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Attracting the new patients that YOU want may sound difficult or like a gimmick. However, it is been our approach at SmartBox Web Marketing (SWM) for the last 12 years.

Patients don’t want to feel like they are being sold something, whether it is when they are reading your website, interacting with your staff on the phone, or simply the way you talk to them. If when you are interacting with them, you convince them that you are more interested in doing a great job and creating “value” for them, then you’ll earn them as a new patient.

We help our clients create an image of “value” which attracts the prospects looking for a dentist like that. When you have a persona of value and high level service, you attract those kinds of people. That’s what we call the “mirror effect”. The testimonials on your website should be those same types of people....ones who talk about the great value you provided. Then you will attract more of the same types of people.

Is your web marketing generating real phone calls, or just lots of hits and clicks? People looking for a deal? Are those phone calls solid prospects you want? That’s where SWM (SmartBox Web Marketing) comes in. For 12 years SWM has helped dentists reach out and attract the types of new patients THEY want.

“Anyone can build a website. There are tons of providers out there selling websites and products”, Receveur says.

What we do is create an image and teach our clients how to attract the prospects THEY want using our “mirror effect” and creating value for them so they feel like our dentist client is the only one they should go to”.

SmartBox Web Marketing puts as much passion into the technical side of what they do as they do into the “value building” and image building. Dr. Woody Oakes caught up with SWM founder & CEO Colin Receveur to learn more about how they can add new patients to any dental practice. SWM has many systems, ranging web marketing, social media, automated follow-up, on-site and green screen video production, and their new patient tracking system, Zetetics, designed exclusively for dentists from the ground up.

Their proprietary phone tracking system, automated follow-up systems and “relationship-building video” puts them head and shoulders above their competition.

Visit www.SWMresults.com for case studies from practices that they have helped, then judge for yourself.

Woody: Colin, can you tell our readers what’s new at SWM since we first met?

Receveur: Things have changed a lot. And that’s an understatement. In 1997 or 2000, most dentists didn’t even have a website. Those marketing online were ahead of the curve and taking the lion’s share of new patients. In today’s world, nearly every dentists has a website, many having 2, 4, or even 10 websites for their practice. If you want to grab the lion’s share of new patients in your area today, simply having a website won’t do it—it’s practically the norm.
Our marketing systems are setting records for and new patients generated here in the US and abroad. On average, our clients are seeing a 40% increase in phone calls and new patients with many seeing as high as 125%-150%.

We have continued to grow and expand and meet the needs of our clients. We’ve added six new marketing systems in addition to our original web design services. We’ve assembled complete marketing packages intended to take your practice “from zero to hero”.

Maintaining customer service and improving the value for our clients has always been in the forefront of our minds. As we’ve grown, we’ve also become more intentional about giving back, which is why in January we launched our “No Smart Dentist Left Behind” Scholarship Program for to help recent grads and new offices get the marketing systems and advice they need to succeed. Visit our website www.NoSmartDentistLeftBehind.com to learn more.

Woody: How do your systems help dentists?

Receveur: For years, the majority of our business was simply designing websites. The technology simply didn’t exist yet to do what we can do today with automation, video, and our proprietary phone tracking systems. Before this technology explosion, a dentist would have to invest huge amounts of man-hours to accomplish what we can now with simple computer software programs. We can very accurately figure ROI for a marketing campaign, stay in front of patients who don’t buy (until they do), and track where we are getting the best results with our marketing efforts.
The last few years have been truly remarkable.

In the old days we would bring on a new dentist, build their website and marketing campaign, and they would see a big spike in web traffic as well as new patients. But we couldn’t draw a line between them. The technology just didn’t exist yet. Now we have our Zetetics Phone Tracking System, which we’ve built specifically for dentists to show them exactly how many new patients ANY marketing they are doing is generating.

As I hinted at before, we currently offer six additional systems to improve all areas of your practice’s marketing. By using tested and proven methods and then meticulously tracking absolutely everything from clicks, to calls, to new patients, the results our clients have achieved has gone through the roof.

Up until a few years ago, we only did on-site video production which, as you can imagine, can be expensive to get a 3-man crew plus equipment across the country and into a dentist’s office. Now with our new video studio, our clients can come to us. We’re located just minutes from the Louisville International Airport and have a complimentary concierge service to make your travel to us “brainless” [laughs]. Many dentists are able to fly into the studio in the morning, film 50 to 100 videos, and be back home in time for dinner.

Woody: Colin, tell us how you are different than many of the other “website” providers out there?

Receveur: There’s lots of options and other companies out there. Some only do certain portions and not everything, some just offer advice and make you do the shoveling. We don’t sell shovels, we do the shoveling for you. We’re not in the business of helping our dentists produce incrementally better. We want killer results for our clients. We want to constantly be setting new goals, bigger goals than they’ve ever gotten in the past. Many of our dentists prefer we handle everything for them. They want to be very involved in the development of their message and marketing.

We’re not afraid to tell a client “we can take your money, but we don’t think that will work.” Sometimes it’s painful, but we’re obsessed with the results and your bottom line. Our concept of “focusing on the value” permeates everything we do. We have seen this concept produce results when applied to every aspect of our business.

We have found that “focusing on the value and forgetting about the money” has miraculously transformed the way we do business. The money seems to just take care of itself...and come in more than ever before.

The reality is some dentists have plateaued or need to grow but don’t know how to get it done, or worse, have tried other marketing firms with little to no success. We’re a full service dental marketing firm. We believe and can show that our concepts are working for our clients. We are not just another marketing firm. Do patients want just another dentist?

Woody: What can we expect to see from SmartBox Web Marketing in the future?

Receveur: It’s been around 15 years or so, but just in the last 5 have we seen it revolutionize the way patients find the answers and care they need through Wikipedia, WebMD, YouTube, and Google. Our intention is to double in size in the next 18 months and grow 5-fold in the next 3-4 years. We will continue to add services and products based upon what we’re learning from our dentists and what solutions they need to succeed. Right now, believe it or not, the internet is in its infancy.

Woody: How can a doctor learn about how you can help them?

Receveur: We encourage every dentist to get our Dental Website Audit and evaluate their online marketing and its’ effectiveness. My audit isn’t a sales pitch for our services. It’s a true blueprint to help you you decide if your website is what you really want.

It is available totally free on our website—you don’t even have to enter your email—at www.AttractTheNewPatientsYOUWant.com. There, as a special bonus for all of Woody’s group, you can also get a printed hard copy mailed to your door with 2 bonus DVD’s. The DVD’s are packed full of all of our best material. The systems and strategies discussed on them are the latest strategies have taken dentists to new heights. We’re talking about marketing methods that consistently generate 100-200 phone calls and new patients every month. No dentist will want to miss out on this.

Also, for more information, doctors can call us at 888-741-1413 or go to www.AttractTheNewPatientsYOUWant.com to learn more about what kind of results we can create for you.


Written by rcarroll