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Testimonials are a powerful tool when driving conversions on your website. It is always comforting to many potential patients to hear of good experiences from others in the community about a specific service or product, including dentists and dental procedures. It has always been a good practice to post testimonials on websites for this reason. Aside from this, review sites with favorable comments frequently show up on Google Place Pages and are always welcomed. A recent study by Harris Interactive and commissioned by CitiGrid Media has discovered a more favorable, easier way for patients to post “testimonials” -- Facebook “Like” buttons.

The Facebook “Like” button has become the #1 way people share their recommendations

Surprisingly, 24% of study respondents said they pay more attention to Facebook “likes” than review sites and only 8% said that a “deal” or price is the number one factor when deciding which local business to use. (Being at the top of Google is still at the top of the list.) It appears that testimonials infer quality and assurance and Facebook “Like” is the preferred way to show this, along with it being one of the most trusted ways to determine which local business, including dentists, to see.

If you are not using Facebook you should be

Not only is it a good way to interact with patients, spread the good cheer about your practice and introduce procedures through links and videos, it now is a good way to build that one-word testimonial used and appreciated most often – “Like”.

But here is an added tip the study confirmed: When building your Facebook and web presence always include a personal message in the personality of the dentist. While drilling down into the decision making habits of the public, Harris Interactive found that 47% of people who view Facebook pages will take a business owner’s (insert “dentist’s”) messages to heart and will actually be more influenced by what they share on the site than they will by family or friends. Introducing yourself in a relaxed and professional style and describing a procedure or answering questions using video, for example, are all recommended.

Marketing a dental practice is a multi-tactical effort

There is no one silver bullet that can be used singularly to influence the public and make your phone ring off the hook. But the fact is there are things you can do to make your efforts tie together and drive up your ROI for your efforts:

If you don’t have a Facebook presence, build it.

Use personal messages, video or anything else that can make your practice seem less sterile but more personable.
Use the Facebook “Like” button. Don’t just put it on a blog posting and expect people to hit it; ask them to.

This is a one-word testimonial about your practice and it is taken seriously by your community members. In that regard it’s always nice to be “liked”.

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Written by rcarroll