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Over the past weeks I’ve spoken with hundreds of dentists, doctors, entrepreneurs and business owners, including many dozens of our clients, like you, here at SmartBox.

The conversations have ranged from “I feel like it’s not going to affect me & my practice” to “some patients probably aren’t going to show up for their appointment” to having individual fears for specific family members that could be affected. Sometimes the conversations were just “are you OK?” and checking in on folks.

Some believe we are likely to be impacted by the coronavirus and what it represents. I believe if there’s a chance you’ll be impacted, you should have a strategy in place. I’m not going to reinforce your local government or the CDC’s recommendations, I’m presuming you are already proactively handling that.  What I am going to reinforce to you is how we’re going to support you through this journey we’re on together.

I believe every practice, like yours, we work with is unique. I believe your staff believes it as well. I believe your patients know it when they come into your office. And I believe YOU know it. This is the time to triple-down on that uniqueness…What sets you apart…Why YOUR patients chose YOU in the first place. This is the true value that can never be diminished, no matter what happens in the world.

Given the current situation in the country, you might have wondered whether SmartBox will remain operational going forward. The short answer is “Absolutely!” But since you might want some more details, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Our physical headquarters in New Albany, Indiana is closed and will remain so until we’re confident that it’s safe for our teams to be physically present. Our entire company is working remotely to safeguard everyone’s health.
  2. SmartBox has a disseminated workforce that is already well-positioned to continue operations by working remotely. The company also has a Business Continuity and a prepared Disaster Recovery plan; at this time, we anticipate no disruption in services.
  3. Our company’s structure lends itself to a “defense in depth” approach to business. SmartBox teams are cross-trained and well able to step in should your contact become ill or otherwise not able to provide service. In that event, your contact will provide you with contact information for another, well-trained associate who will become your primary contact.
  4. Product development and site updates are expected to remain on schedule. SmartBox’s distributed workforce and communications tools will allow the company to reassign development and update duties.
  5. Video+photo shoots and on-site trainings will be conducted on a case-by-case basis. We do anticipate that it might be necessary to reschedule some shoots. We will be reaching out to clients affected to work with them directly.

To support you through this journey, we’re going to create strategies that will help us navigate through this… again, together.

It’s important to maintain great communication with your patients. Priority #1 is to make clear the importance of your patients continuing to invest their time and money in their dental health.

We're releasing an army of strategies, solutions and tools to help all dentists worldwide combat this crisis. You can find articles and webinars below, as well as on the SmartBox Dental Facebook page.
Our team is standing by to help you implement these strategies.  Please email me on how things are going…I want to know. We’re 110% with you and your practice to see you through this together.
In short, we’re here, and we’ll be here.
Keep Moving Forward,
Colin Receveur
Founder & CEO
SmartBox Dental

Written by Smartbox

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