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You may know that an entire tourism industry developed around the film series known as “The Lord of the Rings,” but you may not know that a huge amount of that film was also shot directly in front of a “green screen.” The green screen is also something that is used for traditional weather forecasting on local television, allowing the “radar” to appear behind the weather person, without appearing ON them.

Basically, the green screen allows a totally different image or setting to be added around you. It is a relatively simple technology, and it can save a huge amount of money when making promotional and professional videos.

The Cost of NOT Having Video

For starters, if you have a dental website, it is nearly impossible for you to continue without having atleast a handful of videos...

Google Places, which is Google's local search engine that shows the precise map location of your dental office, give all sorts of contact information and details, including up to five videos. Facebook allows for videos to be uploaded directly onto the Business Pages. Many prospects looking to educate themselves on dental procedures or diagnose a problem they are having will search YouTube for the answers as well. When you chose not to use this FREE space to promote your dental practice, it amounts to near insanity.

Just think, someone searching for a dentist in your local area will see you along with all your competitors. Would you rather call the dentist with the “plain jane” listing, or would you call the dentist that has several professional videos describing his passion for helping people and his services?

Let's take sedation dentistry as an example. You could make videos about twilight/sleep dentistry and pain management. You could insert a creative “dream sequence” into this video by using a person in a dental chair against the famous green screen. You could show that person “floating” through clouds, along gently flowing rivers, or sitting in a quite forest while being treated without any pain. This would not require any “on-site” shooting and would create a very original, humorous, and motivational film.

Save Time on the Green Screen

The green screen allows for a lot of creativity and reduced costs, but there is also the simple fact that shooting a video in a studio is a huge time saver too. Rather than toting all of the gear from location to location, we can fly you into our studio, shoot for an afternoon, and have you back home in time for dinner!

Videos are an essential component for any dentist that wants a dominant presence on the web. The green screen is very liberating because it reduces expenses, saves time, and really opens the door to creativity and unique opportunity.

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Written by rcarroll