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Two weeks ago on Episode 6 of our weekly video podcast, I made a bold prediction that the Yellow Pages would be extinct within 18 months.

[I also blogged about this last year and last month.]

Remember what the YellowPages books looked like five.. three... even last year? Remember that big yellow full-size book that was 2 to 3 inches thick and chocked full of advertisers and listings?

I just got this years YP in the mail today. It's been downsized to a meek 5 x 11 and less than 1/2 inch thick... a slim reminder what dominated local business marketing for the better half of a century.

Did the advertisers stop advertising?

Businesses are still spending money to find customers, and consumers still need to find local providers for the services they need, so what's changed?

Ten years after mainstream adoption of the internet, businesses have realized that consumers are going to the web to find what they need, and they are transitioning their marketing dollars accordingly.

Does your dental practice "Get Found" on the web?

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