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What are you known for as a dentist? Is there a specialty or elective-procedure niche you particularly enjoy, maybe a "Big Case" specialty that you really enjoy?

Did you know you can effectively market yourself in a "dental niche" and do it quicker and easier than you can market yourself as a "general dentist"?

One of the tricks is to use "long tail keywords" in your online media. Chances are those elective case procedures you want to attract are searching for you right now...

The trick is to use those dental niche specialty terms without using too much "dental-ese". Use terms the public will readily know, but ones not every person who is looking for a dentist would type in the search bar.

When you want a new car, you don’t search for “car”. You search for “2012 Torch Red Corvette”. And when your patients are looking for solutions to their loose dentures, they don’t search for “dentist”, they search for the answer to their problem.

Here's why this works so effectively!

Last month there were over 5,000,000 online searches across the U.S. for only "dentists". That's a lot of people needing dental work. If you are using the word "dentist" or "dentists" (and plural uses of the word should always be used - search engines count them separately) you can be represented in your area.

But every dentist on every corner will use at least one of the words "dentist" or "dentists" in their web pages and mobile marketing. That's a lot of competition.

Use the "long tail" or expanded phrases for your niche or specialty cases YOU want to attract. If you do dental implants, put the phrase to work for you. By adding "mini dental implants" or "dental IV sedation" (for example) to your list of optimized words, you've expanded the keywords into areas not all dentists will use. The patients looking for dental implants will however, and you'll get the business!

By standing out you are eliminating a lot of the other dentists who don't do dental implants (or whatever your niche is) and crushing others who might be doing dental implants but don't know this tactic.


Written by rcarroll