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Hey Dr. Jurim. Colin Receveur bringing you this Swift Kick web critique of your website web marketing. I’m going to through all of your web presence and show you what I’m seeing, ways that we can increase patients coming in your door, increase case acceptance, and grow your practice, provide the best care for your patients.

I’m going to start here on your website. I see a number of things I like and a few things that I don’t like right off the bat. The first thing I see is you’ve got here, and then this box right here is Adobe Flash. You can check for yourself and see that it’s Flash by right-clicking on it. You see it says Adobe Flash Player here and then up here at the top as well.

Adobe Flash was very popular five, 10 years ago. All technology comes and goes. Adobe Flash is not compatible with any Apple devices. So any iPods, iPads, iPhones that are looking at your website are not going to be able to see this Flash. It’s just going to be a big blank spot on your website.

What you also have is Google cannot read Flash. So when Google comes on your site and they are trying to index you, trying to see what’s going on here, they are not able to read any of this.

I do like this little dropdown here. I just wish it wasn’t done in Flash. There’s a lot of ways to do this with HTML 5 and other technologies that will be Apple friendly and Google friendly and provide this identical experience here.

One small change I’d make is I would like to see this Facebook logo made blue. That’s a pretty trademarked thing with Facebook and people will recognize that. I do see you’ve got the Like button here up above. I’m going to go ahead and like your Facebook page and follow you on there.

Your navigation is very clearly defined here. It looks like when I clicked home it took me to a different home page. You’ve got your phone number right here at the top. You’ve got your fax number right here at the top. I don’t know that a fax number is that important to have at the top of your site, but that’s good you have it there.

Let’s go in here and click through some pages and see what we’ve got here. Of course you’ve got this moving banner animation here on the top of each page. We’ve done a lot of studies with this over the years. Yours is less animated than a lot of the ones we see. A lot of the really animated ones are really, really detrimental to conversion—getting patients to come to your websites and take action, because people get kind of mesmerized by it, I think.

With yours here, it’s not as in motion, but it still has some motion there and it distracts people from doing, really, what you want them to do.

I do like this news area here. This is kind of cool. I guess that’s tracking some blogs and some other new items that you have coming out. I really like that. That’s going to grab people’s attention and show them what’s going on with your practice.

As far as your services here, pretty basic. You tell people what you have to offer. If you are wanting to show up in the searches for more search terms and get more visibility, you need to have more content.

Right now your website has 17 pages, which is nothing. All new websites we are doing right now we’re putting out with 30-40 pages on the day we launch them, and we’re adding anywhere from 10-30 additional webpages every month to augment your website, to put new content.

If you’ve kept up with the Google Panda, Google Penguin changes here in the last 18 months, even in the last three months, content is the currency of the internet. It’s what Google wants to see. It shows Google that you are dynamic, that you are updating your website. If you have a lot of content, they are going to rank you higher.

Going here to your sitemap, I see you’ve got an ASPX sitemap. I don’t see that you have a Google sitemap, which is going to be what Google reads. You might have it hidden somewhere that I’m not seeing, but that’s something that’s going to enhance your search engine visibility as well.

Going into the gallery, let’s see what we’ve got in here. A lot of good before and after cases. One thing I would suggest is enlarge your pictures. Show more than just the teeth. These down here are better than I see with a lot of dentists. The full face; love the full face. That’s what patients want to see. They want to see how you changed them. They don’t want to see that you fix teeth. They want to see how that person has been transformed, how you’ve helped their self-esteem, their smile, and their overall appearance.

These pictures up here that just have the mouth, they don’t have a lot of value, in my opinion, to consumers. Now, as a dentist, of course you love teeth. You want to see teeth. But to a consumer, they want to see the full face.

If you’ve got full faces of these patients, I would encourage you to put them on here. Fantastic stuff. I like the angles here. This is very good, showing patients what they see. A lot of guys just go head on. And a lot of problems, these incisors that are leaning funny, you can’t tell from head on. So I like the side shots going on there.

Moving forward with Our Office, I like the holiday spirit. I wonder if you are rotating this image based on the holiday. That would be a neat trick to do—having your office decorated for Christmas, take the pictures and you can reuse them for years, and years, and years. Beautiful office you have here, by the way.

If you are going to be a high-end dentist, if you are going to put out the perception that you are high quality and not high volume, you have to have a nice looking office. If you want people to think you are somebody, you wear a suit every day. If you want people to think you do high-end dentistry, you have to have a high-end office. And you’ve definitely put forward that perception here. I appreciate that. That’s fantastic.

