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Anyone who’s paying attention knows that there are huge forces at play in the world right now. Without itemizing those forces, it’s safe to say that the future for dentists has rarely been so clouded.

Swimming against the “tide” of current events is a recipe for failure. It’s far better to follow the advice given for people who find themselves in a rip tide. A rip tide happens when ocean water flows back rapidly from the beach through a narrow opening in a reef or as the result of configuration of the ocean floor.

That advice is, “Don’t fight the current. Go with it.” Almost no one is strong enough to overcome the current and make it safely to shore. But by relaxing and allowing the current to carry you beyond the narrowing, you’ll be able to swim sideways out of the current and then back to shore.

The Current Configuration of Dentistry

There are two “tides” facing dentistry at the moment. The first is the pent up demand for services that you’re likely experiencing right now. You’re probably swimming happily along with that tide after being starved for collections. Sooner or later, though, that tide will ebb. 

It might take your practice a month, or two, or three to work through the demand, but work through it you will. After that, it’s an open question whether dentists will continue to see anywhere near that kind of demand for services. 

The second tide is the sharply rising infection rates in various states across the country. Your practice may not be located in one of those states; even if you are, there is strong resistance at the state and local levels to shutting down businesses again. Regardless, this isn’t a tide you can swim against; those matters are simply out of your control.

What’s not out of your control is how you “spend” your time right now and in the coming months. 

Do Less, Get More

SmartBox talks with dentists across the country on a regular basis, and the word is that dentists are busy, but they’re busy with routine, low-value cases for the most part. That’s the inevitable outcome of people wanting teething cleaning and exams.  

However, you only have so many hours in a day and so many days a week that you can see patients. Why not spend them making more money? That’s what you need to position your practice to thrive no matter what the future brings.

In fact, when you can attract more higher-value cases, you can make the same money or more and not work nearly as hard as you typically do.

SmartBox is dedicated to helping dentists thrive, and the cutting-edge techniques and tools that we’ve developed allow dentists to experience practice growth on a level they’ve never seen before.

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Remember: time and tide wait for no dentist, and you shouldn’t wait either if you hope to thrive.


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