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Hey Dr. Cleland. Colin Receveur from SmartBox Web Marketing, bringing to you this short video. I’m going to go through your website, all of your web marketing and point out some things I see that can find you more patients. I know when we talked a couple times, you’ve been concerned that your website has had a diminish return over the past few years. That when you first got started on it, it was really performing. 2011, 2012 it’s really fallen off. I understand where you are coming from. We see a lot of dentists that, with the changes Google has made, this has happened. They’ve lost some of the ranking they had. They had a great website that performed a few years ago, but it’s just not done much for them now.

I’m going to start here on your website. The first thing I notice is that you don’t have a lot of content here on your homepage. Google is really looking for content these days. It’s all about fresh, unique, compelling content. If you can provide that, if you can show Google that you’re an authoritative source for information, they’ll rank you higher on the search engine.

There’s not a lot of content here on your homepage, some small excerpts here. Generally, we see that not faring well with Google.

I like that your phone number is here at the top, very simple to schedule online. I like everything I see here except this CAPTCHA. I don’t care for these silly things a whole lot. They don’t really prevent a lot of spam and it’s just a hurdle for people to jump through. I would recommend getting rid of that.

Let’s go back to the homepage and read your testimonials. You’ve got some good testimonials. I would consider putting some pictures of the people in here as well as a last name or a city that they belong to. People these days are very educated searching online. They know that this kind of stuff can be made up. I’m not saying that yours is, but any kind of credibility you can give to your social proof, your testimonials, is going to in turn make you look better.

Meet Dr. Cleland. Let’s see this video here.

So it looks like a green screen video you read off a teleprompter. I would be included to put that video right here. To me, this stock photo doesn’t really do a whole lot. “If you are looking for the most experienced and gentle dentist in Orland Park, you will find Dr. Cleland to be an excellent choice.” I would put that video right here. I would put that video on YouTube and optimize it for your local area. I think that’s going to give you much better results than you’ll find with this stock image here.

Let’s skip over to services. I love the video, but I would make it easier to watch. I’d put it right here on the page versus making people click for it. People are extremely lazy these days. I would put it right here on the page.

I love your text here. Too many websites just have, “This is sedation dentistry. You take a pill. Somebody needs to drive you home.” You actually make it about emotion, which is what dentistry is about. Selling is all about emotion. People buy because they like you. People like to do business with people they like.

You’ve got these review items here. I like this. I like the side options here. You’ve got sedation dentistry details: download the packet. I would put this opt-in form right here on the page. This video, I would put it right here on the page.

Testimonials, learn more. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Excellent. Love you bio. Very simple, very easy to read. There’s not an alphabet soup of accreditations and continuing ed. I like the captions below the pictures.

I’d love to hear more about your staff. Have each of them write four sentences about themselves and put it next to or below the picture.

Let’s see what else we have here. Let’s look at Invisalign. Excellent. Again, kind of an emotionally charged page here. This is another video. I’d put it right here on the main page, right here in the middle. Take that video and put it right here. It’s going to let your patient see it. A lot of patients won’t click here. They’ll read this and they’ll skip over it.

Watch out video. Let’s see what this guy is. This is fantastic. It looks like you’ve been doing some video on press releases. I would create a press button right here at the top; press, news, updates, whatever it may be, and put all kinds of press related stuff underneath it.

Any kind of press exposure you have is going to make you look like the expert. You are in the media. You are being interviewed. You are in an authoritative source of information. I would definitely, definitely highlight this. That’s going to make you look fantastic.

General dentistry. Another video about payment plans. I would put that video right here, front and center. Take all the videos, put them right here on the page, smack dab in the middle of the page. Make it very accessible. Let people know there’s a video; that it’s one click away. They can watch it.

In many cases, we make some of our videos automatically play. Now, you have to be careful with that because some people find it annoying. But in certain scenarios automatic playing video is very, very powerful.

Gum disease. You’ve got more videos here. I’d put that, again, right in the middle of the page. I would make your offer, your special downloads, I would put all this right here, I would condense it and I’d put it right here, right there on the first page. Give them the whopper right here from your main website. Put a picture of your report here, make a little picture for it, make it look like a report, put some bullet points, put your opt-in box, first name, email address, and your submit button, and let them go get it. that’s what I would do. Make it super easy for people to get in touch with you, to see your stuff.

Nobody wants to read anymore. It’s unfortunate. Nobody picks up a book and reads it anymore. They watch TV. They go to the internet. This is one reason why YouTube is so huge. People want to watch videos. They don’t want to read anymore. It also sets you apart. Your videos were shot on a green screen with a teleprompter. While you had some good content in there, when you’re reading off a teleprompter, sometimes it suppresses some of the emotions that would otherwise come out.

When we’re doing video shoots, we prefer to interview you. In this case, the camera is over here just kinda looking at you. A lot of times we even use two cameras looking at you from different angles. And me and you just have a conversation. When it’s not in front of a camera, you’d be surprised how good the content and the sincerity and the genuine compassion and passion for dentistry that you have comes out. And that’s what people want to see. People choose their dentists because they like them, or they have a genuine compassion, or they are the expert. It’s all emotion.

Your site has a lot of emotion in it. I love it. I applaud you for it. But I think there’s a couple big changes we could make that would really kick that up to the next level. I think these next few years, for you, I know you are wanting to kind of step back and enjoy life a little more right now. I think we can get you a lot of patients with a few of those tactics, getting some killer video in here, and then, of course, getting in the search engines.

