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The struggle to retain and attract talent continues to march through the fall. You’re maxed out, stressed out, and feeling like you’re treading water to keep up and perform treatments your staff should be able to handle. 

Are you trying to keep your staffing patch together? Or is it looking a bit wilted and picked over? 

Based on our fall survey, most of you are falling into both buckets. Bonuses, raises, more flexibility…you name it, you’re trying it to keep the team together. In the same instance, you’re searching high and low to find new talent to keep up with patient demand. AND keep you from going broke. 

Where does this end? With you on the brink of a breakdown? Unhappy staff that leave for remote work because you can’t keep up and they’re feeling the strain, too? 

There is no magic cure for recruiting great talent that stays. But we do have a lot of experience helping doctors attract and retain A-players who also contribute to increased rates of production, resulting in very lucrative profits.  

If you’ve been super-busy this fall and haven’t had a chance to get your copy of Dr. Ben Watson’s story, take the time to download it now. He hit his wall a few years back. He was working hard and making great profit, but it came at a cost — to his family, his health, and his happiness.

But when he switched gears, and saw production and his staff in a different light, Dr. Watson was able to crank up his collections by $215K PER MONTH. That’s not a typo, and this was done at a single-practice location. 

Working hard is in Dr. Watson’s nature, but now he’s able to work hard when he’s at his practice and completely disconnect when he’s not. This is because he now has the wealth and team to support his lifestyle. 

If you’re tired of mucking through the staffing patch and want to get your piece of the pie, and then some, grab that report.       

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