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You might not like hearing this, but it’s more than possible that you are the biggest limiting factor in your dental practice’s success.

The reason why this may be true is that you’re probably trading your time for money. But while there’s always more money to be made, there are only so many hours and days that you can devote to the practice of dentistry.

If you’re in the time-money trap, you only have three options to grow your practice: 1) Hire an associate (which may or may not be feasible); 2) Attract higher-value patients to increase your average case value (possible, but not that easy for most dentists); or 3) stop working so much in your practice and start working on your practice.

It’s Not Heresy, It’s Practical

Almost by definition, dentists see patients and solve their dental problems. That’s a core identity, and it’s not an easy one to give up. But working more on your practice isn’t an all-or-nothing thing unless you make it so. Most dentist owners will start by reducing the number of patients they see, allowing them to free up the time to fine-tune and optimize the processes in the practice. That’s an approach that will bring long-term growth and success.

As noted above, you’ll need to make some changes in terms of patients or staff to pull that off. But it’s best to think of this shift in focus as a process rather than an event. And since it’s a process, you’ll either need to create your own from scratch, or have something of a map to follow that you can tailor to your needs.

It just so happens that SmartBox’s CEO Dentist Crash Course bundle is designed to make your transition as smooth and effective as possible. The Crash Course includes Colin’s Receveur latest book, The CEO Dentist: How to Make More Money While Spending Less Time in Your Practice, and the Crash Course Workbook.

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You’ll meet obstacles on your road to success, but you won’t be one of them.


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