New patients area. You’ve got a HIPPA notice here. The link works. Let’s see if this download new patient form works here. That works good, too. Press area; fantastic. Keep it up—posting new press about yourself, about your office, what’s going on. I think that’s probably linked here to this. If it’s not, that would be a great way to push out your press releases to every page.

Organizations. This is kind of like the links pages. I’m not big on links pages because nobody looks at them. They don’t have a lot of value. The purpose of links pages 10 years ago was because there weren’t any search engines. And business set up links pages because when somebody came to the website, if they wanted to find related information, that was the only way. You put a links page out there and people could now click and go to other related pages.

Now, one problem I do see here with your links pages is your link juice is being dripped out of your website into other websites.

So if you think about search engine optimization, think about it as a bucket of water. The more water your bucket has in it, the more highly optimized your website is. When you link to another website, you are sending that other website your link juice.

Now, there is a correct way to do it without leaking it out of your bucket, without putting a hole in your bucket that leaks out, and there is a wrong way to do it. Unfortunately, you’ve got it set up here the wrong way.

On each of these pink lines that I’m putting in here, there is a tag, a rel=nofollow tag is the technical term, that should be in your code here. That will keep your search engine optimization from bleeding out to other external sites that you link from. So I would definitely take a look at that and get that rel=nofollow tag in there. There’s no sense in sending your hard earned work out to other sites in the form of link juice.

The contact form, very simple, very straightforward. You’ve got the email addresses posted here that are mailto hyperlinks. So if somebody is using an Outlook or an Apple mail app, they can click, or they can fill this out here. I’m going to go ahead and fill this out and see what’s going on here; see if it works, see if it forwards you to a good page.

“Thank you for your interest. We will contact you shortly.” Fantastic. Looks like everything is working there.

Let’s go check you out on Facebook and see what we have going on. You’ve got a great header here. You’ve got your logo. You’ve got an appointments and a reviews button here. Custom pages set up. Excellent. I love to see that. Too many guys simply just having you coming to their page and they don’t really have anything going on here.

Something else I would suggest changing is instead of bringing them to your Facebook page and showing them your wall by default, I would bring them here to your Facebook page and show them another page. I would set up another customer page that has some kind of offer or information here on it. You’ve got a doctor’s page, you’ve got a reviews page, and you’ve got an appointments page. Set up a fourth page that has information about your practice and maybe offer a free report where people can like you and get the free report or opt-in with an email address and get more information. That will really turn your Facebook page into more of a sales funnel, into more of a marketing tool than just sending people here to your Facebook page where they can look at your wall, where, really, no action is required. It’s usually like a black hole; people come here, look at it, and then they do this—they click X and that’s it.

So far I like everything that I’m seeing here. The one thing I notice here on my screen also is that it’s very narrow. You have a lot of area over here on the sides that is not being used. Typically, we see this on older websites. Screen sizes have gotten a lot larger through the years. As screens get larger, you’ve taken a website that was designed a few years ago for a smaller screen and it looks like this. You have a lot of space here on the sides that is unused.

Newer websites, you can make them wider, fit more content on there, fit more information; more space, more real estate to put you information up out there.

One of the problems that you listed in your application is no conversion. I think the problem you are running into here is that you don’t have a lot of content on your site, for one. You are giving people a menu list of services that you offer, but then you take them to this page and you just give them literally a clinical explanation of what it is.

People aren’t going to choose you based on a clinical explanation of what you can do. People want to know that you are the guy for them. They want to know that you are going to do the job right and they’re not going to have to come back and get it redone in a few years. They want to know that you work not necessarily for the cheapest price, but that you offer a good value. High-end people want more value for the money they pay, and that’s OK. Dentists are able, if they offer a high service, to charge a high price, a price commiserate with the level of service they provide. That is a good value for that particular type of patient.

They want to know that you are not going to hurt them. And they want to know that you are the best person for their needs. If somebody wants to come in and get 10 veneers done, they want to know more than “Veneers are thin porcelain shells that are bonded to your natural teeth to correct crooked, dark, misshaped smiles. Adrian Jurim, NDT invented this cosmetic advancement in 1982 and holds the patent and works personally on each of our veneer cases.”

