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George Herman Ruth Jr., whom you probably know as Babe Ruth, is still considered by many to be the greatest baseball player of all time.

You have probably heard about Babe Ruth’s “called shot” in the 1932 World Series against the Chicago Cubs. Ruth, down two strikes in Game 3 of the series, allegedly pointed to the outfield stands before sending the ball out.

There’s a great video about the “called shot” that you can find on YouTube at this link: http://swm.io/calledshot

This is an iconic moment that is a legend that may not EVEN BE TRUE! The important thing is that people believe it is true.

This is the same thing we want to do with your reputation management.

Are you the best dentist in your area? Maybe, maybe not. But you want people to believe that you are. You want to put so many positive things out there that people believe you are the best provider of implants, best at cosmetic dentistry, and most interested in preventing their pain.

Obviously you can’t say you are the best. “Best” is relative and hard to define and prove. But you want so much information out there about your expertise that patients draw that conclusion themselves.

You want to be a “legendary” dentist.


Our offices are located right across the Ohio River from Louisville, Ky., home of Muhammad Ali and now home to the museum that bears his name. There are so many iconic Ali fights to choose from, but one in particular bears a strong lesson for dentists: the Rumble in the Jungle.

You can find a video of this fight on YouTube at: http://swm.io/ali

There are many subtexts to this fight, held Oct. 30, 1974, in what was then Kinshasa, Zaire. The one that matters to us is this: the aging, slower Ali against the undefeated, bigger, younger, knockout artist George Foreman.

In what has been called “arguably the greatest sporting event of the 20th century,” Ali entered a new term into the English lexicon: “Rope a Dope.”

Ali allowed the big puncher Foreman to wear himself out, taking a vicious beating for 7 1/2 rounds. Then, in the 8th, Ali unleashed all of his power and fury on Foreman, knocking out the seemingly invincible champion and regaining the heavyweight title.

Does Ali remind you of yourself against some upstart newcomer? Is there a commercial or chain dentistry office syphoning off your patients?

Are they outspending you on advertising, office space, and equipment? So you’ve taken all their blows. What are you doing to fight back and regain your title?


In Southern Indiana, you can’t get away from obnoxious University of Kentucky fans who are more than happy to tell you about how their basketball program is the winningest of all time.

But there is a lesson in a shot by a player named Christian that broke their Big Blue hearts – and it’s probably not the one you’re thinking of.

You can see Laettner’s shot on YouTube here: http://swm.io/laettner

No, it is not Duke’s Christian Laettner hitting that shot in 1992 with 2.3 seconds left in overtime to win what many call the greatest college basketball game ever.

No, this is another game that involved the Kentucky Wildcats losing, this time to the Indiana Hoosiers.

On Dec. 10, 2011, No. 1-ranked Kentucky brought an undefeated record into Bloomington to take on IU, which was unranked at the TIME.

The Hoosiers weren’t intimidated though, and the two teams exchanged leads five times in the last two minutes.

Finally, a three-pointer by Christian Watford at the buzzer won it for the Hoosiers. Fans stormed the court.

You can see Indiana’s winning shot here: http://swm.io/indyshot


Because Indiana is a traditional basketball power that had fallen on hard times. UK is a bitter rival. Kentucky would go on to lose only one more game that year on its way to the national championship.

For a night, Indiana fans remembered what it was like to be back among the elite.

Why is this important? It was the pivotal moment that showed a national audience that Indiana was back.

When will your moment arrive? How will you show your community that you are among the elite? When are you going to step up and take the big shot?


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