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Hi Dr. and Mrs. Michaelson. Colin with SmartBox Web Marketing. I just wanted to follow up with our previous conversations and put a marketing plan together for you guys; what I’m seeing going on with your website, with your total online presence.

I know we had talked several times about ways that you guys can attract more of the patients that you’re looking for; not the coupon surfers, not the deal getters. I know you’ve done a lot of that in the past and you really haven’t been happy with the results.

So I’m going to show you some things that I see here that are dampening the results you’re getting. I think what you’ve got here is you guys are really presenting yourself as an upscale dental provider. Spa amenities, you’ve put a lot of time and energy into your website. You’ve got a lot of information on here. But I think there’s still a few things that are holding you back and are keeping you from getting the results you want.

I’m going to start off here, come back to your homepage here. I’ve been looking around before I started recording.

The first thing that catches my attention, first off, I like that you have the contact information right here at the top. That’s fantastic. So many dentists don’t have the contact information on the site.

The next thing that I’m not really sure about is this box here. I say I’m not sure about it because I’m not sure what it does for you. It does link to the homepage and to your patient reviews area, which are very important, but the first thing that a person sees when they come to your website is the behavioral studies that have been done show that the person looking at your website actually looks where the people on the website are looking.

So, for instance, if you put this picture right here as the only picture on this page, this picture right here was your centerpiece, people are going to look this way when they come to your website.

Now, that’s important to know for a few reasons. First is because if your navigation is over here like it is, you want people looking this direction, because you want it to be intuitive that people can browse and navigate and find their way around your website.

I think that these people looking kind of straight on, straight on, straight on, all these straight on pictures, it’s a little bit overwhelming for me. And it’s kind of confusing. I did see this actual patient blip up here, but at first glance I didn’t. The first thing I saw was these smiling faces.

The first thing that occurred to me is that they are stock photography. You’ve obviously had a professional come in and take these and they look fantastic. But it’s almost a little bit too much, maybe, in my opinion that you have the six smiling faces up here.

I think there is a great place to do something like this, but I think that you would be better served by taking this box here with your branding, your business, and putting it up here in this area. I would enlarge your address and phone number. I would actually probably put the address over here underneath the phone number in a smaller font. A lot of people don’t really want the address as much as they want to know what number they should call.

So I would put your logo and that information right here. And then over here on this side, maybe have a smiling face or two. You could also have an opt-in box like you have here and put that up here. I wouldn’t do “Sign up to receive discounts and deals”. I would do something that’s educational marketing. Offer a free report. Offer a book . Offer a free DVD.

If you want to attract the types of patients that aren’t looking for coupons and aren’t looking for discounts, if you want to attract the types of patients that appreciate a high level of service and are willing to pay for that service, you have to talk to them in the language that they are speaking. People that want a high level of service want to be educated about their choices. They want to know what’s available to them. They want you to spend time with them and talk to them. And if you offer them information about how you can help them with their problems, putting a free report together, putting a series of emails together that they can opt in right here for, that’s what attracts those kinds of people.

You have your logo over here. You have your free report opt-in here. Frankly, I wouldn’t be opposed to just leaving this area right here as a little bit of blank space, a little bit of white space. Generally, I like to have everything pushed up towards the top because that’s your above the fold area, if you think about the newspaper days. And you want to have all your content above the fold.

But a little bit of white area, properly constructed, you have your branding here, address, phone number, maybe you put a smiling face up here, have a free report, and then I would jump right into the rest of your site, what you have going on here.

The links over here do blend in a little bit. I think they’re good. It is strong contrast. But you’ve got a lot of activity going on, on your website here. You’ve got the six patients up here. You’ve got these four boxes here. You’ve got a box here. You’ve got this free report box here, refer a friend, social media, before and after. Here you’ve got some more boxes here in the middle, boxes over here, boxes over here. You’ve got the main area down here.

It’s a very, very busy website. I fear that you might have patients that are just kind of overwhelmed when they come to it and see all this. Maybe you feel differently. Maybe I’m off base on it. But that’s kind of the way I feel when I come to it.

