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Hey Dr. Farran, Colin Receveur, SmartBox Web Marketing. I saw your post here on Dental Town this evening. I just got back from my dad's, actually. We had our Thanksgiving a little bit earlier. We have a bunch of November birthdays and other family stuff going.

But any who, I wanted to reply to this tonight before this thread gets too long and this reply gets missed. I saw that Michael Gibbons out in Scottsdale, Arizona, you put a thing up that you thought he had the best prosthodontist website. I gotta say, Dr. Farran, I respect your opinion a lot. I've followed you for a number of years. I love a lot of stuff you say, but I gotta call you here.
I'm really wondering what you're seeing in this site. First off, it's a straight, I mean flat template as template gets. You've got text up here in the header with a little star next to his name. You've got this rotating banner here, which is absolutely horrible for any kind of conversion.

We've done tests with these rotating banners over the years and every time there is a rotating banner here on the front page, they get worse results; less phone calls, less contacts. I can't read patients' minds, but I think they just kind of get mesmerized by it. Go to a video, go to an offer, go to a static image and we always see results go up. There's no contact information here on the front page. We like to see contact information—phone number, address, hours—something other than Gold Standard Dental Care: "Click here to read what our patients say about us." Let's click here and

Taking us over to DemandForce, which every dentist has. Frankly, DemandForce used to be really good. They got their reviews directly into Google. Nowadays they really don't do anything other than they're kind of like an exit interview...

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