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Want to be a trendsetter next year?  Pay attention to what people are posting on Tik Tok to attract patients interested in personal care. Because the rise of dental information on social platforms like Tik Tok is growing, dentists can capitalize on patients’ desire to look good. Position yourself as an expert in the following trends in the New Year, and you’ll reap the financial rewards that follow.

Teeth whitening

The title alone lends its own explanation. While whitening is nothing new or trendy, the ways you can achieve a glowing smile are changing. Offering guidance to interested patients raises your expert status. Everyone wants a white smile, and you can help them understand that professional whitening is more effective and lasts longer than drugstore products. If it fits with your business strategy, offering whitening treatments helps reel in more fish. 

Porcelain teeth

Yes, porcelain has also been around for some time, but porcelain is fast becoming the go-to material in cosmetic dentistry for both patients and dentists. It is more expensive than some other options, but you can promote its longevity and realistic look. It’s a “you get what you pay for,” scenario that works in your favor. 

Multi-layered treatment plans

Who doesn’t love a customized treatment plan? Everyone wants to feel special, and multi-layered plans give them just that. These plans employ cosmetic treatments alongside aligners and whitening, resulting in a more natural result. Dream smiles become a quick reality with this approach. And happy patients happily spread the word. 

Digital dentistry

Technology is always trendy, so we don’t want to forget about all the innovations making oral care more comfortable and effective. From digital X-rays to 3-D imaging and CAD/CAM dentistry, everyone benefits from a better experience.   

Cosmetic dentistry is here to stay

We do live in a world where looks are important, but it’s not all about vanity. A bright, healthy smile boosts confidence, helps people land dream jobs, and brings a smile to others. Is that so bad? Stay steady in your commitment to create beautiful smiles, and you’ll remain a beacon of hope for your community.

By offering some or all of these top dental trends to your patients in the New Year, you’ll be a trailblazing, trendy dentist everyone’s talking about and going to see.

Not sure how to promote yourself as the cool kid on the block? We can help you build a customized marketing plan that showcases your trendy services.    

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