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Hey Dr. Dores, Colin Receveur, SmartBox Web Marketing, bringing you this Swift Kick of your website, your web presence. I’m going to show you some ways to find more patients online. I know you’ve got a number of problems that you’re having with your current website, with your Google Maps, your local places that you’re not showing up for. I’m going to show you how to fix all that.

We’ll get started right here on your website. The first thing I see, you’ve got a Pro Sites website. It’s a template, cookie-cutter, boilerplate deal. It’s a few years old. I see a number of things that are costing your patients right now.

The first is this right here. We’ve done a number of studies over the years. These scrolling banners have always performed extremely poorly. My personal belief is that people get kind of mesmerized by it. The pictures scroll, the text moves, it’s dynamic. It looks nice, but they sit here and they watch this for a minute or two and then they realize it’s a repeating banner. And by then they are bored, and then go to something else that’s going to take their attention. And by something else I mean this button right here that goes back. That’s a B drawn with a pencil.

So, they are really horrible. Every split test we’ve ever done with these scrolling banners has proved that they are completely ineffective for website marketing.

The second is it’s Flash. If you right-click on it you can see that it’s Adobe Flash Player. Flash does a number of things. All of them are bad. Number one is it’s not compatible with Google or any of the search engines. What that means for you is when Google is browsing your website, when they are indexing your website, this looks like a big black hole to them. It looks like bad web design because Google can’t read this, so it looks like a blank hole in your website.

The second thing is no Apple product can read Flash. So if you have a prospective patient or a current patient that is looking at your website on an iPad, an iPhone, an iPod, any Apple product can’t see this. So it’s as if this doesn’t exist on your website. It’s just this big hole.

So it’s bad for user experience. It’s bad for people actually being able to read your site. Your site looks horrible it is looked at on an Apple device. Lots of reasons we don’t use Flash. We haven’t used Flash for years.

Positive aspects to your site. You have the phone number right here at the top. I like your logo right here at the top. It’s good for branding. The navigation is very clear. I’m going to talk about that in a minute with your buttons right here at the top. The drop down menus are very well organized.

Moving down the side, I tested the Contact Us form just a minute ago. Everything seemed to be working there. I noticed here on the maps page you’ve got MapQuest coming off here, but then somewhere else I clicked took me to a Google map. I’ll address that in just a minute. See, this one goes to Google Maps and you have this one here going to MapQuest. I don’t really like either one of them, and I’m going to explain more in a second why I would change all that.

Going through your pages here, your Practice page, I don’t know if you wrote this all or not. This might be boilerplate, it might not be. But good stuff. 300-500 words is kind of the usual size we shoot for. Meet the Dentist page, it’s very easy to read for a layman. It’s not scattered and filled with all your continuing education and alphabet soup of accreditations.

As impressive as that is to a dentist, most normal people do not understand what all that stuff means. So you’ve got a very simple…I would make it a little bit longer. It’s a little short, I think. But overall, very good.

Procedure pages. This is the big boilerplate thing that Pro Sites pushes. They advertise that they give you this extensive library of all this content. But what they don’t tell you is it’s all boilerplate content. Google looks at this. It knows this is a clone website and it’s not going to give you any kind of ranking when you are running a clone template cookie-cutter website like this.

You might have heard the buzzwords Google Penguin and Panda updates. These recent updates that Google is doing, it wants unique, compelling fresh content. What that means is that your website needs to have something on it that makes it different than everybody else.

The new websites we’re building right now, we’re starting with 30 or 40 pages, and we’re adding anywhere from 5-30 additional webpages a month onto those websites, because that’s what Google wants. You’ve got to play ball with the big gorilla in the room.

CEREC; I’m sure this is the boilerplate stuff here. FAQ’s, I see this on every Pro Sites site I like at. We like to turn our FAQ’s into actual videos. You can get videos to rank right at the top of Google. It’s also more dynamic for your visitors to look at. People love to watch videos. They don’t want to read. And, of course, this is all boilerplate content, so Google is going to be de-ranking because of it.

Links pages brings up a good point. These were very popular back in the ‘90s back before there were search engines. The reason they were so popular in the ‘90s is because that when there wasn’t a search engine or there weren’t very good search engines, in order to find related information about what you were looking at here, so I’m a patient, I’m on your website, I want to find related information about Dr. Dores. Well, what do I do? I go to your links page and you provide links to other websites out there that complement what you do.

Now, in the days of Google, if people want more information they go search. Well, before that you had to show people where to go.

Not only is this taking up some prime real estate at the top of Google, one of your buttons, it’s also hurting your Google ranking.

So think of your Google ranking as a bucket. You have your ranking power, your link juice, coming in the top—people that link to your site, articles that link to your site, all of your backlinks are coming in the top. That’s your link juice.