Well, that’s kinda cool that somebody in your family literally invented the veneer. But it’s not relayed on the site that you are the expert. If somebody in my family invented the veneer, I would have that plastered all over the internet. I would be doing press releases. I would have that right at the top of the site: “Hey, we don’t just do veneers. We invented the veneers. We hold the patent on veneers.”

Here on your site it’s one little line item in the middle of the page. It doesn’t have a big impact, in my opinion.

So having more content out there that answers the questions that people are asking, these questions that are going on in their head: “Will he hurt? Is he the expert? Will it last? Is it a good value?” I would start answering those kinds of questions. More content is going to be the currency that you can work with Google on to get a better ranking. More content is going to give you better conversion.

Video is going to give you much better conversion. Now people can see you face. They can see you talking to them. You are not just words on a page that say, “Click here and I’ll tell you what a veneer is or how I help you.” Now you are a face that’s talking to them.

Video carries with it a way that you can express sincerity, that you can express genuine compassion and concern for their problems. You just can’t do that with words on a page. No matter how many times you type in: “We understand how embarrassing it is.” If you go on video and say that, it’s a thousand times, 10,000 times more powerful than saying it on a page. So if you want to attract that type of patient, video is the ticket.

Offering a way that people can get more information. They might not necessarily want to contact you. Maybe putting together a free report on, “Hey, I invented the veneer. We invented it. Let me tell you why we’re the only guys that can do it right for you.” We have a number of cosmetic dentistry reports that we’ve put together over the years, from working with implant guys on how to have a beautiful smile in one or two painless visits, to Invisalign, to cosmetic dentistry—how to have the smile of your dreams. Taking one of those reports and putting a spin on it with you guys invented the veneer, extremely powerful. Extremely powerful.

I like your logo. I don’t care for this rotating banner here much. As I said before, patients get mesmerized by this stuff and they just sit here and look at it. Even if it does have great smiles, it just doesn’t compel people to do what you want them to do—contact you, download a free report, look at your Facebook page, watch a video—something that’s going to move them through the sales process and convert them into a patient, at least a phone call first.

I did some searches in your area. You are in a very dense area, obviously. You probably already knew that. I did a search for “Woodbury New York dentist”. I found you down here at D. You are fourth. You’ll have to look at how far you are able to attract your patients in. the scale here right now is one inch on this screen is five miles.

Obviously, you know your area. Over here to Brentwood you’re about 6-8 miles away. Over here to Garden City, which has a large population, you are 6-8 miles in either direction. You are probably pulling most of your patients within 2-5 miles. You might be pulling a little bit longer. Dentists that are very specialized are able to pull from longer distances. You’ll have to look at how far you want to market out. You might want to expand out and set yourself up as “Brentwood dentist” or “Brentwood cosmetic dentist”. That’s something that you’ll have to look and decide, “Hey, am I pulling patients? Is this an affluent neighborhood?”

There’s a lot of demographics we can look at as well to tell you where we see good demographics at. Household incomes versus average age in the household is often an important metric. Older patients have more dental needs. That’s just the way it is. With the younger generation, we’ve had fluoride in our water for 35, 40 years now, some areas 50 years. We don’t have the complex dental problems that the older generation has. So that’s always a big metric, looking at where do you want to focus your marketing on here in these areas?

Let’s look at your review page. I see you’ve got a lot of good things here. You’ve already claimed it. You’ve got your picture set up here. Actually, you haven’t claimed it because it says, “Is this your business?” here.

I’m guessing what you probably did is you claimed your Google Places page. When Google Places converted over to Google+, you have to go through and reclaim it. So your extra images are here, the stuff you set up. Your phone number, 9010, that looks correct. JurimDentalGroup.com looks correct. Address looks correct. Your information is correct here.

Five good reviews. Fantastic. You’ve got a lot of information here. But come in here and claim this guy so you can start optimizing or at least have control of this, so when somebody posts a review you find out. There’s nothing worse than getting a bad review and you don’t know about it because you haven’t claimed the real estate.

Finding you here on Yelp, I see that you’ve got a couple reviews. You’ve got your hours set up here. I’m assuming you’ve claimed this. Everything here looks good. Your Google+ page, again, we just talked about that.

Here is a search for “Woodbury New York dentists”. You’re showing up number four on the local search. Your Yelp page is showing up number three. Organically, I’m not seeing you anywhere else. Don’t see you in the paid listings.

So just a quick refresher course, what you have here on this search is right here, these are organic listings. This is the stuff that Google decides what it thinks is best to be displaying here for its customers.

