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Hi Dr. McAllister. Colin Receveur, SmartBox Web Marketing. I got your application in the mail. I appreciate you go to that effort to get that to us.

I’d like to go through this. You’ve got a lot of information here. I’ve been reviewing your websites. I looked over some search results. I see a lot of area where it looks like you’ve got a lot going on, but I also see a lot of areas for improvement, to find you more patients.

I’m going to start right here on one of these websites, the JohnDDS.com. The first thing I see is this rotating banner right here. We’ve done a lot of tests with these rotating banners. These have always been very popular. Dentists love them. You know, scroll some pictures, show some stuff; warm, fuzzy, feels good, aesthetically pleasing.

The problem with them is that they just don’t produce results. It’s taking up your high value real estate above the fold. Every split test that we’ve done marketing with these rotating banners, they have had dramatically less results—less contact forms, less phone calls coming from the websites, just less overall.

This website seems to have a lot of content on it. I did a search for one of these guys I did a search for a second ago. I saw it had 160 pages. It had a good amount of content. You said in the application you had some concerns about the optimization of it.

Something else I don’t like is I hate these CAPTCHA things here. I would get rid of that. It’s just a hurdle that the patient has to jump through.

I notice you have the site in Espanol as well. That’s great, especially for your area. There’s a large population of Spanish speaking Americans.

Going down the page, you’ve got a lot of content here. A lot of stuff going on—services, dentures, partials, implants, perio. You’ve got the whole gamut here. A lot of videos.

The one thing I’ve seen a lot of throughout your website is there’s a lot of clinical videos, which I just don’t have any use for. Some of this is emotion, but a lot of this kind of stuff here, showing how you [xx 2:30] the gums and put the implants in and do all that, if patients wanted to have clinical explanation, they’ll go to Web MD, they’ll go to Wikipedia. There is a small percentage of patients that want to know how a procedure works or what you do.

I saw on one of your websites, this picture here where you’ve actually got the minis here in the jaw. That stuff is going to scare off a lot of your patients. A fearful patient, a patient that has had a bad experience, a patient that avoided the dentist, as a result of avoiding the dentist they’ve lost all their teeth, they are going to see this and they’re going to go, “That’s weird. I don’t want to see that.”

A patient wants to know that you’ve got the solutions. They want to know that you are the man for the job, that you are going to fix it and you are going to fix it right. Just like you go to the mechanic, you don’t want to know how they change the band on your transmission. You don’t want to know how they do a head gasket swap. You just want to know when you pull away it’s going to work.

And that’s the same thing your patients are looking for. But, of course, it’s a much more intimate area. It’s not your car, it’s inside your mouth.

As far as the content going on, on these pages, I’m not seeing a lot of procedure specific content. You’ve got a sentence or two, a video here. This video looks like it doesn’t even work. So you might have some dead stuff here going on. Cosmetic...you’ve got the list going on here.

Let’s check out your About Us page. I want to skim through these sites really quick because I’ve got some important stuff on the backend I want to get to. But I do want to give your sites a quick critique. You’ve listed six of them here. I’m not going to be able to get through all six of them in depth as I like to go, but I’m going to try to hit the high points on all of them and show you what I’m seeing.

I love the pictures here, the videos of all your staff. Fantastic. That’s warm, fuzzy. That’s going to allow people to connect with you, allow your patients know who you are and what you’re about.

Looking at the reviews here…Let’s look here. Let’s look at your code here, switch gears a little bit. If you are going to be linking to pages off your site here, I would definitely put some rel no follow tags in here. That’s going to help you with some search engine optimization.

Technically, you are linking to your own properties, so you are kind of helping yourself and hurting yourself at the same time. I’m going to pick this up on the backend why I am saying this now. I would focus on one web property and start optimizing it, because one of the problems I’m seeing is I’m not finding you in the search results.

You’ve got six websites. You’ve got all this social media stuff set up. But you are just not showing up when I’m searching in your area. I think that’s one of the reasons, after looking through your application, that you’re looking for a new web marketing provider to help you fix that.

