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I know you’re busy. And I have to say, it’s probably not going to let up for a while.

But there’s a difference between investing effort to keep yourself afloat swimming out there in the middle of the “ocean” and investing effort to build a boat. When you build the “boat,” you work for a while, but eventually your investment makes that work (flapping your arms so you don’t drown) unnecessary.

You just hop in the boat and sail into the sunset.

A lot of dentists all over the country work extremely hard trying to attract patients to their practice. They sit and think, they create marketing pieces, they buy advertising. They do a lot of things that are exactly like the guy flapping his arms in the ocean trying not to drown.

Advertising is not a system, it’s just advertising. It plays a role in the final result (a patient), but it can only do so much.

Far fewer dentists understand that taking this route is a surefire way to burn yourself out.

Far fewer dentists take that same amount of effort and invest it in building a “boat” of their own. By “boat” I mean a system that can attract patients. It might sound like I’m splitting hairs, but I’m not:

There’s a huge difference between working hard to attract patients and working hard to build a system that can attract those patients for you, consistently, over time.

This is what you, the captain of your boat, should focus on. And the quicker you build this boat and get it seaworthy, the more quickly you can stop working so hard to get those patients.

This is the type of system we build for our clients, the ones with the Dental CEO mindset. They are committed to the idea that they don’t want to spend the rest of their lives running in a hamster wheel of their own making.

One of the biggest benefits to retraining your mind to start thinking on a “systems level” is that it makes progress over time a whole lot easier to achieve. Let’s say one month, you attract X number of new patients into your practice. The average dentist will smile, say a prayer of thanks and hope that the same thing happens next month. But really, they’ll have no idea how to repeat or improve what happened.

In that way, they’re kind of flying blind.

But the dentist who brought those patients in via his patient attraction system will know how they got there. He’ll know where they came from, he’ll know what they did, and he’ll be able to identify the key levers that brought those results.

The dentist with access to a SYSTEM doesn’t have to hope. If this month, he attracted X patients, all he has to do is increase the part of his system responsible for that and voila, more patients show up!If you’re in a situation right now where an average week feels like you’re running a marathon everyday, you don’t need a vacation, you need a system!

A vacation might give you your sanity back, but a patient attraction system does that too. Plus it lets you sleep at night knowing you’re going to have more patients coming to your door. I’m not saying vacations are bad, I’m saying they’re a short term fix. But deal with the REAL issue (a lack of a patient attraction system), and I guarantee you’ll have the ability to take far more vacations than you imagine.


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