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Hey, Dr. Singh, Colin Receveur, here on your website doing a Swift Kick. And I’m going to go through your website, show you what I find. I’m seeing some really bad things. The first thing is when I go to your website, Google is redirecting me because they see that you have some kind of virus or malware actually on your website, and they are preventing anybody from going to it because of that. I’m going to go ahead and actually proceed anyway here and come on into your website against the best advice of Google and see what’s going on here.

So, the first thing I notice is this entire top area right here is Flash, which is really horrible. Flash isn’t going to be accessible by Google. Google can’t read Flash, so when Google comes to your site, this whole area here just looks like a big black hole. The second problem you run into is Apple devices cannot read Flash. Your iPads, your iPhones, your iPods can’t look at Flash. It just looks like a big blank area.

Also what you have going on here is I see this is actually a splash page. You’re using this as an intro page to the rest of your site. These were popular six to eight years ago, 10 years ago, but they’re horrible for conversion rates. People want to see the goods when they come to your website. Having people click the enter button to come on in is terrible. A lot of people will just click back right there at the first page.

Coming on in here to your site, let’s see, you’ve got some nice pictures here. This is all good stuff. You’ve got your phone number right here. You do have some area right here, this big blank area right here, where you’re missing out, I think, to have some content up there, whether it be your phone number and a big bold number. I know you’ve got your phone numbers down here twice, but having it up here in big bold numbers, big bold letters.

You’ve also got a lot of area over here on the sides of your website, which is common in an older websites. Screens were smaller five, 10 years ago. And, of course, they designed websites to fit those screens. Nowadays you’ve got a lot more room here that you can work with to show off what you’re doing, talk about your practice. Make these pictures bigger.

Going through these pages, I see you’ve got a staff picture here. I’d love to see some more content developed about each of your staff members, about yourself. I don’t see any kind of bio for you in your “Meet the Doctor” page.

Procedures pages, this is kind of unusual that you’re actually using popups for each of these. The content update you have in these boxes is minimal. You’ve got, essentially, two sentences. We like to see 300-500 words on procedure pages describing, basically, what it does. That’s really Google’s preference, not ours. What you have here is maybe 50 words. I don’t see that ranking really well with Google.

Going on in here to the photo gallery, I would tell you to look for full-face photos. You as a dentist, you love dentistry. You want to see teeth. What patients want to see is the full face. They want to see how you can transform people, not just what you can do to the teeth. Some of these are necessary to show the metal, but I would really try to look how you’re changing them as a person. The color matching stuff you’re doing down here, I’m not sure I would show that. That’s a little too clinical. I don’t know that a patient would understand what you’re doing here, especially without any kind of description.

I can’t blow these photos up, so I wish I could look at these a little bit bigger, too. I think that would help you to get more patients in. Patient forms, let’s see what you’ve got going on here. OK. You’ve got a patient form. The link looks good to the PDF. Make sure you put a little button down here that goes to Adobe PDF. A lot of patients don’t have it, and when they click here to get your PDF form, they won’t be able to open it. They’ll be confused. So put a little link to Adobe.com down here with their little PDF icon so that they know where to get it.

Your policy pages, again, this is really odd with these popups here. Popup blockers are going to shut down a lot of this. I don’t run popup blockers myself, but a lot of people do, and they’re not going to allow these pages to open so people will be sitting here, clicking, clicking, clicking and nothing’s happening on your website. I don’t like that all. That’s interesting. I’ve not seen something like that before on a dental website, at least. But I would encourage you to get rid of that and set up individual pages.
Let’s look at the code here. Yeah, see, there’s not any search engine authorization tags on these little popup pages you have. I see that you’re actually running a template here, which isn’t good. Yeah, I would definitely turn these into full pages and put some search engine authorization behind them, make sure all the tags are in here.

Here we go to patient education. I see you’re linking to CAESY Online, which brings up a number of concerns with video that I have. A lot of doctors love to put clinical video on their website. And again, it comes back to like the before and after pictures. As a dentist you love dentistry. You want to show pictures of dentistry. But patients don’t care about the clinical aspects. Very few of them do; 5%, 10% most. And those patients that want to know how you clinically do a procedure can go to Wikipedia. They can go to WebMD. They can Google. They can find out how something clinically works.

Patients want to know that you’re going to do them a good value for the work you do, not the cheapest price, but a good value. They want to know that you’re the guy for them, that you can do the work correctly and that your work is going to last. And they want to know that it’s not going to hurt. And that is where video and multimedia on your website should be directed to, answering those questions that they have. I see you’ve got directions from all the different angles. I love that. Not many guys go to that amount of trouble. I’m going to go ahead and fill this out and test it and see what happens.

Let’s see, you’ve got problems here with your website, too. I don’t know if these forms are coming through to you or not. It might not even be getting through to you, it might be. And I think that you’re probably not even getting the forms that are coming through your website. You have to tell me, though, because I can’t see your email account.

For your newsletter, yeah, nothing is happening here on your newsletter either. You’ve got a lot of problems going on here with your website. It probably hasn’t been kept up in a while. But what I would suggest, get rid of this splash page, get these viruses you fixed. So, here’s my anti-virus on my computer. Your website just tried to load a rootkitter virus on my computer.

And let’s actually go click here and see what “more info” has about it. So your website is actually trying to load junk on, viruses, rootkitters on my computer. Google warned me and now my anti-virus, after I bypassed Google’s warning, my anti-virus actually caught you trying to load stuff on my computer.