Let me keep flipping through here. You’ve got a Twitter page. Real cute. The caricature, that’s good. I’m a big fan of caricatures. It lightens the atmosphere. You’ve got a lot of tweets going on, followers, following. Everything looks pretty good here.

Facebook page. You’ve got some custom pages set up. The one big thing I see on Facebook is that guys do come up here and they set up additional pages, custom pages. You are not limited, actually, to just reviews and appointments. You can set up a completely custom page that you can force the person to click like before you show them the content.

What you’ve done here is you are just delivering everybody to your wall page, which is OK. It’s just not the best way to do it. I would advise you to set up a custom Facebook page. Force them to click like and offer them a reward when they do—a free report, a book, watch a video about how you can help them, or some kind of information.

We’re big on education-based marketing. It’s how you attract elegant clients, elegant patients, not the ones looking for discounts, not the ones looking for the cheapest dentistry in town, but the ones that are going to appreciate the type of dentistry you do and the value that you provide.

I would suggest setting up a custom page. You can design the page, the whole thing top to bottom, completely custom here. Set that page up. Make them like you first. After they like you the page will automatically change. You can give them a free report with a little opt-in box. You can capture their email address, first name, last name, phone number, whatever you want to capture. But that would be one big change I would make there that we’ve seen terrific results with.

LinkedIn, we don’t see a lot of patients over on there. It looks like we’re somewhat connected here. But it looks like we’ve got some common connections going on here.

Here is your laser gun treatment site, which this website looks pretty template, pretty cookie-cutter. I’m hoping some of this content is not templated, cookie-cutter. It looks like these are a bunch of references here; citations for some kind of article you wrote, or maybe a book. I would get rid of all that. That’s good stuff, but I don’t know about here on the homepage. That’s pretty long.

The things I’m seeing here, you’ve got a lot of space over here on the sides. These template websites, they design them to work with everything. There’s no mobile version. There’s no tablet version. It’s just one website. So they make it narrow so it kinda fits on the little screens and it kinda fits on the big screens.

Also, the template websites were pretty popular a few years ago before Google’s Panda/Penguin updates when screens were smaller. Now screens are a lot bigger, as you can see, and there’s all this blank space over here on the sides.

You’ve got some good videos going on here. You’ve got a blog. I found some posts here on you. I’m not sure how recent it is. OK, it looks pretty recent. I hope you are not copy/pasting this stuff. On your blog you need to be writing the content. Copy/pasting blog content isn’t going to give you any kind of SEO advantage. In fact, it’s going to penalize you if you are duplicating content from somebody else’s website.

Clicking through here, this is all good stuff. If it’s not custom written it’s penalizing you. It could be one reason why I’m not finding you in the search results if this is all stock content—stuff you’ve pulled from other places. That kind of stuff isn’t going to give you any kind of advantage with Google.

Post-op instructions, some videos down here. You’ve got a lot of social proof. I love the testimonials. It seems like what you are lacking is the same thing you said in your application—content. All the sites we’re building these days, we’re putting 30 or 40 pages on them right out of the box. And we’re adding somewhere between 10 and 50 additional pages a month, just depending on needs.
You are right outside Los Angeles. You are in one of the most densely populated areas in the country; very high concentration of patients and dentists.

In these web marketing video plans we do, I don’t dive into any of the specific demographics on your area. That would make these videos hours long. I wouldn’t be able to stay in the 20-30 minute range. I like to appreciate your time as well as mine putting these together.

But I can tell you from experience, I’ve been doing this for a decade, guys that are in your area with your kind of competition, there’s a lot of competition. There’s a lot of other doctors willing to spend money to produce content, to do search engine optimization, to put videos together. And there’s a lot to run with.

You’ve got a heck of a start here. You’ve got a ton of video. I had your YouTube page open a few minutes ago. I was looking through it. You’ve got a ton of websites, a ton of content. You’ve got the marketing concepts down. You understand it. You get it.

