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When you hear the term, “dental practice growth,” do you envision hiring more associates? Finding a new, larger space to practice, or adding additional locations? If this sounds exhausting because you’re already running on empty and you can’t imagine having more things to do or people to manage, then we invite you to look at growth through a different lens. 

Certainly growth can mean everything we mention above, but those are only a handful of the kinds of growth worth exploring. Let’s dive into other possible meanings for it as it relates to your practice:  

  • Higher new patient numbers (NPOs)
  • Higher recurring monthly revenue
  • Higher average case value
  • More of specific high-value cases
  • Increased market share
  • Additional locations and/or services
  • More time away from the practice
  • More capacity for community service

Recognize that you have a choice.

If you're stuck wondering how to grow your dental practice, know that you don’t have to go the route of other practices. If you’re seeking more time away from the office, consider a strategy that attracts higher value cases and increases profits while decreasing your workload.

Conversely, maybe you want to attract more new patients each month, no matter the cases they present. This could mean assessing your online presence and/or appointment-completion rates. Where is there room for improvement — or growth — in your processes? 

Want to spend more time giving back to the community? Having an all-star team in the office to handle business in your absence could be considered. This would free-up your time without jeopardizing your bottom line or exceptional patient care.  

There is no single definition for growth when it comes to your practice, so no matter your goals, there exists an avenue for your vision of what it means. If you’re not sure where to get started, consider scheduling a no-commitment Practice Growth Call where we can explore your options together.  

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