of the procedures mentioned in the report – despite his former website saying he did!

To add insult to injury, our writer found the text on the old website to be the exact same as text on another of our clients’ old website. And the clients were halfway across the country from each other!

These two clients had bought a package from a website design company, and they got a cookie-cutter template website.

The websites LOOKED different, but the content was all the same. You know what having duplicate copy got them for search engine optimization? Bupkis!

That probably explains why they ended up having to call us because they weren’t getting any new patients from their website.

You see, having duplicate copy is a big no-no in the world of SEO. Not only does it not BOOST your SEO, but Google can even PENALIZE you for having duplicate copy.

So remember that what may seem like a good discount deal on the front end is just really a waste of money in the long run.

At SmartBox, all of our web page copy is unique to each client. Obviously many of our clients do the same procedures, and it would be very easy to use a template on dental implants, sedation or Invisalign.

But that wouldn’t get our clients to the top of any search pages, and it wouldn’t get them paying, staying and referring patients.

Before the end of this week, you should copy some of the text from your website and paste it into a Google search and see how many other dentists are using that exact wording. When some of you see the number of dentists using that same copy, you should be outraged.

As I mentioned before, your website copy also has to be relevant and useful to the people who visit your site. What I didn’t mention was that it has to have specific keywords That means that there’s no simple “magic” formula that a non-professional can easily follow.

It’s not always easy for dental staff to write unique copy for their website. It’s a mindset and skillset that have nothing to do with dentistry, frankly. You might consider whether it’s worth the investment of staff time (and the resulting mental anguish that you’re sure to hear about).

So, if you have the skills in-house to write and update unique copy that is relevant and useful to the reader, and has the keywords required to place you high in the search rankings, congratulations! You’re one of the very few.

If those skills aren’t present, I would urge you to consult a reputable dental marketing firm that doesn’t do “cookie cutter” content  and doesn’t promise you a “silver bullet.”


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