But the thing I see that you are missing is the content, the ranking, which I’m going to click into here in just a second. A very simple contact form here. Cost of mini dental implants. Very simple here. I would probably expound a little bit more on the cost, talk more about the value. Maybe you’ve already tested this and you know this performs better. But when we talk about cost, we like to lace it with value more than just saying, “Here’s the bare cost,” three sentences and it’s done.

“Free dentures with mini implants”. I don’t see anything wrong with that site. Very small website. Let’s go to the contact page here. Social media links, email address, video, form down here at the bottom. I’d probably move this form up the page. You’ve got MapQuest and Google going on here. Interesting. I usually keep it down to one map program.

Also, here on your Google I see you are linking directly to your address versus actually setting up to your Google+ page. I’d recommend linking it with the embed map to your Google+ page so that when patients come here they can get more information about you, not just directions. From your Google+ page there is a directions button as well. So I like to link to those. It gives a little bit of boost to the social media campaigns.

Here it looks like a very templated Invisalign website, copyright 2005, John McAllister. So I’m guessing this is several years old. Looks like you’ve got some problems here in your navigation. It looks like the site is broken. Not sure I can even see all the pages in here. Good content. Good videos. But it looks like the site is a little bit old and broken.

DentalDowney.com. Testimonials at the bottom. Copyright 2010. Social media links here at the bottom. Videos. Contact page. Again, I don’t care too much for these CAPTCHAS here. It’s just a hurdle for patients to jump over. For the very small amount of spam most guys get, there are easier ways to resolve this than making people jump through a hurdle.

It seems silly. It seems, “Well, why wouldn’t a patient answer that?” But some patients will type in eight, some will put the number 8. Some will use capitals, some will use lowercase. Unless you account for every possible way that a patient is going to answer this question, we see a lot of rejected contact forms and people just give up when we put stuff like that in there.

There’s some good copy here up top. Let’s go to services. Again, if this content is all written by you that’s great. There’s not time on these video marketing plans to actually tell you if the content is all uniquely written for you. But that should be something that you know. If you wrote the content or if you paid somebody to custom write the content, then you are OK. If we run it through Copyscape and we see that, hey, this content has been used all over the internet, this is template, cookie-cutter stuff, Google is going to strike you down. They’re not going to give you any kind of ranking here.

As far as up here at the top, I like the email thing here. The problem you are going to run into with this is not everybody has a local email client anymore. A lot of guys are using web-based email clients, in which case these link to links aren’t going to work.

What I would suggest doing is actually having a link here, and when they click on it, it drops down a little form here with name, address, phone number with a submit button at the bottom that they can toggle up and down. That way it is very accessible, but at the same time you are also making it compatible with everybody no matter what kind of email client they are running.

Let’s go to reviews here. A lot of reviews. Put some of those videos in here. Maybe this is an older site, but let’s see what you got here. It’s got a market but it’s not really letting me do anything with it. I would change this so it actually embeds your Google+ page here. That way people can click on it and get directions. Right now it’s kind of unusable. They can move it around and see it, but that’s about it.

Up here at the top, I like the “Call Us”. I like the links here. Very clear, very easy to see. You’ve got your branding here. You’ve got your “Email Us” link here. I’m not so sure about everything inside this area right here. It’s stock photography. It’s pretty pictures. It’s aesthetically pleasing. But patients know that pictures are bought and sold these days.

I like to put genuine looking real patient photos up here at the top throughout the sites if we are using them. I’m not a big fan of stock photography. I think it looks cheesy.

Also, up here at the top I like to put offers. whether it’s a free report that we have ghostwritten for one of our clients with first name, email, submit, where they can get this free report. We get their email address, and then for the next 360 days we are sending them an email once a month or twice a month. Or, we have some doctors that we’ve set up systems for that go out two or three years sending patients more information—weekly newsletters, monthly newsletters. You don’t want to be a pest, but you want to keep your name in front of them.

Free reports, books, white papers, all that kind of stuff is the gateway into building your tribe. You have to offer patients some kind of carrot to get them to opt in and get them to give you their email address.