Now, every time you link to another site, you are putting a hole in your bucket and that link juice is pouring out into somebody else’s site. So you are helping the ADA and the Halloween Candy Buyback and the National Museum of Dentistry, but what you are not doing is helping your own ranking.

Now, there are ways to link to other websites correctly that will not hurt your own ranking. Unfortunately, you are not doing it here. When you put a link to another website, right here where I’m drawing these green lines, this is the actual code of your website. There should be a rel=nofollow tag in here that tells Google, “Don’t take my link juice and send it to these other websites.” But, unfortunately, you don’t have that here. So that could be one other reason why you’re not showing up.

Dental videos. I think these are just absolutely horrible. I hate to sound so opinionated on it, but you’ve probably on the other Swift Kicks I’ve done about what these really are. Pro Sites loves these things. They put them everywhere, and they put them on some websites multiple times.

It shows clinically how procedures work—how you prep for a porcelain inlay, how dental implants work, how they go in, how you prep for a crown, what a cap looks like, what endodontics is, what dentures looks like and what options are available out there, impacted wisdom teeth—all clinical stuff—all stuff that as a dentist you love because you love dentistry.

Patients hate this stuff. It sends them running for the door. Patients are looking for answers to three or four main questions. One is they want to like you. People do business with people they like. Second is they want to know that you’re not going to overcharge them. They want to know that the services you provide are a good value. Notice I didn’t say the cheapest; I said a good value for the service you provide. They want to know that the services you provide are within your skill set; that you are the best person to perform those procedures. They want to know it’s not going to hur.t And they want to know that your dentistry is going to last. They are not going to have to get it redone next year by another dentist.

These clinical videos don’t answer any of those questions. It simply shows how clinically these procedures work, which patients don’t care about, no more than you care about how to change the head gasket on your car or how to build a house. Most dentists don’t care about the engineering of LVL’s in their floors to support large spans. You just want to know that the floor is not going to crash in on you after the house is built. You just want to know that your car is going to run after you’ve got that transmission repaired. You don’t care that they put a new head gasket on it or changed out three belts, or whatever it is.

Same for patients. They just want to know that it’s fixed and it’s fixed right. What you are doing here is you are showing them clinically how it works. You are not answering any of their questions. And you are failing, you are missing the opportunity to connect with your patients on a deeper level. You are missing that opportunity to show them that you are the expert, to show them you are a likable guy.

Video is the only way to do that. But unfortunately, your video is all clinical. So I just really have a strong opinion about these clinical videos that everybody is putting out there on their websites these days.

Kind of the same thing with the smile galleries. First off, it’s templated. I know this is a Pro Sites boilerplate smile gallery. The second thing is these kinds of clinical pics showing pockets and missing teeth. I’ve seen some on here that the doctors have the scoops in the mouth and they’re showing the drills going in doing implants, and all kinds of craziness. That’s stuff is just horrible. Horrible!

No patient cares about this. Now, these are all pretty good here. But I would encourage you to go with a full face photo. As a dentist, of course you love teeth. You want to show off the teeth. Patients want to see the whole picture. They want to connect. They want to see how that person transformed after you did their dentistry.

So I would encourage you to get some full face photos in here. Of course get rid of this templated gallery stuff. It doesn’t do anything for patients when they see the same pictures on five dentists in your area. In fact, I’ll do some searches here in a few minutes. I’m sure that I can find five dentists in your local area that are using Pro Sites and have all this exact same content, pictures, and videos on their site.

The appoint request, I love these. These are great. I would get rid of everything in this box right here. I think it’s a little bit too much information. You want to get people on the phone. You don’t want to set a barrier to high. Ask them what the best time to call is. And from there, give them a call back quickly. Boom. Find out what you can do to help them. Because responding to these web requests quickly is what’s going to capture that patient.

Contact page, everything looks fine here. Patient forms page, everything looks good here. I’ll make sure these work. Sometimes we find some bad links in here. Looks like everything works. No bad links.

So from here, what I would recommend doing is expanding this site. There’s a lot of blank space here on each side. That’s partially because this is a template website, and partially because this is an older website. The older websites, screens were smaller and you designed websites for smaller screens. Nowadays they’re bigger. You have all this area on each side. I’d get rid of the Flash header you have here.

Just do a general redesign adding a lot of unique content for your website, creating a web presence that’s going to compel people to take action.

Let’s skip on over. Actually, before I go any farther, let’s do “Long Meadow dentist Pro Sites”. Long Meadow Dental Care. Here’s a Pro Site here. I actually just did a critique for another dentist. Look at the last two critiques I’ve done and there was another dentist that had this exact same website.

