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When peering out the window of a plane after takeoff, you see the vast landscape below. Familiar landmarks become evident, though they take on different characteristics when you’re above them. An expressway that seemed straight when driving actually has many curves, or a park you often visit is neatly cut into four areas by paths you never would have noticed unless viewed from a plane. 

We’re often too close to things — too “on the ground” — to realize how they really are. Distance gives us perspective and the ability to see opportunity that would otherwise remain hidden. It’s the shifting of our thinking that removes the blinders of going through our daily motions.       

Believing that increasing production demands  increasing capacity (more chairs, more space, more people) seems logical. We’ve seen, however, that this average thinking results in exhausted doctors with little to show for their efforts. The challenges of bringing on more people, expanding into new locations, or adding more chairs takes away from your ability to just do dentistry. By the time you’ve figured this out, you’re burnout, possibly in even more debt, and just plain hating dentistry.

Let’s Take Off the Blinders and Get Down to Business

There is a different way to look at your production that requires an open mind. It’s not the way we want to think, but it’s a way of thinking that results in explosive production that doesn’t require you to work around the clock.  

We like to call this new approach to thinking “unrealized production potential” or just “UPP.” The best part? It doesn’t require additional chairs, people, or locations. You already have the framework for success. Just turn it on. 

Utilizing UPP to push your production to exciting levels means taking a closer look at your 5A’s. That is, Answering the phone, Appointing the patient, Attending the appointment, Accepting the case, and Average patient initial value. When you combine all five of these aspects to manage your practice and work on improving each one, even by a few percentage points or dollar amounts, the return is tremendous. 

The beauty in all of this is that the potential is already there. You have the power to think differently and with incremental changes, make a huge impact on your production and earning potential. 

If you’re interested, you can learn how Dr. John O’Rourke focused on his UPP and 5A’s to double his monthly production and cut his work week down to three days. The 6 Million Dollar Dentist Report provides all the details and is free to you.     

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