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Insurance wedged itself between dentists and patients decades ago, disrupting the harmonious dance between two partners seeking the best in oral health care. It shuffled up with its fancy suit and the promise of providing more opportunity for both doctor and patient. But it’s gotten so comfortable, it seems to want to call the shots and take the lead on every opportunity that comes along. 

We like a good song and dance, but not at the expense of affecting your ability to provide the best care and treatment for your patients. Insurance is dirty dancing when it comes to reimbursing you for your hard work and calling the shots on how you treat your patients. 

There are ways to trot around the insurance issue. But they require from you a twist of faith, that you can and will survive without PPOs. Having the confidence to tell insurance to sit this one out is the first step in making it on your own. 

You don’t have to learn all the moves overnight. A slow and steady study of replacing PPOs with higher value cases, offering a membership program (if allowed in your state), offering specialized services, and so on are great first steps. Gaining patients that fit your new criteria each week, month, or year will see you two-stepping closer to your production goals. 

And you don’t have to dance alone. SmartBox has helped hundreds of dentists around the country waltz out of the insurance business and back into focusing on dentistry. We created a report to help introduce you to a whole new world without the insurance middleman. In it are steps you can take to free yourself from PPOs and prevent them from cutting in on your patient relationships.

If, after reading it, you want a new dance partner, we’ll be here waiting by the punch bowl.        

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