It’s very boxy. It’s just kind of overwhelming with all the different calls to action that you have on here. Don’t get me wrong. You have to have multiple calls to action. Everybody is going to respond to different calls differently. Some people are going to be spurred to action by a free report. Some are going to want to refer a friend. Most of your refer a friend people, though, are going to be existing patients. They probably will say something in your office or they won’t say anything to you at all; they’ll just send a friend over. Dental insurance, of course, is a big item.

Office tour. I love the video you have here. I’d love to see this video be bigger. More videos. Video is so powerful. Too many dentists don’t appreciate the power of good video. Not clinical video. In fact, I’m kind of concerned that this picture here is somebody in the chair, that this might be a little clinical. Let’s watch it and see. This is great so far.

Yeah, that’s fantastic. The one thing I would suggest is get some patients talking for you. Your patients, when they talk about you, that is going to be kind of a mirror reflection—I call it the Magic Mirror—of the kind of patients you attract.

If you get patient testimonials that say, “He accepted my insurance and he had a great deal, and he’s a nice guy,” you are going to attract patients that are looking for you to accept their insurance, and they get a discount, and they like you.

If you get patients on here that say, “He provides a superior level of service. He does a fantastic job and it didn’t hurt,” those are going to be the kinds of patients that you attract. I see you’ve got a lot of testimonials. I haven’t had a chance to read all of them. So when you are posting, keep that in mind that your testimonials are truly the heavy lifters of your marketing campaign.

The other thing I would do with this video here is you notice the snapshot that YouTube displays is you working in a patient’s mouth in a chair, I believe. You can go on YouTube and actually change the thumbnail that is displayed here before you click play. I’d recommend you change it to something a little warmer. I like to stay away from everything clinical when we’re building out websites and doing any kind of marketing. People aren’t going to choose you based on clinical skills or that they know how you prep a crown.

One thing I noticed here when I was coming in here looking at some of your services pages was that you’ve got some short little videos about, “What is a crown and why do I need a crown? What types of crowns are available? Gold, porcelain, silver, all ceramic.”

Let’s see if you actually do have some Google Analytics installed on here. Here we go. You’ve got Google Analytics installed on here. Fantastic. Here is your Google Analytics code right here. I would venture to guess that if you went into Google Analytics and looked at the code of your site, that the time on page, the amount of time that people spend reading your service pages is extremely low; probably seconds.

Nobody wants to know clinically how a crown works. What they want to know is that you’re going to fix their problem. You are not going to hurt them and you provide a good value. And your work is going to last; you are not a bad dentist.

Clinically, how a clown, or a veneer, or cosmetic dentistry, or restorative, whatever it may be, clinically, how those procedures work, a very small percentage of the population wants to know. And if they do want to know that they are going to go to WebMD or Wikipedia and they are going to look it up. Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia not only in the world, but in the history of the world. Its accuracy is higher than Encyclopedia Britannica. And patients know; if you go and Google, Wikipedia shows up everywhere.

Your website is a tool that present you. Not your profession, but who you are. People are going to do business with you because they like you. People do business with people they like. People are going to do business with you because they know you do a good job and they know you take care of them. They know you are not going to hurt them. They are not going to do business with you because you show them how a crown works.

This stuff is really prevalent on a lot of dental websites out there today. I think it’s the wrong approach to trying to capture more patients.

When you go to take your car into the shop, do you want to know how they change your oil or how they fix a head gasket or a transmission? Or when you have a plumber out to your house because, God forbid, you have some kind of overflowing plumbing problem, you don’t want to know about how the plumber does his work. You just want to know it’s fixed and it works and you are good to go.
That’s the same thing our patients want. I would encourage you to talk more about how you can help your patients rather than the tools you use to help them with.

Clicking on here, before and after’s, I think I actually talked to your wife at length about these before and after’s. I absolutely love these. This is the best before and after gallery I think I’ve ever seen. You’ve got them framed up here. You’ve got the before faces, which is what people want to see. Your patients don’t want to just see the teeth. They want to see how somebody is transformed, how you’ve changed their life. You’ve got the description down here below. If they want the close-ups, of course they’ve got the close-ups here in the middle, before and after.

