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Hey Dr. Bender, Colin Receveur here at a conference in Destin, Florida for Excellence in Dentistry and wanted to do a quick critique of your website. I know I didn't actually advertise the critique in the Swift Kick package; it's an unadvertised bonus that we're doing to help guys that really want to jumpstart their marketing and to get things going in the right direction. So without further ado I'm going to jump right in.

I've looked at your website, I've looked over your marketing and I've gone through our checklist and I'm just going to point out a couple of things that you might want to look into. I know we had also talked on the phone a little bit about video and things along those lines, so I'll point out a couple of things that we can help you with or that you can do to improve your website and attract more patients, especially the types of patients that you want.

Looking at your website, the first thing that stands out to me is it is very monotone in color; it's black and white, you have a smile over here but it's just, to me, in my opinion, it's just kind of bland. The big thing I notice is this box right here is all Flash. Let me go to your homepage. This box right here is all Flash. Flash is very nice, it's very fancy, it looks good but unfortunately it's not going to work on any Apple products. Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, it's not going to load on at all and it's very bad for search engine optimization. Google, Bing, Yahoo!, the search engines cannot read a Flash file like you have here, so we recommend not using it. You can achieve the same effect that you have here on your Flash using other technologies that are very search engine friendly and that work on Apple products and Android products and computers and other things as well. There are a lot better ways to put this together.

The other thing I noticed, I went down here to your testimonials and the testimonials page is blank so I thought maybe that's what you were contacting us about was to get some video testimonials and get some other things in here. I think this is Demand Force you have here now, this is fantastic, you've got all these reviews here that your patients have left you. That's fantastic. The one thing I caution people about Demand Force is that their service has drastically changed in the past six months. Prior to six months ago Demand Force was able to syndicate their reviews into Google, into the Droogles and Yelps and all the different review sites, local search sites. What Google did is they realized that it was too easy to get good reviews out there and that there was a lot of fraud and things happening, and they wiped Demand Force and Drugal and Yelp, wiped them completely off the map. They do not allow reviews to be syndicated directly into Google.

What you have happening is when a patient is searching for your dental practice, they are going to be searching on Google or on the search engines and now, whereas in the past they would be able to see all your Demand Force reviews, now they do not. That's one thing I would look into. Make sure you are focusing on getting these reviews into Google. You're getting them here, that's the first step, that’s great, but going one step further and getting them into Google is where people are really going to see them at.

Your patient education tab, I didn't see anything on here, just a little search box. I wasn't sure if this was filled up or not yet. I would suggest having a lot of information here that people can click on and navigate, rather than just a search box to direct them on to the next place they need to go. Also along the lines of videos with the reverse patient testimonials, we also offer a Doc TV package, a 51 video package that we film with you on straight to camera where you can educate your patients about the types of procedures that you want to offer. To say that a different way is you're going to attract the patients that need the type of care that you can provide. Our Doc TV package, a 51 video package that educates patients on what you do and how you work, without boring them to death is the key. We try to avoid anything clinical in our education because we find that that just runs people off.

Going back to your homepage, I was flipping through here, I saw your social links. That's fantastic that you've got the social links on here, but I noticed that your blog, when I clicked on Blog, the page that came up was not working so that's something you definitely want to get fixed. That's a big thing Google will penalize you for if you have bad links on your site. The Facebook and Twitter page, again fantastic that you've got those going, but they looked kind of sparse; you've got two tweets here from back in 2010 on your Twitter page so when somebody comes here and looks at this you've got one follower and two tweets, that looks pretty stale. I'm actually going to go ahead and follow you right now so now you've got two followers and I'll be glad to keep an eye on it and see what kind of changes you might make here in the future.

On your Facebook page, again you've got this set up and that's great, so many practices don't even have it set up, but it's pretty stale, there's not a lot of activity going on here. You've got a couple of things here and there, you've got something here posted from January, February and December, September; it looks like once every couple of months, but not a lot of activity going on here with regards to your Facebook page. Something I would recommend doing is keeping that updated a little bit more so that when somebody does go look at it and they click Like, like I just did, they see a little bit more information on there.

Flipping back to your website, I mentioned the video testimonials on your testimonials tab would be very powerful to add. The patient education. The MySpace link here, I don't see a whole lot of people on MySpace, it's pretty dead these days. There's nothing wrong with having it there, it's just something I wouldn't add because there's not a lot happening there. Of course, with regards to some kind of follow up system here on your website, the only method I saw to contact was through this contact form. You might look into adding some autoresponders or some auto-texting systems. I'd be glad to give you some more information on how those work and how they can allow you to keep in touch with your prospects for up to two years after they visit your website.

That's really the highlights of what I've noticed. I also went here and looked at the code of your website and it looks like you have correctly filled out your meta tags and your title tags. This is all very technical stuff, but I just wanted to let you know that I had flipped through here. At the bottom I noticed that you did have some Google Analytics which is good for showing you how many people are coming to your website, but many dentists don’t know how many phone calls that's generating which is drastically more important than hits and clicks because dentists are in a service oriented industry. Hits and clicks aren't putting any money in your pocket, the phone calls, cases, consults, scheduled cases started, case acceptance and dollars generated, that's going to be the path that your patients follow which is a path that you should be tracking if you want to see the kind of results you're getting not only from your website, but also from other marketing you're doing; direct mail, TV, radio, newspaper, magazine.

Keep in mind the four pillars that I talk about; visibility, all the buzz words, SEO, search engine optimization, search engine monitoring, your pay-per-click, your local search, your mobile search, you've got to get people into your funnel to start. You've got to pre-qualify them with video, with patient testimonials, with educational videos, so that they are a candidate for the type of dentistry and the procedures that you offer, that you want to provide. As case size increases you have to follow up with them more, you have to reach out and touch them more because the larger cases require more thought processing, they require more thinking, more time to make that decision. And then of course the tracking like I just touched on; you have to know exactly what kind of money all of your marketing is doing. We look at marketing as an investment, and like any stock or bond or real estate that you might purchase you know your costs basis and you know your profit and loss. I strongly encourage all of our clients to have the tools available such as our Zetetics phone tracking system, to be able to exactly track what they're getting for it.

If you have any questions I'd enjoy having a conversation with you and see how we might be able to help you. My direct line is 888.741.1413, again that's 888.741.1413 and feel free to touch base with me or shoot me an email if you'd like to learn more. Thanks for your time.


Written by rcarroll