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His name is floating around SmartBox lately because of his wild success in increasing collections by $215K per month. While Dr. Ben Watson was never ghosted by success, he knew he wanted more, so he shifted his strategy and mindset. And this has made all the difference. 

We see success like this from doctors who want more for themselves and their practices. They’re hitting their goals, but they want to pull the curtain back on even more untapped production potential. They get the cases they want, but they know they can take on more, or offer more specialized services that attract better patients.

SmartBox dentists experience serious success in marketing, collections, and new patient opportunities because they’ve placed their trust in a marketing expert who gives them the results they want, and often even better results.

But enough about how we experience success for our clients. Check out the success Dr. Michelle Haynes of Colorado enjoys because of her partnership with us. Dr. Haynes was competing against an army of corporate dental practices, and despite the odds, she managed a 30% higher growth year-over-year using our marketing strategies. Here is what she had to say:


We love getting our reports monthly on just what our return on investment is with SmartBox. We've been thrilled to see that we're averaging about 20:1 with our return on investment with our marketing dollars spent. And it was even as high as 50:1, so that has been pretty exciting to see the overall growth that we've managed to accomplish. We're busier than we've ever been and more profitable, which is what we want, right?”   

-Dr. Michelle Haynes

If you’d like to see the same success as Dr. Haynes and other SmartBox clients like Dr. Watson, grab a copy of our new report and discover the shifts you can make that will make a huge difference.

Get the report here while it is still available.

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