This is probably the best before and after gallery I think I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’m thinking about changing some of our clients’ before and after galleries to look more like yours. And you’ve got dozens. I don’t know how many you have here, 40, 50 of these. I think that these should be a centerpiece for your website. Put these down the side of a page instead of just having this little before and after blip over here like this. On the services pages when you go to talk about what porcelain veneers are, put before and after’s all over this page.

You’ve got a link here and you’ve got some more videos: “See more Examples”. I’d put them right there on the page. People are so lazy these days when they are browsing websites. It’s this digital attention deficit disorder. We all want the information and we want it right now. I would litter this page with examples of every service.

If you want to talk a little bit about how a procedure works, that’s fine. I wouldn’t go so in-depth here with all this. A lot of these are frequently asked questions: How durable are they? How long will they last? Let’s watch one of these videos and see what you’ve got here.

That’s pretty templated. What we do with these is actually put the doctor on camera and shoot a series of frequently asked question videos, whether it’s about cosmetic, or veneers, or restorative, or implants, or whatever it may be. And we can optimize them and get them displayed right at the top of Google as well. So that’s something that is on the cutting edge right now as far as search engine optimization and visibility goes.

Looking through here, you’ve got an appointment request. I appreciate that it’s so succinct, very simple here. I like this right here. If you watch some of the other videos, I always complain they have these silly write these letters in and type these letters in. You wouldn’t believe how many people are just too lazy to do that or they have trouble reading some of those and they just give up.

Having this simple thing, “You must check this box to be able to send”, I would imagine that cuts out the majority of your spam. And it’s so simple and so easy that most people, 99.9% of them, are probably going to do that. So I like that as well that you’ve been able to incorporate that in a way that doesn’t obstruct the user experience.

Media coverage; very important. You guys are everywhere it looks like. I hope you’ve done some press releases with these. I did do some searches on the internet I’m going to get to a little bit later and talk more about this. But all this press coverage, this is a gold mine. This is stuff that I hope you guys are exploiting in your marketing, because patients just eat this up. They are looking for a dentist that the news is covering, that they can look up to, so to speak, because that is somebody, if you are on the news, you must be a good dentist, you’ve associated with the right people, you’ve done good things, you are doing good things.

We often do several press releases before and after our clients have media coverage to build up momentum, build interest, and ultimately get exposure and build backlinks into the site and bring in more patients.

Spa amenities; good stuff; very popular these days. Patient forms; all good stuff. I’ll make sure these three forms work here for you. That one works, that one works, and that one works. They all work good.

Patient Offers; lot of good patient offers on here. Again, if you post a lot of offers you are going to get coupon cutters. If you are looking for patients that aren’t coupon cutters, you have to use different marketing tactics, whether it’s educational-based marketing, or a free consult, maybe. That is something that a lot of dentists use. A comprehensive new patient exam is something we have a ton of doctors do, oftentimes at a higher price point that this very successfully. So adjusting the price is a great filter to find those patients that are looking for quality and value rather than just the run of the mill.

Financing; good stuff. Care Credit…I hope these open up…yes, they open up in a new window. That’s great. That way it doesn’t actually take you away from your website.

Our blog: Welcome to Dentistry Blog Spot; good stuff. Looks like you are rather current here. September 28th. I would love to see you put out more content. It looks like you are posting about once a week. Our clients, we are generally posting anywhere from 10-40 new webpages a month on their website, whether that’s a blog, an article, an FAQ piece—tons of content is what is going to rank you higher in the search engines. Well optimized content is what you are going to use to entice Google to send you more traffic if you’ve kept up with their recent Panda and Penguin updates. That’s what it’s all about.

Let’s see. Contact form here. Again, I love the check the box. I love the form. What else do we have here? Phone number, of course, hours, send us a message, driving directions. Let’s look at the driving directions and see what we’ve got.

OK. You’ve got the driving directions actually linked to your actual address. What I would suggest doing is linking in here instead, to your actual Places page so that when they click, you don’t just get a little marker with your address. The actual Places page pops up like this and they have the options here to click Directions, Search Nearby, they can click More, More Info. They can see that you guys have reviews. They can see the whole gamut. That would be just a simple link change that I would recommend that I think is a better user experience for you patients.