One big thing I would say is on your application you mentioned you have not used any phone tracking. I would put phone tracking on every website you have today. There’s a lot of services out there. We offer it. There’s a lot of great providers out there. Take a look around and talk to people. We designed our Zetetics system specifically for dentists to show you what you are getting.
I would run a 90 day trial of every website you have and see what you are getting from it. 90 days is a very generous time span to get a good sample size. You are going to find out, “Hey, this website hasn’t sent me a call. I didn’t get any calls from it in 90 days. I got two calls from this one in 90 days.”

At the end of the 90 days, I would look at taking down the websites that aren’t producing for you at all, doing 301 redirects the correct way to merge those sites together with one of your existing sites, transfer that SEO value over, or building a new site out and transferring that SEO value from that old domain you had into it.

Nothing is worse than a patient finding an old website that’s got old information, and it’s not your best foot forward just because you chose to leave an old website out there on the internet. SEO value, ranking, link building, all that can be transferred to new websites when you do it the correct way with 301 redirects.

One thing I saw here on this site that I didn’t like, first off, you’ve got this big area here at the top that’s blank. You’ve got this scrolling banner here, which I already talked about how those are ineffective. You’ve got this area on the side here that you don’t have much of anything going on with.

And the last thing that I really don’t like, I don’t mind a video that automatically plays. But when it automatically plays, I want it to be front and center where if somebody doesn’t like it, they can quickly click pause or stop.

When I came here to this website, I was kind of confused, and I looked around and it took me three, four, five seconds to figure out you are down here in this corner talking, and the play button kinda blends in. I don’t know. I was kind of annoyed by it.

We test auto-play versus click to play on a lot of our sites. We have different results; different areas, different dentists, different demographics. Younger kids seem to dislike auto-play videos versus an older demographic who seems to like them. That’s kind of a shoot from the hip feeling.

I would get rid of that or make it bigger or put it up here at the top. I love video up here at the top of the page. It instantly jumps out to your people. Put you a video right here or change this testimonial you have here and put your video here. But down here at the bottom, I’m just not feeling that.

I’m sorry I’m moving so fast. I just don’t want to have a 60 or 90 minute video going on here. “Downey California McAllister.” OK, here is your Google+ page, which is something that I definitely want to talk about. 30,60 days ago Google converted Places over to Plus. You are the first dentist in the past seven days that has actually claimed their Google+ page after the conversion took place.

I talk to dentists all the time that didn’t even know it happened. They don’t even know what’s going on with it. Or maybe you set this page up before the change took place. But it’s so important and you’ve done it, and I applaud you for it.

I did see you had a poor response here that you left a review to. I think that’s fantastic. You got a negative review from somebody that had never set foot in your practice. I think your response was spot on.

In this case, generally when people leave bad reviews, it’s not about being right or wrong. It’s about just fixing the problem. It’s customer service. You know, “Please call me. I’d like to resolve this.” In this case, you have no idea who this person is. They were not a patient. I agree that it was correct to go with the right and wrong. “I can’t call you in drugs when you are not a patient of record. Sorry about your luck. You have never stepped foot in my office. Please remove it.”

Of course this person did not remove this review. They are probably not going to remove the review. They were mad enough to leave this negative review in the first place. You responding to them isn’t going to help.

The best thing I’ve found is if you can figure out who left that review…it was left a year ago. The chances of figuring that out now are probably slim to none. I’ve had some success with calling patients and actually talking to them; having one of your staff call, talking to them, apologize. Don’t ask them to remove it, but they’ll feel that and they’ll remove it after the fact. So keep that in mind if you have any more problems with crazy patients.

You’ve got a lot of good information here. Again, the same phone number. I would put call tracking on everything you touch. It’s so ridiculously inexpensive. It costs less to run call tracking than it does to host a website for 12 months. Use call tracking. Find out what is working for you. You’ve got all these properties out there and there’s only one way to find out what works and what doesn’t. You can look at Google Analytics and see if you are getting any traffic, but that’s still just hits and clicks. If it’s not converting into phone calls, that website is not doing you any good. Dentists aren’t Amazon.com where a click equals five cents. You guys make your money off phone calls. Everything converts into phone calls.