So I’d get rid of the splash intro, get rid of Flash altogether. I like the warm, the purple and the lavender colors. It’s all very boxy. I’d like to see a new design, a lot more content on here. Get full-face photos. Get some videos fixed, the bad links on your website. You’ve got a start here that can give you a lot of new patients. I mean, that’s what your marketing comes down to is turning it into phone calls and new patients. But I think with the problems and of course the viruses that are on your site now, you’re probably just not capturing any at all.

I did some test searches here and I see that it looks like there’s a Dr. Preeti Singh out in Scottsdale, Arizona. Yeah, he’s a dentist. Here’s you up in Indianapolis. Here is it looks like your Invisalign page up in Indianapolis. Here’s another website. I guess you have ClearBracesIndianapolis.com. This looks like an IDA site. Yeah, Internet alliance. Extremely cookie cutter. Again, Flash at the top. This area right here is all Flash, same as your other website. Horrible for search engine rankings, horrible for user experience, iPods, iPads, iPhones, Google, none of them will read it.

Meet the Doctor. You know, this is maybe 50 words here. Your website is the first thing your people, your patients, your prospective patients are going to see. They might see your other advertising. They’re going to go to the Web to verify who you are, validate who you are, and then they’re going to call you. If you’re having trouble with all of your advertising, that’s all going to come back to your website. People go to the Web to Google your name, look up your website, find out more about you when they hear about you in the newspaper or the magazine or the radio. Yeah, you’re going to have some people that directly call you from that advertisement. But, 30%-50% of your people that respond to an advertisement are going to go to the internet first to verify who you are and see what’s going on, see what you’re about. IDA’s all templated, cookie-cutter stuff. All these articles and stuff here, yeah, they’re good, a lot of good content, but there’s probably 20 dentists in Indianapolis that have an IDA website with these exact same items of content on it.

So we search for “Indianapolis Internet Dental Alliance”, we see seven websites that IDA has on the first page of Google. And let’s open some of these up. Some of these are orthodontists, cosmetic dentists, Bloomington dentists. Let’s see what these sites are about.

So, we have a black and white website that’s from IDA. We have this green website with the blonde girl. We have a green website with a blonde girl. Here’s a red website with the same image. Notice here and here, exact same image, just inverted mirror image, same Flash header, same stock images that we’re seeing throughout these websites, the older couple. Where did I just see that? I just saw that older couple here.

Indianapolis sedation dentists, same thing; all these templated, cookie-cutter, they’re running Flash headers. They’re not well optimized sites. They just are what they are. They’re a cheap cookie-cutter website. And as you can see here on the first page, there are seven dentists using IDA just in Indianapolis. If we go to page 2, dental15.com, IndianapolisGeneralDentist.com, IndianapolisDental.com, these are all IDA sites. Family Dentist Indianapolis. Let’s go look at these. Another red site with the blonde at the top. Of course, this is all Flash. A purple site, and this looks like one of their new sites they’re rolling out.

They change the colors a little bit but it’s the same blocky style. It is what it is. You go with a big mass dental company and they’re essentially competing against themselves. They have 20 or 30 clients in a given market area, Indianapolis, for instance, and they’re employing that same SEO tactic, that same marketing tactic with every site they do. You know, it’s a gross delusion of what could be a successful marketing tactic. But they’re fighting amongst themselves with having that many clients in a given area. So that’s one reason why you’re probably not getting the results that you’re looking for with them.

Let’s see. What else are we going to look for here? Let’s see what kind of reviews you have. Let’s see, Merchant Circle, Verbiage; Birmingham, Alabama, there’s an MD with your same name; Scottsdale, Arizona. Let’s put Indiana on here just to qualify this down a little bit.

Oh, OK, here we go. Here’s your Google+ page. Here’s a Merchant Circle. Here’s a Superpages, Manta, Angie’s List. Let’s see what we can find on here. Let’s go in here to your Google+ page.

Here is your Google+ page and first thing I see is you haven’t claimed it. Click here on this “Manage this Page” button and go in here and make sure your information is correct. And get this set up here, get additional categories set up here for what you do. You can link here and have patients leave you a review. You can put pictures, add content in here. This is stuff people are finding. A lot of dentists think that if they don’t play the online game, that they can avoid it. You know, they’re not playing. But the truth is, is these games are being played with or without you.

Whether you come in here or claim this or not, Google is playing this game for you. They’ve syndicated this information. In a lot of cases you might have bad reviews on here. But you want to come in here and claim these pages so that you get notification when you get reviews , so that you can control what information is displayed here or not, so that you can optimize it and get people seeing your information more. It’s not something you maybe come in here once a week or once a day and post new stuff. It’s a one-time setup to get all this stuff going.

So, I would strongly encourage to go here, get on Facebook, get on Twitter, set this stuff up and let it be out there. Look at it once a year whenever you have time, once a month, however often you want to engage in it.

Here is you over on Angie’s List. Again, not claimed. I’d encourage you to come in here and claim this. Click right here on this “Claim Your Profile” button and get this set up. There’s nothing wrong with giving it a one-time setup. Everything here is free from Facebook to Twitter to Google+, Angie’s List. You can always set it up for free. And it’s good places to have yourself listed. With a good website, good video, good content, new content. With the websites we’re putting together right now, we’re doing 30 pages on all new websites we build, custom written content for you that Google’s going to love. And then we’re also doing content campaigns that range from 5-30 additional pages every month.

That’s what Google wants. The Google Panda updates, the Google Penguin updates, that’s the currency that the Internet is being cited on right now. That is the SEO for your website.

So if some of the things I’ve talked about here are resonating with you or you have questions, I’d love to chat with you. Feel free to reach out to me. My number is 888-741-1413. I’m also going to put my contact information right here below the video. So if you have any questions, you can find all my contact details there. Thanks, Dr. Singh. Have a great weekend.


Written by rcarroll