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As they say, "And now for something completely different."

You're looking at the latest innovation from the mind of Colin Receveur, SmartBox Founder & CEO. Consider this an extension of the Time-Money Matrix, part of The CEO Dentist concept. 

Much like the four dentist "types" – Piddler, Perfectionist, Practitioner, and CEO – the Practice Manager Matrix helps dentist-owners and practice managers identify the manager's mindset and accompanying style with regard to producing results while also ensuring that team members remain happy and motivated.

There are few people who are truly pure types in this model, but the vast majority of practice managers will be able to find themselves more within one of the four quadrants than the others.

That's not to say that one practice manager type is better than another; it depends on the particular practice and the dentist-owner's goals and priorities. However, looking at the Uniter mindset, it would be the rare business owner who wouldn't want that kind of second-in-command.

It's Not All About Them, Though

If you're the owner, you're likely accustomed to keeping your finger on the pulse of your practice. In fact, it's probable that you spend too much time dealing with problems, failures, and roadblocks. You might feel that you have to do that, or the wheels will come off.

It's also possible that, like countless other business owners, you might have a few control issues.

But here's the thing: you don't make a dime in exchange for all the time that takes. 

Having the right practice manager, one who is empowered to oversee the day-today functioning of the practice, to ensure that key performance indicators are being met, and to take the load off you, is priceless

If you can let go of the reins. For that to happen, you'll need a comprehensive, highly defined, and mutually agreed-on system in place that spells out roles, responsibilities, and performance criteria. 

Without that, it's responsibility without authority, and that is a prescription for disaster. And that's the "spreadsheet management" model that many consultants like to peddle. 

With such a highly defined system in place, you'll have created a team driven practice where everyone takes an "owner" mentality in the practice and works harmoniously together to achieve the agreed-upon goals.

You get to relax and focus on doing dentistry. And you'll have taken a giant step toward becoming The CEO Dentist.

We've been busy, and we have another report coming out very soon that will detail these concepts and provide guidelines for executing the strategy. We'll let you know when it's available.


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