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When you think of newsletters, do you think of sheets of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper printed out of a desktop printer and half folded? If so, you’re missing out on what 21st century newsletters can bring you.

The word newsletter may call to mind poorly designed, cheaply printed pages of information with little value.

But newsletters can actually be very stylish and informative for your patients. If you’ve read these articles for long, you know I am an information-marketing proponent. The more ways you can look like the expert in the eyes of potential patients, the better.

Newsletters also are an excellent way to keep your name in front of potential patients and those who may refer potential patients. I’m not talking just about the old paper newsletters; I’m also talking about sharp, electronic PDF newsletters.

I’ve written about automating your customer relations management. Using a program like Infusionsoft, as we do, lets you automatically send your electronic newsletter to patients who meet certain criteria. Then you can track how much response you get from your newsletter readers.

ROI is high on newsletters as there are many ways to produce them (including many that come prepackaged or are based on templates) at very low costs. You can always produce paper newsletters from the electronic versions if you like; the choice is yours.


Written by rcarroll

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