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According to a January 5th article from the ADA’s Health Policy Institute (HPI), 

“Vaccine availability remains an important part of bringing the remaining patient base back into the dental office.” 

With vaccine doses being rolled out in ever-increasing numbers, and with dental practices moving to the same vaccination “tier” as other healthcare workers, it’s vital to tell your patients that you and your team are fully immunized.

Just as importantly, if your state is part of the increasing wave of states authorizing dentists to administer vaccinations, your patients – current and prospective – need to know that.

THE Bright Light On The Horizon

The reported COVID-19 variants notwithstanding, vaccines are the realistic option for actually bringing the pandemic in the U.S. under something like control. If you have occasion to stop into a grocery store, a pharmacy, or some other establishment, take note of people’s moods. In some areas, at least, there’s a vast improvement that can only be attributed to the vaccine rollout and vaccines delivered.

Basically, people have hope, and there’s a potential end on the horizon.  

Universal masking would also work, but there’s still considerable resistance to that option in some quarters. So, vaccines are a really big deal for the general population and for your patient base. Anything that speaks to how patients and dental practice staff are protected is welcome news.

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about providing a sense of confidence to your patients, but right now there’s more reason for optimism than at any time in the last year. And if you’re going to get those appointments booked and those chairs filled, you need to communicate strongly and frequently that it’s safe to visit their dentist again – you.

To put it another way, “If you got it, flaunt it.” You’ll be doing your patients a favor.


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