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Dr. John Argeros Swift Kick Critique

Hi Dr. Argeros, Colin Receveur. Just wanted to bring you this Swift Kick, as we call it, of your dental web presence, all of your web marketing. I'm going to be going over your website, social media presence, different advertising, different marketing angles I see out there that you're using, as well as analyzing some demographics in your area. I know you've shared a little bit of information with me about your sales funnel and I'm just going to show you an overview of what I see and where we can make improvements to find you more patients.

To respect your time I'm going to jump right in here and get started. I started off just doing a couple of dozen Google searches for you and looking at the results. I didn't find any bad reviews. I found a couple of pieces of real estate as I call it, a couple of properties here on the internet that are not claimed but I couldn't find anything bad about you so that's a good start.

This was one of the properties that I found about you. This is actually our website. This is a dental index that we put together that, because of your affiliation with Big Case, we had added you in here a while back. This is actually showing up at the bottom of the first page. If you go to Google.com and you search for Dr. John Argeros this is showing up right here. Number six on the search page. This is something we put together and it takes you right to your dental website if you click here on Visit Website. Just wanted to point that out to you.

I also did some searches on a couple of your partners, Dr. Plourde, and I couldn't find really anything bad about him or Dr. Ciancarelli, I couldn't find any negative feedback on any of you guys so congrats on that good work.

Let's jump in and look at Peabody Implant Dentist. The first thing that sticks out to me, I'm just going to start at the top and work my way down, is you've got a lot of real estate up here at the top of your screen. If you think of a newspaper, you've got above the fold and then as it folds out below the fold. Your above the fold space is really being taken up by this text here that is actually Flash which Google can't even index, it's not even picking up these words you have in here. And then you have some stock art over here which is the right demographic for what you're looking for, a beautiful smile, but the consumer is very educated these days. They know that stock art photography is available online. I would prefer to put a less good looking model that has a beautiful smile so that it relays that it's your actual patient; this is actually your work rather than to put a piece of stock art that most people are just going to automatically assume this is just purchased photography. If that is two of your patients who knows, but I have a feeling that's just a piece of artwork that your website guys put in there for you.

Moving down through your page, you've got here maybe not below the fold but down here you've got call for an appointment. I think that's a good thing to have. You've got your share buttons here. You've got the video here; I think that's excellent as well. I see you've got two different phone numbers here, General Info and Appointments so I'm assuming you're using some of the call tracking stuff with that. Again very good on that. I would like to see what you're doing with the call tracking. We have our Zetetics call tracking system that we designed specifically for dentists. I'd love to see how you're implementing that and how you're following up not just with phone calls, but also tracking your consults, your cases and your dollars generated from that marketing that you're tracking.

Going down the page here, you've got a lot of good information, a lot of links over here on the side. I like your link structure here with across the top and then down the side. You hit a lot of the high points. One thing I noticed is you have a newsletter signup button over here, but you don't actually have a newsletter signup on your homepage. When you do get here to the newsletter signup you ask a lot of questions; first name, last name, are they a current patient, email, ZIP code, title, what I like to be called. I would venture to guess you don't have a lot of newsletter signups. The majority of patients are very skeptical about giving out their email address and especially when you just call it newsletter signup, the Contemporary Dentistry and Implantology newsletter; that's pretty mundane in the world of marketing and getting people to sign up for your publication.

I would talk more about the benefits or the problems that your newsletter's going to help people overcome, and then put it right here on the front page. Don't make people click to get to it. I would give it all to them right here on the front page.

You have a lot of information here. Again a lot of good copy; ten critical things you should know about a dentist. Looks like you've put a lot of work into the copy here on your site and getting a lot of information on here so good job on that.

