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We've talked a lot about the need for potential patients to be able to find you on their computers and mobile phones, and the need to pre-qualify them before they come into your office. It's now just a "given" that this is how the world is finding what they need, even locally, whether that be for goods or services. Your dental practice could be included in the results they see.

One of the most prominent features of search engine results, and particularly important for mobile searchers (rather than driving around, getting lost and stopping for directions), is the use of maps!

But just giving text to your potential patients is not enough anymore! Online and mobile searches go way beyond that.

For now, just think about all of the places that use mapping as one of their main services when giving your information to new potential patients:

AOL Local
Yellow Book Online
Google Place Pages
Yahoo Local

...just to name a few...and this does not include any local pages that allow you to advertise as a part of the community, chamber or through associations.

Plus you can certainly show your location on your own website and other pages you display on by linking to one of these maps.

All of these search based maps need to be checked for accuracy and updated. I was looking in one city just last week and found a dentist office on a map that was off by half a mile! That sets up frustration on the part of your new patient... something you don't need.

Anyone who has looked on MapQuest has discovered roads that are not seen, locations that are just plain wrong, and mileage estimates that are way off!

Unfortunately what many digital map users and, in your case your patients, don't realize is that it is up to the business owner to make sure the maps are accurate. If you take a look at the partial list above of possible mapping locations you'll see that this takes a bit of work!

So picture these scenarios:

A local potential new patient has just completed a search on their mobile phone. The map that is displayed shows you on "Main Street". Your actual location in on "Spring Street". They bypass you in favor of a dentist that is closer, when in reality you are the closest.

Or a new patient sees the digital map and it is off - way off. Despite the fact that your front staff is probably going to hear about it (in tone that's not pleasant) and that the patient is going to be late for an appointment, is that really any way to provide a good first impression?

You could go through the list and make sure all of the maps show you in the right location, but do you really want to go through the "Dental Mapping Maze"?

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Written by rcarroll