Now is the part that I really wanted to jump into. This is where I see the biggest improvement for you to find more new patients or to start finding new patients, wherever you are at in you juncture.

I didn’t see any new patient numbers on your application. A lot of times we have dentists write in around the production stuff what kind of result they’ve been seeing with their current marketing, but I didn’t see that here on yours. Maybe there is a page missing here; I only see four pages.

The biggest thing I see here, you’ve got a local listing here and that’s the only place I’m finding you at. I’m not seeing you in the organic areas. I’m not seeing even your Yelp directories come up. I’m not seeing you in the paid area. So your exposure here is pretty limited.

You are coming up number one here for the Google Local. Let me, if I may, just give a quick crash course, and I’m going to lead into the different types of Google advertising that is available right now. We will start with this search because this is a good example.

What you have here is, of course, you have the paid ads. Google has chosen to put three ads here at the top, and their paid ads also run down the side. Sometimes they put ads here at the top, sometimes they don’t. You’ll notice there is a yellow, purple, blue, or green shading behind the ads when they put them at the top to help identify them.

The next thing you’ve got is the local search over here on the side and here. The third Google search engine you have is your organic results right here in the middle. You’ve also got some more organic down here at the bottom that is not visible right now without me scrolling down.

What a lot of dentists haven’t realized yet is there’s actually a fourth Google search engine that Google is running right now. If you look at these Google AdWords right here, you see, OK, you’ve got three lines, four lines, three lines, four lines. Look at this guy. Six lines. Look at this guy. Seven lines. Google Reviews, address, directions; he’s got this cool little blue popup icon right here. Same for this guy.

If you look up here at the map you see there’s a little blue marker right there. This is called Google’s AdWords Express program. This is one of the hottest areas that we’ve been putting our clients in and have been having great results in most markets.

This is something that is a cross between Google’s local search engine and their pay-per-click engine. It doesn’t cost any more to have it. The ads are priced the same as Google AdWords ads. It’s just a different engine that you set up and configure your advertising with.

With it you get more exposure, you get this little blue icon, you get more lines. You also get exposure when people are searching for you over at local.google.com. When they are looking for a local provider you get more exposure in this as well.

Here is the end of the local results right here. Here is the beginning of some more organic results. What you also have Google doing, you notice there is a video down here: “Gum dentist Downey, California. Dr. Michael Dunker.” One of your competitors, I assume.

This is another search engine that Google is running. And this is pulling videos right off YouTube. If your videos are well optimized on YouTube, you can place videos here. At the bottom of the first page isn’t that impressive. We like to get them right up here at the top. And if they are well optimized, Google will put videos right here at the top above organic, above local listings of you talking, of your patients, whatever it is.

Here is a search for “Downey, California mini dental implants”. It looks like I was talking about a second ago, optimizing your videos, here is one of your videos right here at the top right under the paid ads. Here is your paid ads on the side. There are no local listings on this page. The only thing we’ve got is paid, your YouTube video, and then organic ads right here down the middle of the page. Here is one of the ads Google chose to put a little picture next to.

Google is always trying new stuff. Why they do the things they do? It’s always testing. Marketing is a big experiment, finding out what works, what doesn’t work. You can see here your video is showing up right there number one.

Let’s take a look at it. You’ve got 210 views and you uploaded it about a year, year and a half ago. Now, if that’s true that’s pretty cool-- if this is your patient and you have the oldest person to have implants placed.

This is actually a question that we’ve shot with a lot of our docs—Is one too old for dental implants? We get a lot of traffic on these videos talking about how old is too old? We’ve done some press release for clients that have had dental implants and been in their 90’s.

So if you’ve got the oldest patient on record, I would exploit that. I would start doing some press releases, putting stuff out there. These three are our clients here that we had in our green screen studio to shoot that exact question with—part of our Doc TV package.

