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Think Your Clinical Dental Skills Are Enough?

Your dental practice simply cannot compete in this new dental economy until you start to realize that YOU are in a sales business, whether you like it or not.

Your marketing niche can be what differentiates you from the crowd, drawing new patients to your front door time and time again.

It's not surprising that many dentists think their skills are above average. After all, you've trained for many years to reach the position that you are in.

Don't get me wrong! Excellent clinical skills are absolutely vital when it comes to running a highly profitable and successful practice, but today those skills aren't the only thing that you need. Without a solid marketing strategy, even those dentists that truly are above average will never be able to attract the new patients that they need.

Dentistry is a Different Ball Game These Days

As a private dental practice you are in direct competition with large retail chains. Retail chains that have the cash to out-market you in every way. Retail chains that are located in the most convenient locations. Retail chains that can offer extended hours and big discounts.

And what about the insurance companies that have literally trained your prospective patients to expect all of their dentistry to be completely covered by their policies?

These patients frequently don't realize that their policies only provide minimal benefits, and will certainly resist your suggestion of additional costs. If you are marketing to the people who have this mentality OR people that don’t have the money for services, you’re killing yourself.

It is also important to realize that the pool of patients desiring your services is simply not as large as it once was. With the recession, the struggling housing market, and the difficulty with many in the middle class finding gainful employment, the population of America is now leaning far more towards saving than borrowing. As personal incomes have dropped, it’s no surprise that it is harder to convince a potential patient about the benefits of the dental treatments that, to them, are optional rather than necessary.

So What's This Mean To Me?

For dentists who want to stay independent and still earn a living commensurate with their years of education, the ONLY solution is to move up the socio-economic ladder and promote within that niche of people who want those services and are willing to pay for them! What do I mean by this? Find people who have "money in their pocket" to spend. You know, disposable income. We know how to do this for our clients and have helped many overhaul their practices and become much more profitable than ever before.

In this new dental economy, you can market “all day long” to the man who is struggling to put food on his families’ table, but you’ll never achieve the ROI you want. You MUST know how to market to the people who have the money to spend. The way we do this is by establishing niches and teaching you how to reach those people with MONEY TO SPEND!

You Must Specialize or Die

It may sound like doom and gloom for your dental practice, but by becoming aware of the difficulties you can create a strategy to stay profitable and successful, no matter how difficult times may become in this new dental economy.

This strategy involves creating a completely niche market for yourself, allowing you to target those patients that really desire the services that you can offer.

Becoming a specialist in implant or cosmetic dentistry, for example, allows you to appeal specifically to the people that are willing to pay for what you can offer.

You Can’t Compete With WalMart

This is nothing new! How could a small clothes retailer ever compete with Wal-Mart? By offering high-end custom products that provide an exclusive appeal! If this retailer changed their strategy and decided to take on Wal-Mart in a battle of prices, it would be only a matter of months before they would be shutting up shop for good!

Don't try to compete with the big retail chains and dental insurers. Instead look to carve your own niche market and set yourself up as the expert to consistently bring in new patients. We have successfully helped many dentists establish themselves as THE EXPERT in their community!

The Road Divides Here

You have two choices: You can nod your head, agree with this information and then ignore it. Or you can choose to take action!

Your clinical skills are already “up to snuff,” it's your marketing plan that you must now work on to keep patients coming to you, time and time again. No matter how great the service you offer, if people don't know about it - they can't take advantage of it! To survive in this New Dental Economy you must take action now.

And That’s Where We Come in Handy

We have over a decade of experience making dentists just like you to stand out from the crowd. We can help with a range of marketing services that will get you noticed.

From web marketing to video & media production, from ghost-writing your next book to tracking your ROI down to the penny - we are here to help you to succeed. Our marketing is specifically targeted to the dental prospects that you want to reach, generating real phone calls and bringing real leads in through your front door. We know how to target the people who have money to spend. Browse our website now for more information about the different ways that we can help to differentiate you from your rivals.

The economic climate may be difficult, but by taking action now you can secure the profitability of your dental practice for years to come! Many of our clients are having their best year ever... even in the middle of this economic insanity!

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Written by rcarroll