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It’s a freight train loaded with higher costs, more taxes, and scarce goods. And it’s heading to a town near you. Research is showing inflation is climbing to over 6.5% in roughly half the country. The South and Midwest are seeing the highest climb, but the rest of the nation is sure to follow. 

Are you prepared to weather this storm?

When patients are faced with rising costs for food, energy, and other material, their first thought isn’t going to be, “I should finally get those implants I’ve been wanting!” Quite the opposite will happen. They’ll cancel or no-show previously scheduled appointments and put that dental work off for months — maybe even years. And how will you compensate for lost revenue? You, too, will be paying a higher cost for dental supplies while facing ever-dwindling insurance reimbursements.

It’s a perfect storm that’s not so perfect for growing production, your staff, expanding to new locations, or saving for retirement. If you haven’t prepared or even thought about ways to combat the coming financial bust, all you’ve worked for for years could be in jeopardy. 

Helping you through good times and bad — We’ve seen it all.

SmartBox has worked with dentist-owners across the country to secure and grow their practices despite troubling economic conditions. We put the systems in place to help you structure your fees so patients — the right patients — accept treatment. We help you retain top-performing talent while keeping overhead costs down. We take care of marketing with the most effective tactics. We do all of this so you can focus on what matters the most — doing dentistry. 

Inflation doesn’t care that you want to retire in less than 10 years with something to show for it. It doesn’t care that you’ve worked your tail off to have a life after dentistry. And it certainly doesn’t care that you’re feeling overworked and stressed out.  

Building a practice that can withstand the inflation train is what we do. If you want to safeguard your life’s work, then we welcome you to schedule a Practice Growth Call with our practice growth expert. It’s time well-spent.  

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