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Do you have a Facebook page? Most people who have a Facebook “profile” will erroneously answer yes to that question. However your “profile” is not the same as a “page.” According to the world-famous website itself, a “Facebook page is a customizable presence for an organization, product, or public personality to join the conversation with Facebook users”.

This means that you, as a Facebook user, can create a page for your dental practice, and use it to establish a measurable presence on Facebook. With each “post” you make to your page, you will appear on the News Feeds of all your fans. They can then share, comment, “Like” and generally spread the word about your page.

This is the modern method of “word of mouth,” which all marketers and advertisers know is the most effective way to generate business. It is also a way to take advantage of your Facebook Page’s many features too! These include “Discussions”, “Photos”, and the topic of this brief discussion – “Videos.”

Modern Tools Make Things Better

Let’s say that you are a dentist who has just been certified in, for example, implant dentistry. You have a Facebook Page and you want to use it to let your fans know that they can now visit your office to discuss these 21st century dental options with you. You make a “Status Update” to your “Wall” letting everyone know about your implant training!

Now, let’s go one step further: Why not create a “commercial” video for your marketing efforts, and use it for promoting your implant training? You could make an introductory video about implant dentistry and include a promotional offer on your Facebook page that “is only available to those that have “Liked” us.

Why Would You Want To Do This?

First, your Facebook page will act just like a standard “landing page” that so many dentists use for marketing their services. Second, by asking your prospect to “Like” you before the get the special offer or coupon, you are building your following! The more people that “Like” your page, the more people you can market to down the road because they are subscribed and see all your updates!

The Benefits of Fans and Friends

Whenever they add you to their network of Facebook friends by clicking the “Like” button, it will create the opportunity for you to “speak” with hundreds (or thousands) of potential patients.

The primary factor behind the use of the videos is because videos CONVERT. You can create landing pages all day long with text and images, but these days people expect video on your site. A website or Facebook page without video simply blends in with the dozens of other dental practices in your area that lack video as well, sending your prospects looking elsewhere for a dentist that stands out from the pack.

Reach the Target

By using videos on Facebook, you have a chance to communicate with your target audience efficiently and on a regular basis. Because people expect and respond faster to “modern” forms of communication, such as streaming videos, it is an important marketing tool that you need to embrace with your dental practice. Adding Facebook videos to your SEO and overall marketing efforts is a great strategy to be the most competitive practice in your local area.

We should also make a final point about videos, and that is that they can often serve to give a major search engine advantage because Google will often show videos available about a search, and these appear ahead of standard website links right at the top of the 1st page! If you tag and optimize your videos wisely, you can appear well ahead of the competition, even if your website is not as optimized as theirs!


Written by rcarroll