Let’s see “Long Meadow Dental Care”. Here’s you, James Dores. Optimal Smiles, Flagship Dental. Let’s see what these guys look like. That looks pretty close to your site. Of course, the Flash header. You will notice these images are the same across your sites. Of course, here a patient comes to dental videos, they are going to see the exact same horrible videos. If they go here to Smile Gallery, they see the exact same smile gallery. Even on this site that looks different, they come here, dental videos; it looks the same. Smile Gallery, they come here, looks the same. You’ve got these same teeth on every site.

Patients notice this kind of thing. They know you haven’t put time or effort into your dental website. Patients want a dentist that’s going to put effort and time into them. They don’t just want somebody that’s going to drill and fill. They want somebody who’s going to care about them as a person.

We’ve heard from many dentists that they’ve had patients tell them that, “I knew you were the dentist for me because of the effort and time that you put into your website.” When you have cookie-cutter content it’s bad for Google, it’s bad for users. You can take this as a sales pitch if you want, but it’s true. When you have the same stuff on every site, patients notice this.

Same for the procedures page here. All this content is identical. Cleanings and prevention. Let’s go back to this site. Exact same content. Patients notice this, that all these sites are identical. It speaks about what you are as a dentist inadvertently.

So going back to Google Local places here, I notice you link to MapQuest. You also link to Google. I would recommend getting rid of MapQuest and condensing it into Google, but I also don’t like that you link just to an address. What I would like to see you do is to link actually to your local places page right here.

I see here you are running an offer: 40% off Zoom Whitening. Expires the 24th of the month. But I also see that you have not claimed your local Places page. So I would encourage you to get on here, click this little “manage page” button, and claim this. You can add photos. You can add information. A lot of times Google has the wrong information here. I see that they’ve got the correct web address. It looks like they’ve got your correct phone number. But you are only listed as a cosmetic dentist. You don’t have a lot of information in here.

Expand this. Grow it. Put more content in here. That’s what people want to see. People these days want to see a lot of information about you before they ever pick the phone up. They are going to make their decision. They might see your advertisement in the newspaper or the radio. They are going to go to your website to validate who you are. If they like what they see on your website, they’re going to call you. If they don’t like what they see on your website, they’re going to keep looking for another dentist until they find somebody that stands out to them.

I’d recommend getting all that claimed, getting that linked into your website correctly. That’s going to fix a lot of your Google Maps problems. Getting that optimized, you’ll start showing up on Google Maps and Local Places.

Let’s do a couple test searches here: “Long Meadow dentist”. I see you showing up here in Local Places. I don’t see you down here in the organic. I also don’t see you up here in the paid.

“Long Meadow denture dentist”. Looks like one of your competitors here is number one. I don’t see you anywhere under that. Not up here in the paid listings.

About 50% of your patients are going to click on a paid listing. 50% are going to click on the organic or the local. So my opinion is you are losing if you are not in both. You can get into the paid listings pretty reasonably these days in most markets. And you can hold a small area there that will drive people into your website.

“Long Meadow dentures” I don’t see you for. “Long Meadow denture” it looks like you are showing up number two for. “Long Meadow dental implants” I don’t see you here for. “Long Meadow dental implant” I don’t see you here. A lot of your competitors are showing up. “Long Meadow general dentist”; there you are showing up at number two in the local, nowhere in the organic, nowhere in the paid. “Long Meadow family dentist” number two organically, number one local. There’s a good word for you, “Long Meadow family dentist”.

What I would tell you to do is you really need to look at what people are actually searching for. This is something that we do for all our new clients; finding out what people are actually searching for in your area that pertains to you. Just because you type in “Long Meadow family dentist” and you show up number two here, as well as number one on the local listings, it doesn’t mean that any of your patients are typing that in and finding you.

You can look at your Google Analytics and see what people are searching for. But more importantly, the keywords that people are searching for you are probably not showing up for. You need to be looking at Google AdWords, look at their Sandbox tool. There’s also a number of tools out there that you can steal your competitor’s keyword campaigns. You can look at EastLongMeadowDental.com and Flagship Dental and these other sites that are ranking above you on a lot of keywords, find out what they are doing to rank there. Find out what other keywords they are ranking for and jump in on them. Because if they are spending money to market themselves there, then it’s probably profitable. Most people don’t continue a marketing campaign that doesn’t make them any money.

That’s the end of the Swift Kick here. The website changes, getting good, solid video on there, making these changes to your Google Maps. I have no doubt you are missing out on a ton of new patients here. We’d love to help you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. My number is 888-741-1413. I’m also going to put my contact information right here below this video. Thank you for your time. Take care.


Written by rcarroll