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"My website, is it broke?"

I get asked that question all the time. Dentists that do have a website believe, like many people who have websites, that all they have to do is put it up and people will find it. Not true!

If you are the only dentist is a 100 mile radius I'm not talking to you, but if you have competition in the same local area your practice is located in, listen up!

I will bet you the bank that your website is not being "seen" in ways that count...

And in ways that get you more patients!

A lot of people also ask me, "Why would Google go to the time and expense of creating 50 million mini-websites for businesses, and then give them away?"

The answer is 'money.' How Google turns free Place Pages into revenue really doesn't matter right now, so I won't bore you with details. Suffice it say, they do... and they ARE betting the bank this works.

Remember Google Maps?

The little dots are those dental practices that have not taken Google up on their offer for a free Place Page. The big dots are the ones that have.

Google spent hundreds of millions of dollars developing 50 million mini-websites.

Which dentists do you think are going to get preferential treatment: The ones that claim and work their Place Pages, or the ones that don't?

You see, for Google it's a matter of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours", like it or not. They are going to make money off of this venture, and if you don't play you won't.

Those dentists that don't play the game aren't even in the ballpark when it comes to a shot at getting new qualified patients.


Written by rcarroll