Let's skip on to the next tab. Going down through here you've got some good information about yourself and your two associate or partner doctors. Definitely good there. We like to turn these into videos because what we find is a lot of times people will skim over this and they'll see it but they don't really digest it. If you put it into a video you can capture their attention, you can grab a hold of them and force them to watch and listen while you tell them about why you're the best solution for their problems. Just a little bit different approach. We're big on video, the whole web is big on video right now, but patients love it. They love to hear you talk; they love to see you engage with them. It starts the relationship, it humanizes you, so that's what we like to do with the bio pages.

What we offer. I love the way you've phrased that. So many docs just put "our services" or "what we do" or whatever. Your patients, you have to handle them like a butterfly. Saying how you can help them, what you have to offer is a good approach for that. Again, a video here. One thing about stock video footage is some of them are a little clinical, like that intro there on that video. A fearful patient may be turned off by that; somebody that's coming in for perio gum disease, it certainly raises awareness but at the same time that intro where the pictures were flashing back and forth real fast might scare off a fearful patient that had a bad experience in the past.

Map and hours. You've got a map here but what I noticed is it doesn't link to your Google Places page, so if a patient wants to come in here and write a review there's nothing here for them to click on. What I would do, and this is strictly a technical thing, is you can link this to your Google Places page where they can leave a review. Let me show you here. If we go to Google.com and this is one of Google's primary search engines, let's pull you up. It seems like you have not claimed your Google Places page which means that you don't have any photos added on here, you don't have any reviews, you don't have any videos, there's no additional information or hours.

What this is is Google has basically gone out and created 50 million mini-websites for small businesses across the country. To get it you have to go in here and click that you're the business owner, and you have to claim this listing. One of your competitors could come in here and click this Suspend Listing button and turn off your Places page, so it's important that you do get this claimed and you do make it yours for a couple of reasons. 1 – if you get a bad review now you can get notification and you can have a chance to reply to it or at least mitigate it. Secondly is you get to add all kinds of great information in here. More than just your website, you can put your call tracking number in here, you can add photos of your patients, you can add videos, you can get patients posting reviews in here.

When patients come to Google and they search for Peabody Dentist and they scroll down here, these listings right here, these are the Local Places listings so if you want your practice to show up with your address, with your phone number, show up as a little blue arrow here on this map which is what these guys are down here, that's what you've got to do to get up there. With our dental marketing packages we're going to put you up there in the AdWords listings, we're going to put you here in the local listings and we're also going to put you here in the organic listings. With your videos, you might have seen on the Results page on our website, we can get your videos right up here on the first page. Dominating the entire first page of Google, getting more pieces of property up there on Google, means you're going to get more new patients. It's less competitors that your prospects can click on, it's more times you're making an impression upon your prospects.

It all goes back to the cups of tea. If you read my book how to stay in front of your patients, the National Sales Executive Association says that medium transactions, from $3 – 5,000 take on average five to twelve touches before that person closes. 90% of sales close on the fifth to twelfth touch a salesperson has with a prospect. As you go up in case value, to the $10 – 25,000 purchase range, that barrier of entry is going to be even higher. More touches, more trust, more relationship is going to be required to sell those kinds of cases. If you have six or eight properties here on the front page of Google when people search, they can watch videos about you, they can watch videos about your associates or your partner dentists, they can hear your patients talk and they can get the reverse testimonials from your patients. That's where our philosophy of marketing really shines; they see you everywhere. They hear from you everywhere. When they go to make that decision or when they have a friend that is ready to make that decision you're the person on the tip of their tongue.

One thing that we do as well with our newsletters, whether you're getting a free report or a newsletter, or you're offering a free report or a newsletter is we have a series of emails, text messages and postcards that go out automatically. For instance, I'm going to go to an orthodontist's website that we just recently completed. What you'll see here is we have a free report for them; 21st Century Orthodontics, How to Get the Smile of Your Dreams. If we were to opt in here we would get this free report pictured here. It's just a PDF that we'll email to them.

