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If the title of this blog confuses you, you may need to get up to speed. Texting is huge these days, and a recent study reveals that 90% (!) of consumers prefer to speak with a business via text. There is serious opportunity for your practices to engage patients the same way other industries do – through texting. While you don’t necessarily have to speak text, there are four ways your practice can join the leagues of text-savvy, successful businesses.      

  1. Send appointment reminders + follow-up messages via text
    • Here’s that research again…nearly 70% of patients said they want more communication after an appointment.
    • Some teams we’ve talked to also text to request post-appointment reviews.
  2. Lift roadblocks for payments
    • Texting patients their bill, where they can also pay via secure links, is a game-changer.
    • Electronic payments are preferred by 83% of consumers, and 80% of consumers want to pay using a mobile device.
  3. Follow-up scheduling
    • Appointment scheduling links sent via text are wildly popular and very handy for patients.
    • Digital appointing is a great way to engage patients in an ongoing conversation.
  4. SMS/text marketing has higher click-through rates
    •  The stats are shocking: 98% of texts are opened, and of those opened, 95% are opened within three minutes!
    • Avoid overwhelming patients by bombarding their email inboxes. Engage them with quick, concise text messages instead.

With a little tweaking, and more texting, your practice can modernize the way it communicates with patients and keep engagement at an all-time high. Not sure where to begin or have too much on your plate to take on more? We can help. Grab a spot on our Practice Growth Call™ calendar

* Texting “for the win”... “more to follow”... 🙂

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