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Anytime you go through a checkout lane in WalMart or almost any store, notice the hundreds of items that are surrounding you as you wait to check out. Most will be small ticket items, a buck or two here and there.

They certainly don't compare to the big ticket items found in other places in the store, but they are money makers. Even though WalMart might sell a $599 snow blower in one department and a $700 flat screen in another, based on square footage, the checkout line is the most profitable real estate in the store.

The last time I checked WalMart merchandise was selling at a rate of $5.00 per square foot on regular shelves and $28 per square foot at the checkout aisle.


It's because that is where everyone is. A snow blower might be bypassed, and in reality, they don't sell that many compared to the number of gum packs in checkout isles. Everyone has to go through a relatively small space to get out, and while you are standing there, you are a captive audience. WalMart also knows the last minute decision in a checkout line is immediate and swift.

"Mom, can I have a pack of gum?"

How many times have you heard that and the parent, probably you included, has succumbed to the ease and immediacy of throwing a pack of gum on the conveyor belt?

Being where people are at and allowing them to satisfy their need for "immediacy" is important!

If someone is searching for a dentist, especially in today's world of quick internet searches and the prevalent use of smartphones, YOU HAVE TO BE SEEN IN THE MOST VALUABLE PIECE OF ADVERTISING REAL ESTATE OR YOU WON'T GET THE BUSINESS!

Today that means you have to be seen on the web.

Your website displays information about your dental practice. You can emphasize your advanced clinical training and let your prospective patients spend some time getting to know you via your website and videos... but not if you aren't there AND NOT IF YOU CAN'T BE SEEN.

It's a simple concept but an important one: Provide the information when and where people are looking for it, and be the best at it, or drop down to the $5 a square foot rent district.

People act quicker today than they ever have before.

Technology has spawned a global "checkout aisle" mentality. Turning that into a lucrative, patient attracting practice dictates you be there.

Talk to us about how you can capture the "checkout line" mentality and make it work for you and your dental practice. You will get the lion's share of qualified patients who are searching.

So the next time you go through the checkout line in your favorite store, remember this email.


Written by rcarroll