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Hey Dr. Lambert, Colin Receveur from SmartBox Web Marketing, just following up with your Swift Kick SuperPackage. One of the unadvertised bonuses that we offer with the package is a video critique of your website and your web marketing. A lot of the stuff you're reading and going over in our package, the books, the DVDs, the reports, all that information, I'm going to give you a ten minute overview of how it applies to what you actually have, what I see that I might improve, what I would do and how we can ultimately help you to attract more of the patients that you want to help. That's what it comes down to; attracting the patients that you want.

I'm going to start here on your website, the AlwaysAboutSmiles.com. First off my first impression is I really like it. I like the gray background, I like the soft colors, the gray-blue scheme is very appealing, very comforting, very cool to the eyes. Immediately my eyes go to the four boxes over here which is good. These two smiling heads here, they're okay, I won't say they're good or bad. I would like to see your phone number up here highlighted a little bit more, and I would consider maybe moving your phone number over to this side next to the other contact information and making it bolder, bigger and a little bit more visible so that people can find it much quicker.

One thing I noticed when I did load up your site for the first time is this header, all these images here seemed a little slow to load. I'm here at a conference right now in a hotel and it could just be the wireless they have provided here, but I would take a look and see if you can optimize these images and make them a little bit easier, a little bit faster to load because people on slower connections like myself or like possibly some of your prospects that aren't in a city, out in the outskirts of town on a slower connection might have some trouble with that.

I did see this free report down here and I love when I see dentists that have free reports they've put together. So many docs think the website is just the end of the road and the patient should call after that. Two suggestions I would make on your free report; one, move it up here into this header, maybe get rid of one of these smiling faces. In my opinion the smiling faces look good but they don't really add a whole lot to the overall scheme of things. I always do the thumb test; put your thumb over something on the page and if it still has the same message then get rid of it. So consider maybe moving your free report up here to the header.

I always recommend people to get a nice eBook made for their free report. If you go to our website, smartboxdental.com, you'll see that all of our books have these snazzy looking covers. Yours is kind of plain down here. I would suggest going to like KillerCovers.com and having them produce you, for like $100 they'll make you a little eBook looking image to stick on your site that's, no pun intended, just killer. I would consider putting that up here so patients can access it easier, and then also right now you're giving it away as a free download, consider using an opt-in box, an email box where they have to enter their name to get that free report. Then also you'll be able to email them more information down the road through autoresponders, through text messaging if they want to provide their mobile phone, or if they go so far as to provide their full postal address you can automatically send them postcards, letters, gifts in the mail, gift cards, flowers; anything you want can be automated like that. That's just something that we provide to our clients as part of some of our packages.

One of the big things I noticed right off the bat with your site is there's no video on it. Video is huge these days. Even if you run out and get a flip cam or you grab your Christmas camera and start shooting some patient testimonials, try to get some video, try to get some patient testimonials to your website. We use our Doc TV video package where we script and produce about 51 videos for you, and they're educational in nature so that you are educating your prospects on what's available and you're essentially attracting the patients that want the kind of care that you provide. Use videos to educate and don't get clinical, stay on the emotional side. Use videos to capture your patient testimonials. We all can talk about how great we are 100 times, but when somebody else says how great you are now that has made a very strong impression. It doesn't come across as gloating or arrogant, not that you're doing that, I'm just using that as a reference point for you to think about. So the video, I would definitely make sure to get some video.

I did a little bit more searching, I saw you're on Demand Force and I commend you on getting on there and starting to capture reviews. Reviews are a very important part of online marketing these days. One tip on Demand Force, and this is a change that was recently made that you might not be aware of, in the past Google allowed Demand Force to syndicate the reviews you get directly into the Google Places. Now what happened is it just kind of got out of control and Google wants their local search engine to have a high degree of integrity, to be very reputable. So what they did is they went to Demand Force and Yelp and Drugal and got rid of it. As of six to eight months ago if you search on our site you can see a couple of blog posts and videos I made about it, it was a huge deal. Google has completely wiped the slate clean of Demand Force and Yelp and Drugal and all those third party reviews.