Going here looking at your Google+ page, I see it’s not been claimed by you. Come here and click this little button right here and get this guy claimed as yours. That is going to do a few things for you. Since you do have pictures in here, and it looks like you have a lot of information in here already, what I’m assuming is that you had your Google Places page claimed before. You probably had done some work to it.

In the past 30 days Google Places has transitioned over to Google+. So we’re seeing a lot of dentists who have their Google+ page, and it has some information in it here, but it’s not claimed as theirs. So you can respond to the reviews. You can’t post more information. You don’t even get notice of the reviews coming in.

Now here is also something that I see here, a poor review that you have. It looks like this patient went into a lot of detail here on how upset she was with you. She was going to consider litigation. This looks like an absolute tirade rant. Wow.

Something like this definitely needs a response. It was reviewed over a year ago, which is not the best that it’s been floating around out there for a year. Bad reviews aren’t about who is right or wrong. This patient might be the biggest pain in the you know what that ever existed. She might be unreasonable and you might be 100% in the right.

But unfortunately, these kinds of patients can come here and post anything they want about you, and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

The best defense with reviews is a good offense. There are two things you can do when you have bad reviews. First is you have good reviews that just saturate your review page and it’s hard to find the bad review.

So here you’ve got two good reviews that have come in on top of it. Unfortunately, you need a lot more than two to squash this one out. The second thing you do is you can reply. Once you claim this page here, you can reply to bad reviews.

Like I mentioned before, it’s not about who is right and wrong with reviews. It’s about customer service. It’s about understanding their frustration. You don’t have to tell them they are right. But you tell them that you are really sorry that this is all happened and you offer to fix it. Maybe you post your personal cell phone number on there and say, “Please call me. I’d like to fix this.”

From there, everybody who sees this poor review on here now sees that you have replied and tried to resolve it to the best of your ability. I think that really speaks volumes for the type of business or type of dentist you are, because everybody has problems. Everybody has bad reviews. But how you handle that problem really speaks to what kind of a person you are.

That’s my take on bad reviews. So I would definitely get this guy claimed, get more information in here, and get those couple items I talked about done.

Get this set up as the link from your website here. I would change that. And when you actually do an embed here, you can embed it with your business name showing up right here inside of it as well. So I would suggest that you take a look at that.

Let’s look at your source code here and see what we’ve got going on here. I see some meta tags. I see the links and the scripts. What you want to do for optimal page loading times is you want all these here that say “link” to be together and all the ones that say “script” to be together. What you have here now, you can see that there are some links and scripts and they flip back and forth.

Another thing that I see, here is your meta description tag. You’ve got your Google site verification. Here is another script down here that should be up here organized. Here is your Title tag. There’s a couple tags here that are missing that I’m not seeing.

A couple search engine tags that are missing could be costing you some ranking. Let’s go look at this page and see if it’s any different. You’ve got your Title, meta description. What you also need to realize with this meta description here, this is the tag that Google is going to use when it’s displaying you in the search results.

So you want to write this meta description to be persuasive. This piece right here is what Google displays right here. Here you are right here: “Our reputation and excellence attracts patients in Orlando,” yada, yada, yada. “Our reputation and excellence attracts patients.” So you see exactly what I’m saying.

Make sure that you are writing that to be persuasive. I’m not saying that this is bad. I’m just saying it’s definitely worth thinking about to make sure that’s the first thing you want your patients to read about you. Because just being on the first page doesn’t mean they are going to read this and click on you. It’s a good step. It doesn’t guarantee it, though.

I do see these tags are missing here from the homepage as well. Here’s Google Analytics. I would definitely get this optimized up here so you’ve got your link and script references all organized. That is going to help your page load a lot faster. Google is now penalizing for slow loading websites. So that’s something that you have to be conscious of.

You’ve got your H1 tags here, which is good. I don’t see anything else that really stands out to me. I’m sure my coding guys would probably see some things that I’m missing here.

I would consider maybe making this a little more direct response, making this say whatever your offer is on the homepage. You said you didn’t want to be so coupon oriented, but if that’s the types of patients you are looking for, I would consider changing this to that. Or if you are looking to market to a higher-end patient with some educational marketing or a $297 complete dental physical type offer, consider putting that in here, because that is the first thing they are going to see you with right here.

