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Having a website for your dental practice is never enough. Putting up the pages and making it look professional is only a small piece of the puzzle. Without traffic (people) seeing your website, either from a computer or a mobile phone is like posting a billboard in the middle of nowhere with nothing on it... people won't see all that your dental practice has to offer.

But here is the catch

Putting up your internet "billboard" and working hard to get it ranked, and therefore seen, COULD HURT YOU!

It's true! Google and other search engines have rules you must play by or your efforts will actually hurt you.

Furthermore what works today may not work tomorrow. That's because the giants like Google are constantly changing the rules lest anyone figure out their "algorithms" and dominate any particular market.

What does this mean for you as you try to get new qualified patients?

You have to know how to play by the rules. We only use techniques which have been tested and actually endorsed by the major search engines, and while this means we play by the rules it also means we have to keep up on the latest "whitehat" techniques to keep your practice growing. Your website - your lifeline to new qualified patients - will never be shut down because of something underhanded we do.

So here is the "kicker":

You know what advertising medium people are using to look for "dentists" in your area - on the web and mobile devices.

You by now realize it takes work to be seen by potential patients...and you could try and do this yourself if you really wanted to invest that kind of time after-hours.

But many times dentists or their office staff stumbles upon a "blackhat" trick without knowing it and BOOM!... you are shut down.

Don't think it doesn't happen... It is so prevalent that there is a term for it... the Google "slap". Once slapped it takes months, if ever, to get it straightened out. In the meantime you are missing out on the daily patient traffic.

If you want more qualified patients the right way, get started by scheduling a complimentary 20 minute consultation with me, Colin Receveur.

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We'll not only get you more qualified patients, your "billboard" will never be taken down by Google and phone calls for new patients will increase - we guarantee it!

More patients - it's what you want, right?


Written by rcarroll