You're getting the reviews, that's great, but also focus on getting them directly into Google Places. I can help you take care of that if you have questions; give me a ring or shoot me an email and we can talk about some different options.

I checked out your Facebook page. Fantastic that you've got, okay, my mistake this actually brings up the next point that I wanted to talk about. There is a Thomas Lambert dentist, also in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I know you're in Pennsylvania and I pulled up his Facebook page here and thought this was you. My next talking point was that you do have another dentist in another geographic area with almost your exact name, other than the middle initial. I would keep an eye on his publicity and his reviews as well. What I've seen happen is that I've seen two dentists with similar names, one gets some bad reviews and what you have happen is when a patient is trying to research you they just type in your name and in your case the name is almost identical other than the middle initial, something that a patient might not even notice. If this dentist got some bad publicity on the internet, a patient could plausibly search for your name, find the bad publicity, find the terrible review that you have, and think it's you. Keep an eye on, here's his website, the guy in Grand Rapids, Thomas J. Lambert, DDS, keep an eye on his Facebook page just to make sure that you maintain your own integrity and reputation.

Back to your website. A couple of technical things I noticed about it, and this was something you might want to talk to your webmaster about. I did not see any tracking code on it. I didn't see any Google Analytics which is very important for seeing how many people are actually coming to your site, where they're coming from. But more important than Google Analytics and how many hits or clicks you're getting is how many phone calls your marketing is generating.

In a service oriented industry like dentistry, the hits on your website are great but it's not putting dollars in your pocket. I would encourage you to look into using phone tracking in all of your marketing. We've developed, specifically for dentists, our Zetetics phone tracking system which allows dentists to track their exact ROI, consult schedule, cases accepted and ultimately dollars generated from any marketing, whether it be internet, TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, billboard and it allows you to see from start to finish, from phone call to dollars in your pocket the kind of results you're getting. Marketing is an investment in your practice, and like any good investment you have a cost basis and you know your profit or loss. Look at doing some tracking with all of your marketing. Look at using your existing free report and I would add that opt-in here in the top right corner like I mentioned. Move the book up there, get like a killer cover, I think that would look tremendous on your website to have that up there and start gathering those emails, start sending people emails, get a little email marketing going on, start touching people, contacting people.

I wasn't able to find you on Facebook or Twitter so I would suggest you get a presence on there and start to build your following on there as well. Keep an eye on that other dentist, make sure that he stays in good rapport with everybody online so that somebody doesn't accidentally mistake some bad publicity he got for you and then ultimately decide to go to another dentist based on that in your area.

Overall I think you have an above average website. So many guys have these template or cookie-cutter things that don't have a lot of content in it. As far as your navigation here, it could be a little bit more contrasting, stand out a little bit more, maybe simply bolding up the letters would look good, or making the letters a different color. The headlines here in the navigation are kind of bland, Patient Information, Dental Services, Patients Say, Smile Gallery, and then the menus that drop down are much more emotional, Why You Will Love Our Office, My Personal Promise to You, Amalgam Free Dentistry which is becoming a very growing trend, Patient Testimonials. You've got these emotional headlines, I would consider putting more emotion into your navigation text links here because that's what patients see. You're not guaranteed that they're going to put their little mouse over it and see the rest of your options, so try to present, first impressions, put your best foot forward, show them everything.

I think that ties up this critique. All of these items that I've talked about here, if you have any questions, if you need some help getting video produced, gathering patient testimonials, getting some autoresponders, setting up tracking, whatever it may be, feel free to give me a call. My number is 888.741.1413 and I'll put that number at the bottom of the page right now. I look forward to seeing how you continue to develop your already great website. I hope you enjoy our Swift Kick package that you purchased. If you have any questions about it or anything that we can do to help feel free to give me a call, shoot me an email. Let me know what I can do for you. Again, thanks for your business and take care.


Written by rcarroll