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Do you ever stop to wonder if how you’re doing dentistry is normal or atypical compared to your peers? Is your curiosity stirred when you see headlines on popular dental boards discussing the latest trends? If so, you’ll be happy to know that the very popular and very insightful DentalPost Annual Salary Survey is now open! 

Last year’s survey ran from late July through early September 2021 and attracted responses from more than 13,000 dental professionals across the country. 

From income satisfaction to hours worked per week, the survey captures the most intimate, and interesting, aspects of the dental world. For example, did you know the average annual dentist income resulting in the most satisfied among you comes in at around $431,678? Or that only 14% of you work fewer than 30 hours a week? 

Neatly broken down by all positions (dentist, hygienist, assistant, front office, manager, billing specialist, and general office staff), the report is dedicated to serving all those who contribute to the success of dental practices and DSOs nationwide.  

You can check out a variety of data points like the ones just mentioned from the 2021 results. Then you can help create the next report by taking the 2022 Survey.

Knowing where you fit in with your peers when it comes to income, bonuses, retirement plans, job changes, age, experience, and so on can give you informed insights when it comes to your own practice(s) and your career path. Are you the norm? Or are you bucking trends? You’ll never know unless you join thousands of other dentists and share your information.

Take the 5-minute survey and let your voice be heard. Once finished, DentalPost invites you to register or log in to get your referral code and share it with your network. That’s all you have to do for a chance to win $100! 

PLUS, SmartBox doctors who take the survey and sign up for DentalPost services will receive a 20% discount on premium products and a 10% discount on basic products.


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