Going down the page, of course over here, this area right here is all your paid listings. And then you have your map here, as well as these with the addresses, and these are your local listings. And then, also you have, down here below this, you have more organic listings down here.

So what Google is doing in a lot of markets is they are splitting their search results. They are putting some organics up here. They’re sprinkling in some local listings, some more organic listings down here. Over here, here is a prime example of Google AdWords Express. Let me explain what this is.

Google has the paid area, which is this section right over here. Everyone on the side is going to be paid. Now, you’ll also see sometimes some paid listings here at the top. It will be in a shaded box. It will be blue, yellow, purple, or gray in a shaded box right here. But in this search, Google has not put any paid listings here at the top. They’ll also put paid listings down the side.

Now, what you also have is AdWords Express, which is a combination of Google’s local search engine, which is this stuff right here with the map, and Google’s paid search engine, which is in the red boxes.

So, what you see here is this guy has this extra blip of information here that none of these other paid guys have. The reason he has that is because it is through AdWords Express. He is able to put more information here on the paid listing.

We’ve been having a lot of success with AdWords Express. One, because it makes you stand out. You are over here on the paid side and it’s got your reviews and your address. It grabs consumers’ attention.

50% of your patients are going to go on the organic side. 50% are going to be on the paid side. I would strongly encourage you to make sure you have a presence in both. Right now you do have a presence right here in the organic, and then you’ve got a presence here in the local listings under this search term now.

The game that search engine optimization companies play is they search for terms that maybe your patients aren’t searching for. Are your patients typing in “Woodbury NY dentist”? Maybe, maybe not. Are they typing in “Woodbury cosmetic dentist”? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe they are typing Maplewood.

So these are things that you have to look at: What are people actually searching for in my area? You can’t just pick an arbitrary combination of words out of top of your head. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t.

Here’s another AdWords Express ad, for example. And then what you also have here, you see this yellow shaded box here. These are the paid ads here that Google has put at the top. And then, of course, you also have this section over here of paid ads, and then with this specific ad being AdWords Express.

Now, something else you might notice is here on your map, which is part of the local listings, you have a blue marker here and here, but then you also have red markers all throughout here. Your blue markers are going to be for AdWords Express. Your red markers are going to be just for the local search engine. So these local listings here are going to be these red dots here. Whereas the paid listings that I showed you a second ago for the AdWords Express, this one here, these two right here that have the address on them, those are going to be your two blue markers.

So AdWords Express you get a couple advantages. You get a different color marker. You get more exposure. I can go into more detail on why it’s been so successful recently, but it’s working for a number of reasons.

That really ties up the Swift Kick here. My advice to you would be make it easier for people to get a hold of you. Offer more information. If you want to be known as that go-to guy for cosmetic dentistry in your area, you have to put out more than just what a clinical description of a veneer is and a line item to how your family invented the veneer.

I also found this link here. You’ve got some videos that aren’t working. I’d love to see that stuff fixed. I’d love to see videos on your website.

Here we go. Another website I found for you. Let’s see what this guy is about while we’re here. You talk more about the veneer, how it was invented by your family. Meet the team. I’d love to see some pictures on here of your “Meet the team”. High tech facility, looks nice. Superior quality, laboratory services, photo gallery. Again, I’d love to see full face photos here. That’s what patients are wanting to see. Send us a case. I think this might actually be for a lab. This might be for your dental lab. This might not be patient oriented. In which case, if it’s a dental lab then teeth only pictures are great. I wouldn’t put any of this clinical stuff if this was a consumer website, but if it’s a dentist oriented website, yeah, that’s what dentists want to see. Contact Us contact form. Yeah, good stuff.

What I would tell you to do is back here on this website, grow it. Put more information out here. Get rid of this Flash header—horrible for results. You can use HTML 5 and get the same results with these kinds of dropdown menus without killing yourself with Apple products and Google incompatibility. Lot of content. Content is going to be king. Lot of video. That’s going to take care of your search engine optimization and your visibility. That’s going to convert people. People will see you as a person, not just the Jurim Dental Group that offers veneers that are porcelain shells that are bonded to your natural teeth.

That’s what people want. They want to know you are a human. They want to know you are a person. They want to like you. People do business with people they like.

I hope this has been helpful to you. I hope this will help you to find more of those patients you are looking for and increase the conversion on your website.

If you have any questions or if I can help you in any way, feel free to give me a call. I’m going to put my contact information right here below this video. Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. Thanks. Have a great weekend.


Written by rcarroll