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Here’s hoping that your holidays brought everything you wanted.

Speaking of hope, what are you hoping that 2019 will bring? A little more time to yourself? A percentage increase in your revenues? A few more interesting cases?

Why such modest goals? Let’s face it – every time you solve a patient’s problem, you’re looking for the best possible outcome. Where is it written that you don’t deserve the best possible outcome from your practice marketing?

(Pro tip: If you think you’re getting that now, you’re wrong.)


Even if you’re not a fan of the old Highlander movies or TV series, you probably know that saying. Dental competition is at an all-time high, and it’s only going to get worse. If you shoot for modest increases in your practice, you may find that you’re actually getting less.

The only sure way to safeguard your practice is to dominate your market. Basically, you need to conquer your competition and make them irrelevant to your success.

Let’s be clear – you don’t have to outspend your competitors to dominate. You don’t have to have the greatest name recognition in your market. What you do need to do is position yourself as the only logical choice for the better prospects in your town, city, or county.

Cutting A Tall Order Down To Size

You might be thinking, “I’m already slammed with patients! I don’t have time to switch to some unproven idea about attracting better patient.”

There are two misconceptions in those statements. The first misconception is that being busy equates to making real money and success.

What kind of patients are you getting? How many routine exams are you performing for what insurance companies think your services are worth? How many drill-and-fills and one-off procedures keep you bent over the chair for too many hours a day?

The second misconception is that getting better patients, those with the resources and willingness to pay out of pocket for the care they want, is something that you have to do.

You Do The Dentistry. SmartBox Will Do The Rest.

SmartBox works with dentists on three continents to help them get the patients they want. We provide a steady stream of better patients so that our doctors can focus on actually doing the dentistry.

With much higher average case values, those dentists have the option of working less while earning more. Not only that, but they can focus on doing more of the cases they really enjoy doing.

And some SmartBox dentists have made the decision to stop accepting dental insurance, and they’re doing just fine. They don’t worry much about what their competitors are doing even when those competitors include corporate dentistry. Basically, they’ve conquered their markets, or they’re well on their way.

If you’d like explore a future where  your individual competitors, and corporate dentistry, are pretty much irrelevant to your success, let’s talk about it. It takes about as long as it takes you to place a single crown or a dental implant. And it’s completely free – no cost and no obligation of any kind.

Make 2019 the year you conquer your market. Contact SmartBox today.


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SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.

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