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Hi Dr. Matiasevich. Colin Receveur. Just wanted to do a quick overview of your website that we had talked about redesigning, give you some design ideas, kind of what I'm looking at seeing and what I would foresee it looking like once we do a little facelift on it, integrate some video with it with your old website, get InfusionSoft on here and set up. I'm going to jump right in.

I would like to move this video up a little bit more above the fold. I think that video would look great right here. The stock photography I don't put a whole lot of value in. I mean it looks pretty. It's aesthetically pleasing. But I think your video, if not this one, then one of the other ones that we produced would look fantastic right here.

I would like to put this information up here right above the fold, because that's good info. And that's also going to free up a whole lot of area here that we can scoot everything up on your website and get more content in here.

What I'm doing this critique on right here now is a 24-inch monitor; huge. There is a ton of space over here on the side that you can see is blank. There is a lot of space vertically you can see top to bottom. But you get this site on a small screen device such as an iPad and you are going to be cutting down the size of what you see here to like this. It's going to be significantly smaller.

So I'd like to see you fit more good content up here. I love to put these social links. People might not be ready to click on social links as soon as they come to your site, but they might scroll down on the page and think, "Oh, I want to find this guy on Facebook."

So what I like to do is I like to have these social links actually hover over here on this page so that no matter where they are on this page looking as they scroll that Facebook link stays there just like that drawing is right there.

I love the map. That's great stuff. And you've actually got it linked to your name as well. It's just not linked to an address, which is really good.

Of course, this form here on the side I'd like to get set up in InfusionSoft and start sending these people additional information. Maybe instead of a "request an appointment", we also offer them "request an appointment" but we also offer them a free report of some kind to put in here, or at least start putting these leads in InfusionSoft so that you can run a report down the road. You can do an email blast, a newsletter blast to them down the road if you want to send out some more information.

Of course, all these pages I think are fantastic. I think you've got a lot of great information in here. It looks like it's been a while since you've updated some of the stuff on here.

The other thing I wanted to comment, when we transferred the site to us I don't think I ever talked a whole lot about the trouble we had transferring it to us. The theme that your previous webmaster had set up was pretty difficult to work with from a webmaster's perspective. We actually ended up making a separate WordPress installation on our server, and you are being hosted basically as a standalone site. If you log in to your Santa Cruz Implant Dentistry site, you will see on the left side that there is some additional stuff—a security program, Twitter integration, optimization programs, YouTube integration, mobile website stuff—that integrates your website with our Snap system and gives you more flexibility.

Whereas, with the site you are on here, your old site, you are not really in our Snap system because we couldn't bring your old website in. It wasn't compatible.

So we set you up basically as a standalone on our server, which doesn't give you access to some of the search engine optimization stuff we're doing. There are some very cool tools that I think you would benefit from—setting up this contact form to link in to our InfusionSoft as well. I think there are some definite updates, just as simple as adding the video in the InfusionSoft into this site, that are going to really make a difference.

I'd love to put a little more continuity between the blue in your logo and this blue right here. I think the red is really, really close, but I think this is a lighter shade of blue. I like the gradient, but I think it looks a little dated. Of course, by dated you have to talk in dog years, AKA internet years. By dated I mean a couple years old.

I think we can give it a little bit more modern look, especially for your GP side, a younger generation coming in. Put some reviews up here on this page. I love these little review widgets. Included with this "Connect With Us" over here on the side we can put a little review button so that people can always see. That information will just float on the screen out here as they scroll up and down the page.

So I just wanted to put some quick thoughts in the video and see if we were on the same page with what you wanted to do. Let's see the blogging. It looks like you haven't blogged on here in about a year or two. If you want to do some blogging on here, that's going to help out a ton with your search engine optimization. We can do some of the blogging that we're doing on the implant site on this general site as well, or we can do some more blogging; we can add some additional blogs into your package and do 6, 8, or 10 blogs a month on each. You give me some direction there on where you want to be.

But I think you will definitely see a jump in your search engine ranking with the content, with the Snap platform integration. People are going to call you more with the video. You are a very likable guy. If you show your personality, and your staff, and your patients, and your passion for what you do, when people see that you genuinely care about your patients that's going to make all the difference in the world.

I would like to make this pop up as a bigger picture when you click on it. When I click on it here it stays small. But yeah, I think a facelift and integration with video, integration with the InfusionSoft, and update the look a little bit and I think you are good to go.

Shoot me an email back and let me know if you agree or disagree or where you want to go with this and we'll get something together for you and get going on. Thanks for your time.


Written by rcarroll