After we do this, about once a month we're going to automatically email them with more information about this book, about how we can help them, about this $250 off offer here. This is of course orthodontic specific. Your book, your call to actions are going to be different focusing on implant patients. But just to show you kind of how the system works, we also use the follow up system as an automatic referral system, so if you've got patients that have already completed treatment, we can send them postcards in the mail, letters in the mail for a couple of years after they complete treatment saying hey, I hope you're happy with what we've done, if you have any friends that we could help feel free to send them our way as well. We'll do this for them, we'll do that for them, we'd love to help them be able to chew the foods they love again. It's very multi-purpose; it can be used in a number of different ways with your practice to keep your name in front of your prospects. That's the Google Places.

I found, I think this might be you on Facebook, I'm not sure but if it is or isn't here but I just wanted to point out I found this. I also found a Facebook Page, actually I found two Facebook Pages for your dental practice. They look to be duplicates of each other, but anyway, the same as on your Google Local listing, you just have to claim this property. You click on 'Know the owner' up here and enter in your own email address and it'll allow you to claim this and begin to nurture those Facebook links.

With implant patients a lot of times the demographics aren't on Facebook, but if you're looking to grow your dental practice, if you're looking to work on that angle, most of modern families these days have a phone and they have Facebook. The fastest growing segment on Facebook right now is 55 – 65 year old women. That's the mom, that's even edging on some of the baby boomers even that are getting on mobile phones and getting Facebook and doing all this mobilized stuff. Getting your patients to check in and post what's going on in your office while they're in your office is a fantastic tactic to getting your social media going.

We've got some clients that say if you check in at our practice three times we'll give you a free take home whitening kit, make you some trays and send you on your way. There are a lot of different ways to leverage this stuff with very minimal involvement from you as the dentist and as the owner that can really increase your presence to people in your local area.

I also found a presence for you on DrOogle. I couldn't find any good or bad feedback, just the same as with Google and with Facebook, they automatically create all these listings and then they leave it up to the actual owners of these small businesses or these medical practices. DrOogle does dentists, they do doctors, prosthodontists; all kinds of stuff. They leave it up to the owners to actually claim a listing.

Here is a Google search of what I found with your name. Pretty much everything we've already reviewed here, but what I would outline for you as a client; you've got a lot of great information on your website, you've got a lot of great copy, a lot of that I don't see a need to reinvent the wheel on. I think we can use a lot of what you have. I think your site needs somewhat of a facelift, you know get rid of the Flash up here at the top; that is just terrible for your Google rankings, for mobile applications. Flash, this header up here that you have, Flash will not open, it will not work on any Apple device so your iPhones, your iPads, your Apple computers, Flash won't open on them. Google can't read Flash at all, so it's really a bad situation all the way around for sites that have Flash. There are so many other alternatives out there that allow you to do this without having Adobe Flash up there.

My plan for you would be a facelift on the site, to integrate a free report, kind of the carrot to dangle in front of people reading your website to tease them, to solicit them to opt in, to give them your name and email address to sign up for your newsletter. Getting you hooked up with some follow up systems on the back here so that we can automate sending out emails and follow up systems and referrals; that can all be done for you very simply with minimal involvement from your practice.

Getting video up on your site; typically we have two and three day video packages. In a two day video package we're going to walk away with somewhere in the neighborhood of 90 videos for a dentist. In the three day video package we're going to walk away with somewhere around 120 – 130 videos for your dental practice. It's very easy to get a ton of video, to get bios on your staff, to shoot 50 videos. One of our packages, our DocTV video package, we shoot 51 videos with you in about a half a day. You forget the camera is even running and we just have a conversation, go back and forth and it's pretty cool. I can show you some examples if you'd like. Getting video up there, the follow up, the phone tracking you're familiar with. I think that our system has some perks that could give you a lot of benefit over what you might be currently using now. I'd like to talk to you a little bit more about it and see how you're utilizing it and what you're doing.

If this sounds like we're on the same page I'd love to chat with you. Feel free to give me a call. My direct line is 502-509-1413 so thanks for your time Dr. Argeros and I look forward to speaking with you.


Written by rcarroll