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Alli Robinson

Client Success Manager


Alli combines a strong “get it done now” work orientation with a “just roll with it” approach to life.

“I view my job as being the go-to for all questions and concerns, hearing out what our dentists’ needs are and devising the best way to get the solutions for those, launching their sites, and working out the details of their campaigns,” she says. “I love getting to the bottom of a situation and solving it quickly yet efficiently. I hate waiting for answers so I understand the frustration level when our dentists have to wait.”

Originally from San Francisco, Alli made the move to the Louisville, Kentucky, area inAlli 1 2009. “Yes, there’s a culture shock,” she says, “but you get over it. I’ve been married to my husband, Aaron, for four years, which during the holidays with my side of the family gets confusing. My sister’s name is Erin, so usually there’s goofy nicknames called out in order to get one of their attention.”

Just roll with it. Right.

Alli holds a degree in broadcasting from Ohlone College and worked as a college station DJ for three years. But her stint there also included forays outside the broadcast booth.

“My first-ever remote was at a rubber ducky derby at Elizabeth Lake near my school,” she recalls. “I was on the air for an hour or so and one of the production crew handed me a mic and headphones. He told me to go to the bouncy house in the kids area to interview some kids. So, I walked down and one of the chaperones watching the kids inside told me, “The kids are young and calm,” and that I should just go ahead and go in there with them. I take off my shoes, climb inside, and sit, waiting for my cue to talk, asking some of the kids how they were doing. And the kids were eerily calm and quiet. But as soon as I heard my cue and spoke my name and call letters, they all started bouncing and screaming, which caused me to bounce and scream while on the air. My dad and stepmom heard me on their radio while they were on their way to visit me and couldn’t stop laughing. Kids and production crews: they’re always up to something.”

After graduation, Alli worked with home furnishings companies and wholesalers, developing close relationships with clients to ensure customer satisfaction. As a result, she has a strong background in small business and managing projects efficiently.

“I view myself as goal-oriented, optimistic, and determined. There was an uncomfortable situation a while ago where a dentist wasn’t getting anywhere with his current provider and needed our help. Many hours later, and after a lot of hair pulling, we were able to bring his website back to life after the previous provider had turned it off without a heads up.”

Alli 3When not rescuing stranded dentists, Alli is an avid cat lover, a Lego lover and collector, and a determined cupcake baker. “I probably go a little overboard with party planning,” she admits, “but I really really like to do it.”

And her co-workers at SmartBox are often the recipients of her baking passion. “I love the camaraderie of all the people I work with and how well we all get along. The amount of support behind bringing new ideas to the table is remarkable. If anyone has a new thought or concern, it’s brought up and discussed in an unbiased way.”

It’s a bit odd to think of Legos and dental marketing as somehow equivalent, but Alli makes it work.

“My mom has told me that I have a unique ability to cut out emotion from a situation Alli 2and assess what’s going on quickly,” she says. “Often when she has guests come from out of town or out of state for the holidays, she might go a bit crazy with all that she has to do before people arrive. That’s usually when I step in and bullet point everything that needs to be done, in order of importance to somewhat important. Then I usually lasso my husband into helping as well to keep her calm and happy. Sometimes in life, you have to take on more than you wanted in a situation, and occasionally it’s not fun, but in the end it’s worth it to see the appreciation from everyone. Much like building my favorite Lego set, I approach each client’s needs as a necessary building block to their vision. It can be tricky and frustrating at times, but the end result is magnificent.”

So, just roll with it while you get it done now. Got it.



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