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Hey Dr. Jones, Colin Receveur coming to you from a conference here in Destin, Florida, sorry for the headset I've got on. I wanted to catch up with you and give you a quick critique to go along with your Swift Kick package that you bought from us recently and show you how what you're reading about, what you're listening to implements into your website and your web marketing campaign as it relates to finding you the new patients that you want to attract.

Let me jump right in and get started. I did some searches for you online and found this website here that I'll talk a little bit about, and I've got some other pages too that I'm going to touch on. The one thing that I noticed here is that when I click on the Welcome button the site breaks, it doesn't work so I'm going to click back and we're going to go back to your site.

I see a number of things here that I'm not sure that I would include if I was designing this site. First off is the search box here. In my opinion it's confusing because when somebody's on your website they've already found you, they don't need to search. Your navigation should be clear enough and well structured enough that they don't have to search to find what they need. In today's world, people have digital attention deficit disorder and what that means is they want what they want right now and they don't want to have to search and look for it again. I would encourage you to make your website more consumer friendly, patient friendly, that they can find what they want without having to use this search feature.

I noticed your phone number was here big and white, that's great. You might even consider moving it up here in this top area so it's even higher and more visible on the page. This whole area here with the picture and the toothbrush and the logo, it doesn't really add a whole lot. It's pretty but I would consider condensing that and moving that up to the top of your page here where it doesn't occupy valuable real estate and you can put other things there such as a newsletter opt-in or free report or your map and directions. Try to scoot everything up the page as best you can.

I noticed on the newsletter opt-in you had a feature here that people can check in to get your newsletter. I'm going to have to apologize, I don't remember exactly which page it's on, but what I noticed was that they had to click twice before they could even enter in their email address to get on your newsletter. Here it is, check out our smile week newsletter. So we click here once, and then we have to click here again to subscribe and then we can enter in the information. I would definitely cut out both those clicks. Put the little box here for their email address right here on the front page and don't require that they put their first or last name in, that's just a barrier of entry. What you're trying to do is you're trying to get people that are interested into your list so that you can drip information out to them, drip videos, drip content, stuff that is useful to them. So I would suggest definitely putting that right on your website so people can do that easier.

I did a little bit more searching and I found this DrRandallJones.com, but the website didn't work at all. I'm not sure what's going on there. Then I did a little looking on Facebook and I found this Facebook page here, but it looks like it's been pretty idle for a long time. January 2011 back here it looks like you made a post, but it looks pretty stale to me.

A couple more quick points on this; I saw that I couldn't find you on Twitter. One big thing on your website is there's no video anywhere that I could find. No video of yourself, no video of your patient testimonials, no reverse testimonials so I would strongly encourage you, even if you just get a little flipcam out and start shooting patients in your dental chair, start getting video up on the internet because that's building your expert status and it's building your rapport. It shows patients that you are a good guy and you are a good dentist; we all can say that we're the best at what we do as many times as we want, but the truth is when you have somebody else say it about you it carries a ton of weight and a ton of power.

I noticed this was an AT&T website as well. Typically they only do pay-per-click advertising which gets very expensive. I would encourage you to look at other marketing mediums online other than just pay-per-click such as the local search, organic search, mobile search. Also make sure you're tracking your marketing. This 870 number you have here, I'm not sure if this is actually a tracking number from AT&T or not but you should be exactly tracking your marketing through not only AT&T but any direct mail, TV, radio, newspaper, anything you're doing. Make sure you know your exact ROI, your marketing is an investment in your business, in your practice, and like any good investment you know your cost basis and your profit and loss.

There are all kinds of technology out there. We've developed our Zetetics phone tracking that is specifically designed for dentists to show them how many phone calls they receive from any piece of marketing, how many cases or consults were scheduled and how many moved forward with treatment and the exact return on investment generated from that specific advertisement. The tracking is paramount.

Another item to look at on your website is a way other than your newsletter, maybe you offer a free report on facial rejuvenation or some of the other services that you offer, a short five or ten page report that gives them more information that they can enter their email address in to get. Then you have their email address, you can drip market them down the road, you can send them some autoresponders once a month for the next two years to keep your name in front of them. As case size goes up that's going to be exponentially more important to converting those prospects into paying patients.

In my book here that you've got, How to Stay in Front of Your Patients Until You're Ready to Buy, you'll see a statistic from the National Sales Executive Association that 90% of sales are closed in the fifth to twelfth touch that you have. One touch might be they find your Yellow Page ad or your newspaper ad, another touch might be that they see your website, they watch your video, they get a free report from you, they get some autoresponders from you and before you know it you've touched them a half dozen or more times and they're coming into your office. You look like the expert because you've given all of this great information to them and now they are looking to you because you're the go-to guy for facial rejuvenation or for other services that you want to target patients for.

That's what all of this is about; it's about attracting the patients that you want to attract, that you want to help and you want to service and bringing them into your office in a way that they are already educated, they are already informed, they already know what you do, you're not upselling and pushing that rock uphill.

I just wanted to thank you again for your business, for purchasing our Swift Kick package. If you have any questions feel free to call, feel free to email me. My direct line here is 888.741.1413 and I'm going to put that at the bottom of the screen right now. If you have any questions or you are looking to get some help with some of these aspects we've talked about feel free to give me a call and I'll be glad to talk it over with you and show you what we can do. Thanks for your time.


Written by rcarroll