Right now your website has 47 pages total that Google has indexed. New websites that we’re building right now we’re starting with 30, and we’re adding anywhere from 5-30 additional webpages every month. Most of the websites that we’ve put together have hundreds and hundreds of pages because that’s what Google wants to see. Google wants to see great content. That is what search engine optimization is.

So I’ve got a little test search here I did for “Orland Park Illinois dentist”. I’m going to walk you through kind of the different search engines that are going on here. Hopefully it will give you a better idea of where you need to spend your marketing dollars; where would be best to spend your marketing dollars.

The first thing I see is right here at the top you’ve got a paid listing right here at the top. That’s fantastic. 50% of your patients are going to click on a paid listing. What you have is this box here at the top. This is paid ads. You also have this box down the side that’s paid ads.

Sometimes this box at the top won’t show up. Google kind of alternates it back and forth. You’ve also got some local listings going on here. This box here and this box here are your local listings. And then right here in the middle you have some organic listings.

Now, to drill down even a little bit further, you’ve got another search engine that’s going on in here. You see a blue marker there and you see that blue marker there. And then here on this paid ad, you see this paid ad is a lot bigger than the others. Same for this paid ad right here.

Look at your paid ad here. You’ve got a title, you’ve got your website, you’ve got your tagline: “Call our dentist now”, and you’ve got a “click here for the map.” Whereas on these, they are much bigger. You’ve got a directions link, you’ve got this little blue number right here next to it. And this is what’s called Google’s AdWords Express.

In Google’s AdWords Express it’s a combination of AdWords, which is what you’re running, and their local search. Very powerful. It’s the highest ROI stuff we’re doing with our dentists right now. That is because it really gives you a little bit of an edge in these paid listings. Your ads are bigger. You have more information displayed out there. And you get this cool little blue button on the map. It kinda sets you apart.

I also see down here on the local listings that you have some exposure going on there. Let’s take a look at that. Where I don’t see you is I don’t see you in any of the organic listings, so these results here and these results here. I don’t see you going on anywhere there.

What you are going to see is 50% of your patients are going to click on a paid ad, 50% of them are going to go to an organic ad.

Here is your Google+ page. What I’m assuming, because I see down here it says, “Is this your business? Manage this page,” you probably had this set up in Google Places, which recently, in the past 30-60 days transitioned over to Google+. So it carried over a lot of your information—your address, your categories, a little blip about you, of course all your pictures up here, your name and address. But it’s not actually managed by you yet. So I would definitely reach out here and get this guy managed under your account. That’s going to be something that, if you get a bad review, you want to know what happened. You can add additional information. And this is the future of Google that you are looking at right here.

You’ve got some great reviews going on here. Excellent, excellent, excellent, good, good, good. Fantastic reviews. I would get more reviews. You’ve got 19 reviews so far. I would try to double that within six months. It should be very doable, especially linking to your website with it, encouraging your patients to post reviews and information about you once they leave your office.

One tactic we’re using is actually putting iPads on the front desk of our office clients. What that is good for, you have to make sure you get an iPad that has 3G coverage. If you use the Wi-Fi Google will see it’s from your IP address and they’ll ban you. But if you use a 3G account and you make sure you are connected over the Wi-Fi with Verizon or AT&T, it masks your location. You can have your patients log in right there at your desk, connect over 3G, and leave a review right there at the desk of your office. Extremely powerful. I’d love to see you get involved with that. I think that will give you a tremendous boost, especially looking at your competition here. None of them really have any reviews of any consequence. You know, two, four reviews, one review. Not a whole lot going on here.

Here is a link to your Google+ page. Reach out and get that claimed.

So here is my action plan for you guys. I would set you up a website with a ton of content, custom written, that’s going to enhance your organic ranking with Google. I’d put a lot of video on here and make the video you have much more visible. You’ve got good exposure right now on Google AdWords, as well as a decent listing down here in the Google local. I would like you see get set up with some AdWords Express so that you have these little blue markers. Again, another point of exposure. You are running AdWords here. What if you had this spot also held with your name that had your map and address here? You are taking up all the first page, dominating the search engines. And that’s what it’s about. It’s not about just having one listing. It’s about having multiple pieces of real estate.

You can take your videos, for example. Your video is well optimized. There’s no reason why you couldn’t have Google displaying some videos for you right here, again, taking another piece of real estate. A well optimized website with a bunch of content, you could have a listing here. The more pieces of real estate you occupy, it’s like the land rush days, the Gold Rush days, the more patients are going to come to your website. The better website you have, the more video content, the more written content, the more questions you are going to answer, the more comfortable people are going to feel with you. They get to see you, they get to interact with you.

You have the free reports on your website already. I’d love to see you make that a little bit easier for people to get to. Reach out, grab some of your social media. Get Facebook set up. Get those set up. It’s not something you need to be posting to daily or weekly. What we do is we actually link your blog to your Facebook, your Twitter so that when we release new content on your website, it automatically syndicates out and updates them all at once so you don’t have to around and run around and make a bunch of updates.

I don’t want to run this any longer. That’s the highlights of where I think you are losing some patients here. If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, feel free to give me a call. My number is 888-741-1413. I’m also going to put my contact information below this video so that you can access it a little easier.

Take care Dr. Cleland. I appreciate your time.


Written by rcarroll

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