Here’s another search result: “Downey, California Dentist”. I’ve got you right here. Don’t see you anywhere else. You just don’t have any exposure and I think that’s really what’s hurting you. You’ve got a lot of video. You’ve got a lot of presence out there, a lot of websites. But some of your websites are old. Some of them are broken. I don’t think you’ve ever really had a comprehensive marketing plan put together of what to do on the web and what matters.

I think you need content. I think your video looks pretty solid. My suggestion would be to go through your YouTube channel, re-optimize all those videos, what you have here existing, and see where you end up. See where that puts you. That might put you in a great position that you say, “Colin, I don’t want you to come out to my office and shoot videos.” Or maybe you wouldn’t say that anyway.

But I would go through your YouTube channel and re-optimize everything, or at least check everything and see where things stand. I would start producing new content for you to the tune of 20, 30, 40, 50 items a month.

I don’t know where you want to be, how aggressive you want to be with your marketing, but new content is going to be the currency that you can deal with Google on.

Putting a website together or taking one of your existing websites and changing it with some of the suggestions that I’ve put forward. If you tell me one of these websites is your most current, I’d be glad to do a screen share with you and go through and give you some more definitive answers. I know we hopped through that really quick, and this is already running longer than I want to. I appreciate you hanging with me here. I’m sorry to take up so much of your time.

I would definitely look at the autoresponders—having a way to start building your tribe—a free report, a book, some kind of carrot that you can dangle in front of people and say, “I’ll give you this information on mini implants, or Invisalign,” or whatever procedure you want to push, “and then in return you get the free report. I get your email address,” and we can start dripping on these people two, three years down the road, once a month.

I’m actually going to pull up a drip marketing campaign that we’ve set up for an implant dentist out in your area. Maybe a little bit a way; a couple hundred miles away.

When I talk about a drip marketing campaign, this is what it is. As soon as somebody comes to your website, they see that little report, that little e-book. They enter in their name and email. Then it goes into our InfusionSoft system. The first thing that happens as soon as possible is that report is sent out to them.

Seven days later we send another email. 14 days later we send another email. Let me show you what one of these emails looks like. They are actually coming from you, from the doctor, from your email address. So if they reply, they are replying to you and you can answer them.

They are personalized with the people’s information and they have a bunch of information. They are informative. They are educational. This isn’t sales. This is convincing the person that you are the best option for their needs.

They might not want to spend five, 10, or 50 grand right now on their mouth. But a year from now they might have an inheritance. They might decide in six months that they can’t do it anymore. One of their daughters might be getting married next year. When they find out, they go, “Well I want those pictures to look great. I’m ready to do this.”

So keeping your name in front of them is what it’s all about. Keep your name in front of them until they are ready to buy. I wrote the book on it. That’s the title of my book: “How to keep your name in front of your patients until they are ready to buy”.

With this particular drip marketing campaign, we’re sending an email starting out about once a week. Around day 30 we go to once every two weeks. Day 100 every three weeks, dripping out to 350 days later we are sending out a little bit more than once a month to these people with content, with emails. This is what it’s all about—giving them all kinds of value.

You are the expert. So it’s showing them all the press that you’ve done, your social proof, and convincing them that you are the man for their needs.

So that would be a key component of what I would see with your marketing campaign. So, re-optimizing all your videos, a free report or a book with an autoresponder system behind it, redoing one of your websites or building you out a new website. A content campaign is going to handle all the search engine optimization that you need to put together. And a mobile website. We throw in mobile websites. It’s usually included with all the new websites that we’re doing these days. We also can do custom mobile websites. If you have a need for a completely custom solution we can do those as well.

If some of these things I’ve been saying resonated with you, I’d love to talk with you more. Feel free to give me a call. My number is 888-741-1413. I’m also going to put my contact information here below the video now so that you can access that easily. I appreciate your time, Dr. McAllister. Have a great week.


Written by rcarroll