They are going to have your Title…so this tag here that’s highlighted right now comes from this right here, and then this part right here comes from this right here. So it reads right off your site. Sorry to get off on a tangent. I just wanted to make sure that was all clear.

I’m going to skip forward to your Facebook. I see you’ve got some extra pages here, a review page. That’s fantastic. I love to see people doing more than just the wall with Facebook. The one thing I would suggest here is that when somebody comes to your Facebook page, Facebook.com/OrlandoDentist, maybe bring them to a page other than just your wall. Bring them to a page that has an offer on it or has a free report signup, or has some kind of coupon, again, if that is the kind of patients you are looking for.

Bring them directly to this review page. But bringing them directly to the wall is a missed opportunity. You can actually create custom pages on Facebook that look just like your website and use them for promoting different things. It becomes more than just posting to your wall. You can actually turn it into a sales funnel.

I found you here on Twitter. Custom background, your image; I think everything looks good on here. And it looks like you’ve got it linked up with your Facebook as well, which is great.
Search engines. Let look at what kind of search engine results you are getting here. “Orlando Michaelson Dentist”, I was just really wanting to see stuff that involved your name. I’m finding a lot of stuff, Yellow Pages, Super Pages, mostly all coming from your website. So I don’t see anything bad coming up there.

I did another search for “Orlando Dentist”. This is where I started to notice that I really couldn’t find you. First off, let me just do a quick crash course in search engine technology.

You have three results here at the top, as well as these guys down the side that are part of Google AdWords pay-per-click. That’s the paid ads. Here at the top you have your local search combined with these items right here. Right here in the middle you have two organic results. And also, down here at the bottom there’s some more organic results that you’ll see when I scroll down the page.

Now, there’s also a fourth search engine at work here that I’m going to mention that we’re using it on many markets with a lot of success. You’ll notice on this map over here there are blue and red markers. What you have, the red ones are the local search. The blue ones are also the local search, but those advertisers are using what’s called AdWords Express.

AdWords Express does a couple things for you. First, you get a cool little blue marker that stands out. And second, you get these little extra blips of information underneath your Google AdWords ads that makes your ad larger, for starters, and second, it gives more information about you. It says there’s reviews posted out there about these different people.

So you can see there’s a blue 1 here, a blue 2, a blue 3, and a blue 4. Those correspond to these numbers up here on the map. Instead of having this guy here that’s just doing simple AdWords, he has a three line ad, this guy has a four line ad, a four line ad. Now you have a six line ad, a seven line ad.

It’s just like old newspaper advertising. The more lines you have the more exposure. So I would encourage you to look at AdWords Express there as well. In many markets it’s very open.

I mentioned that as we scrolled down we would see more of the standard organic listings. Here are those here. This is the end right here of your local listings. Everything from there and up is part of this Google Local listings.

You’ll notice as I scroll as well that the map stays right there at the top. And then, here’s something interesting. Here is actually a YouTube video of myself. I gave a seminar in Orlando in 2009. This is the video, I’m assuming. Let’s click on it and actually see what this is.

Oh yeah. So here is the seminar that I gave in Florida with Big Case Marketing back in ’09. Anyway, that’s kind of funny that’s showing up on your search.

So, on to the next search. I did some reputation searching on you. I found you’ve got some pages floating around out there. You’ve got this page over on Avvo. All good stuff. I would do some searches out there. Make sure you claim these guys. Click here and claim them. That way you are going to get notifications if somebody does something or posts something on them.

I wouldn’t be paying any of these companies, but I would definitely reach out there and claim them and make sure they are yours. That way a competitor doesn’t claim them. That way if somebody leaves you a review you get notification, you can reply to them, the whole gamut.

I think that ties up this website review swift quick. If some of the things I’ve said have resonated with you, feel free to give me a call. My number is 888-741-1413. I’m also going to put my contact information right below this video to make it easier for you.

I look forward to hearing from you if you think we can help you find more new patients. Thanks for your time.


Written by rcarroll