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What are patients really looking for online? Too many dental marketers make this seem like "rocket science."

Prospective patients are looking for the answers to these 3 burning questions:

1) What are my treatment options?
2) Which treatment options are best for me?
3) Who is the best dentist for what I need?

If you want your website to generate phone calls, you must grab your prospective patient's attention and answer these 3 questions.

Tell 'em You'll Be Their Hero

If you answer their three questions, you'll become their hero... and they'll pick up the phone and call you.

So how do you do this?

Easy answer: VIDEO

Video on your dental website will demand their attention, show your sincerity, and give you a "foot in the door" to answer the 3 questions every patient has, no matter if they are looking for dental implants, perio, sedation, cosmetics, or a simple filling.

If your website doesn't give your patient what they want, don't expect any phone calls, no matter how great your SEO, Facebook, Bio or credentials are. They are going to keep searching until they find a dentist that does...


Written by rcarroll